My 10 commandments of January training (according to me)

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At Eat Sleep Cycle we are all about goals and challenges and adventures and experiences.

Lee, Lou and I are the list-making type, the box-tickers, the bike nerds, the geeks.

We obsess about bettering our performances on the bike and our delivery of our business off it.

We train together a lot, so naturally, we talk a lot too. We discuss our hopes and fears and ambitions. Every day.

Yesterday, the thought crossed my mind while out for a ride; why haven’t I done better at races?

Okay, so I’ve been in quite a few over the years, but I have never won. That is a sad fact! And it is one I want to change in 2017.

The thought hit me yesterday as I rode back into town, 5k from home. I was on the road in from Celra and I asked myself, ‘What am I doing right now to make myself better?’.

So I took that turn left that goes UP. It goes up. And then it goes up some more until you get up over Montjuic.

And then it goes down. And you are truly fucked by that point!

I went up there because I wanted to do the very thing I did not feel like doing. I want to just squeeze a little more. I want to push myself that tiny bit extra. I am not THAT far off the front in races.

So I came home from my ride with my legs on fire and it felt good. I said to myself, how about I set a challenge; 10 things I must do this month while out training…

I had about 4k until I got home but with the brain firing I came up with the following…

  • Every time I ride home from Celra I ride home over Montjuic. Why? Races are won when the racing is hardest. And often towards the end.
  • I do one last uphill sprint for 15 seconds inside the last 5k of every ride. Why? Races are often won by someone who attacks hard inside 5k to go.
  • I never miss consecutive days training, if healthy. Why?  Martin O’Loughlin taught/told me this. He knows his shit.
  • I sit on the front more during group rides. And less at the back. Why? I am too accustomed to being at the back.
  • No coffee stop on rides less than 3 hours. Why? I haven’t the time. (I haven’t the time!)
  • I stretch (15 minutes) and do core (15 minutes) 5 days a week. This is another two and half hours of training! Why? I get lower back pain on climbs if I don’t do core and my hamstrings are tightening with every passing year.
  • I’m going to consciously descend instead of coasting down. Why? Greg Henderson once said you should do the thing you are most shit at.
  • I will do more motorpacing. Why? Because I have access to a scooter.
  • I’m going to stop saying ‘you can do really well in this race’ to others. And start taking more responsibility, saying ‘that’s a race I can go well in’.
  • On long endurance rides I’ll sprint every 15 minutes. Why? I hate long endurance rides.

Let’s go!!!

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