At Eat Sleep Cycle we’re building a community of cyclists who love to ride new roads, summit iconic climbs & enjoy the simple pleasures of riding a bike.

Our Tour VIP loyalty program is one way we like to thank our returning tour guests. Enjoy added extras, savings, and special preferential treatment after you take your first Eat Sleep Cycle tour.

And if you refer a friend enjoy a €100 tour credit in your Tour VIP loyalty account per referral.

Tour VIP Loyalty Program Benefits:

  • €100 tour credit in your loyalty account for each new guest you refer to Eat Sleep Cycle – see our T’s & C’s below.
  • Tour VIP emails with exclusive information and offers.
  • Advance notice of exclusive Limited Edition trips
  • Priority wait list on sold out trips
  • Exclusive party and VIP-access invitations
  • Industry partner discounts

Additional Benefits After 5 Tours:

  • All the benefits included after your first tour, plus…
  • An invitation to join our Pro Tour community
  • A special gift every 5 trips

How to Refer a Friend & Claim your Credit

It’s simple! If you have a friend who you think would love to join an Eat Sleep Cycle tour just put them in touch & we’ll do the rest.

Option 1 – Email Introduction

Send us an email copying your friend. Say something like:

‘I would like to refer my friend…’ and we’ll give you €100 credit if they go ahead and book a tour.

Option 2 – Send us your friend’s details

Please make sure that your friend is ready & happy for us to contact them before sending us their email. We’ll credit you €100 if they book a tour!

Option 3 – Give our email to your friend! 

Make sure your friend mentions you in their first email so we can credit you €100 if your friend books a tour.

It’s really that simple!

Referral Discounts Terms & Conditions

Eat Sleep Cycle reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any point:

  • You must have completed an Eat Sleep Cycle Tour to be eligible to earn referral credits.
  • The intention of this program is to reward you for spreading the word about Eat Sleep Cycle tours and referring guests to us.
  • €100 Referral Credit is earned toward an Eat Sleep Cycle tour when a referral books a tour over the value of €2,000 per guest.
  • The first Eat Sleep Cycle Tour VIP to officially document a referral is the only party eligible for the Referral Credit. (So get your referrals in, before someone else does!)
  • The Eat Sleep Cycle Tour VIP may not receive Referral Credit for anyone who shares their home address.
  • Home mailing addresses must be provided for the Eat Sleep Cycle Tour VIP and each referral.
  • Referral Credit cannot be earned by commission-based agents or wholesalers.
  • Eat Sleep Cycle Tour VIPs’ earned Referral Credit does not expire and there is no limit to how much Referral Credit may be applied to one reservation. The earned Referral Credit can only be applied to a booked tour over the value of €1,999 per guest with a balance due or to a future tour over the value of €1,999 per guest, and may not be redeemed for cash.


  • Referral – An adult who does not share an address with the Eat Sleep Cycle Tour VIP, and is not already linked to another Eat Sleep Cycle Tour VIP.
  • Adult – Referrals and Eat Sleep Cycle Tour VIP’s aged 18 and older.
  • Eat Sleep Cycle Tour VIP – Anyone who has traveled with Eat Sleep Cycle on at least one tour.
  • Official Documentation of a Referral – Eat Sleep Cycle must be informed of the Eat Sleep Cycle Tour VIP’s association to the referred guest prior to the conclusion of the referred guest’s first trip.
  • Eat Sleep Cycle Tour – Scheduled tours from any of our tour collections, as well as Custom tour packages.


Celebrating a milestone occasion? Want to spend quality time with your loved ones or favourite ride buddies? A custom tour is a great option…