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Biting at the Chip

By August 6, 2017 One Comment

The more well known phrase is of course ´chomping at the bit´. Lee got his words mixed up when we were chatting about our race seasons a few days ago, but actually ´biting at the chip´ sums up my current race mojo. I´d bascially rather be lying on a sofa, watching cycling with a bag of chips and a fan in my face.

It hit 37 degrees in a race I did yesterday. And that, quite frankly, is ridiculous. I spent the following 12 hours recovering.

It´s also that time of year when we´ve been flat out with bike rentals, delivering tours, guiding, designing trips, hiring staff, opening a new shop etc. etc. To add to the fun Lee and I took a 2 night holiday, which ended up being a bit of a mountain bike smash fest (or attempt), I came back grinning but with my eyes shut.

It´s very easy to be a victim of our own over-enthusiastic attitudes. It´s 18:24 on Sunday evening. I should be relaxing at home comtemplating what to cook for dinner. Instead I´m writing this and overhauling our website. (Lee´s up Rocacorba with a keen client)(Brian is recovering from his successful La Purito ride).

But I´m not complaining, I´m loving life. But balance is key. To ride fast we must rest hard, or we will pass out (literally).  Like many others juggling cycling and work I gave myself burn out and took about a month to recover. I raced hard at the weekends, worked hard in the week and my body and brain said no. I´m learning my limits and learning when to back off.  I hate to turn down an opportunity but sometimes it´s genuinely for the best. Our time is the most precious thing we have and we have to choose how to spend it wisely.

We must nuture ourselves and our loved ones & spend time catching up with our nearest and dearest, even if they are 1000 km away. We must eat well & rest well first; working & training come second. If training is too much, a simple, relaxing bike ride to the rock pools will do just fine. We must know when to say yes and attack a challenge with all guns blazing, and we must know when to say no, and settle down to watch the cycling with a bag of chips.

Chips. My new happy place! Hasta luego boys & girls!


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