If you are considering, or already have rented a hire bike from Eat Sleep Cycle, please consult these Frequently Asked Questions before contacting our team.

Which size bike is right for me?

Use your height and the sizing chart for each bike clearly shown on the “INFO” tab to determine the right size bike for you.

For a better fit, add dimensions A&B to your bike rental reservation. Please note that for bikes with fully integrated cabling it is not possible to adjust the reach, only the saddle height.

A: Saddle height – measure this from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of your saddle

B: Reach – measure from the tip of your saddle to the intersection of your stem/handlebars


What gearing do the rental bikes have?

Most of our road bikes carry the compact chainset 50-34 and the 11-30 or 11-32 cassette (equivalent ratios in SRAM). Each bike has the gearing detailed in the SUMMARY tab.

Which way around are the brakes?

All of our rental bikes have ‘European style’ brakes which are as follows:

  • Left lever is the front brake
  • Right lever is the rear brake

Unfortunately, it is not possible to swap the brakes.

How long is a day!? (Rental Period)

When you rent a bike, the days of use are counted from the day of collection to the day of return. On special request you can collect your bike the evening before the start of a rental but this is subject to availability & we cannot guarantee this.

What day and time can I collect and return my bike?

Our bike hire center opening times are 9:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 19:00 Monday to Saturday. In Girona the bike hire center is open on Sundays in April, May and September but please check that before traveling.

Please return your bike by 17:30 on the final day of your reservation.

You can request early collection of your bike (for example the evening before to ride early) however we can not guarantee it.

What tools and accessories come with the bike?

Every bike is supplied with an inner tube, tyre levers & mini-pump.

We do not supply multi-tools – please make sure you are comfortable on your bike before leaving.

We do not supply gas canisters or bidons – these are available to purchase.

We recommend that you bring your own pedals, saddle & helmet, however these can be added to your reservation for a small extra charge.

What is the range of your E-bikes?

The range of the e-bike depends on many different parameters (weight of the rider, terrain, tires, tire pressure, temperature etc.) Please refer to the information listed for each model in the bike hire form for the manufacturer specified ranges.

Is a lock provided with the rental bike?

We do not supply a lock with any of our rental bikes. We do not recommend leaving the bikes unattended. If a bike is stolen during your rental period you are held responsible for the cost of replacing the bike.

Guests are welcome to store the bike at the Eat Sleep Cycle Hub overnight.

Can you deliver and collect rental bikes?

Yes – from Girona we deliver bikes to all over the Girona, Costa Brava and Pyrenees region.

From Málaga we deliver bikes to all of Andalucia.

Simply provide your delivery address & ask us for a quote.

Can I join any group rides?

We regularly run free events and you can check out the Events calendar published on our website for Girona and Málaga.

Can you help me with route advice?

To thoroughly enjoy your stay we advise hiring a guide. If you are looking for a more affordable option we can supply a GPS rental unit with pre-loaded routes. Of course when you collect your bike we can give you some advice too!

What do I do if my bike has a mechanical issue?

All of our bikes are checked & serviced before leaving the Hub. On collection please make sure you are happy with the condition of the bike.

Should you have a problem during your rental period please let us know as soon as possible. If possible, bring the bike to our mechanics at the Eat Sleep Cycle Hub.

If this is not possible, just call us and try to give us as much information as possible.

No rider will be left stranded & we will work with you to find a solution.

What happens if the bike is damaged or stolen during my rental period?

By renting a bike from us you are taking full responsibility for the safety and condition of the bike.

If damage is caused to the bike during your rental period you will be held responsible and charged the cost to Eat Sleep Cycle of repairing the bike (and for any replacement parts).

If the bike is stolen during your rental period you will be charged the cost to Eat Sleep Cycle to replace the bike.

We highly advise making sure your bike rental is covered for damage & theft by your travel insurance policy.

Can I have a refund if I need to cancel my reservation?

Please consult our terms & conditions for details of refunds available.

What happens if it rains? Are there refunds available?

We do not offer refunds due to weather conditions or any other force majeure.

Please consult our terms & conditions for details of refunds available.

Do you provide insurance for my rental bike?

We do not offer insurance for damage or theft to rental bikes. Unfortunately insurance companies do not offer these types of policies so Eat Sleep Cycle would need to assume the risk and we do not believe in selling a fictitious product and covering damage.