Cycling and yoga retreat in Girona anyone?

By December 13, 2016 Cycling

By Brian Canty

At Eat Sleep Cycle we’re constantly looking for ways to improve what we do and expand our reach.

Cycling is very much at the core of our services and it’s what we do best, but we’re always exploring new options.

Naturally, living in a health-obsessed city such as Girona, yoga has become more and more popular with cyclists, tourists and just about everybody.

Studios are cropping up in town – such as Goretti’s Gabinet Medic de Girona, while there’s also the option of yoga-only retreats.

As we’re big believers in the virtues of the practice for cyclists, we’re introducing this into some of our packages for 2017.

Yoga is for everybody and that’s the message we’ll try to get across; you’re never too young or old to start.

The benefits of it are many, from increased blood flow to aid recovery, to greater strength, to enhanced appearance, to improved flexibility and postural alignment.

A cyclist who rarely spends time in the gym, who sits in an unnatural position for hours on end out training, who suffers from tight hamstrings and lower back pain could do a lot worse than try some yoga.

As already mentioned, Girona doesn’t suffer any shortage of qualified and dedicated instructors and we’re blessed to have so many languages catered for, be it Catalan, Spanish or English we have all the bases covered.

And for 2017 we’ll even have Australian covered too (we love your accents guys!) and we’re excited to announce details of a cool, new partnership with Soulfit Adventures, all the way from Sydney.

Soulfit Adventures have been in business since 2010 and have hosted retreats all over Europe and South-East Asia – but they’re coming to Girona to work with us in 2017.

What’s happening? Very simply, we are teaming up to offer stunningly luxurious week-long yoga and cycling retreats, the first of which is happening in June.

We’ll base ourselves outside Girona in an amazing 800-year old Catalan farmhouse. We’ll ride every morning, eat the best food every afternoon and do yoga in the evening…followed by eating more food.

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