Meet the Team

Meet the Eat Sleep Cycle team!

Lee came up with the motto “a place to eat, sleep and breathe cycling, dammit!” because this is the lifestyle he has always striven to achieve. From a young age in England he was on a BMX, mountain bike and then discovered road cycling. He loves epic point to point rides and has done plenty of them in countries including China, Argentina and the USA. He is obsessed with performance; be it improving himself for his own racing or through coaching others. When not cycling he likes to mainly watch and talk about cycling.

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Louise is a touring-cyclist turned road-racer from Kent, England. She studied and worked in London for 6 years and kept herself sane with regular bike adventures in the UK and Europe. Once happy trundling around the countryside with a tent, in 2014 she found a need for speed and started racing. One of her favourite things to do is to pedal up Els Angels with a bottle of red wine and watch the sunset (not the night before a race of course!)

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Brian is from Cork, Ireland and has been living in Girona for some time. He left a media job in his home city to go to a country with the highest unemployment rate for under 30’s in Europe, without a word of Spanish or a single number in his phone. Previously he lived in Australia, the US and Sri Lanka and has traveled to over 30 countries. Brian has a degree in Sports and Exercise Science and qualified with an MA in journalism. His passions are road racing, touring, eating and writing. He loves a good coffee, all-you-can-eat buffets, high-speed internet and listening to the same songs on his Spotify playlist while exploring new places. He absolutely hates being half-wheeled in training and gets very cranky if hungry.

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