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Girona: A City of Bikes If Silicon Valley is where good tech companies start, Girona is where great cycling businesses & products are made! In this blog we look at our favorite local Girona brands. What we find, as always, is that it is all about the great people behind them, leading them forwards and […]

Girona: A City of Bikes

If Silicon Valley is where good tech companies start, Girona is where great cycling businesses & products are made! In this blog we look at our favorite local Girona brands. What we find, as always, is that it is all about the great people behind them, leading them forwards and interacting with the incredible Girona cycling community.

Tactic Sport: Handcrafted in Girona

This stylish bunch operates from a brand new state of the art cycling kit factory just outside of Girona. Anyone who went to the grand opening of their new factory last year would agree it was a great representation of their attitude towards work and style.

Traditionally a custom cycling kit manufacturer and serving clubs and teams across the European continent and beyond, Tactic more recently started developing its own stylish seasonal lines which have taken off big time. Racy fit, innovative colours, clever pricing and the Girona back drop all give for that “I’m a cool bike rider” feeling when you wear it.


Quim (the owner) is as Catalan as they come but will crack into Spanish or English to relate to you when you cross paths with him. The team can be found on their weekly staff social ride (something we learnt from them), riding around with their customers to give them that personalised experience, or working hard at new designs, always trying to capture the special Girona origin and design feel.

Tactic are also headline sponsor to UCI women’s pro team Massi-Tactic, a first for Catalonia. The team has evolved from the hard work of Club Ciclista Baix Ter and aims to be present at all the best races in the European calendar.

Shop the Tactic collection on our online shop, or head to the Tactic website for custom kit enquiries.

BUCK!T: Eco-Friendly Up-cycled Accessories

The only thing we do not like about cycling is the waste we generate along the way. That is why we love Craig at BUCK!T who takes old tyres and turns them into belts, wallets and bike bags. As well as being funky as hell, they are extra durable and last forever. 

Craig works from a base in Girona, shipping his “made to order” popular product out worldwide. Craig & his partner Jamaica live a sustainable lifestyle, they don’t own a car and seek to run every part of their business with as low an environmental impact as possible.


The tyres used by Buck!t are donated by Pro-Team mechanics, customers & local bicycle shops – every belt is one less tyre in landfill! ​

You can buy Craig’s up-cycled accessories online, and check out the full range on the Buck!t website. Images used are provided by Craig, photo credit Rosina Possingham:

Rocacorba Clothing

It all started with the Rocacorba Food Truck which appeared near the top of Girona’s infamous climb, Rocacorba. Inside the kitted out caravan was a smiley handsome Catalan gentleman called Maties.

He would serve you a botifarra (local sausage), espresso or fizzy beverage, always with a smile and always wanting to know about your ride.

Locals loved it so much that Maties turned his concept into a brand: Rocacorba Clothing. We love his casual clothing which captures the local climbs and Girona Cycling art in such a stylish way.

The original Food Truck is still open on weekends during the season, but Maties has also opened Rocacorba Cafe in Girona old town. He’s one of the most entrepreneurial Girona locals that we know!


To shop Rocacorba Clothing head over to our online shop, or visit the Rocacorba Girona site.

CHPT3: Girona Collection

When David Millar first visited our Girona Hub we were blown away by his friendliness and willingness to ride with us. I personally enjoyed an unforgettable 140 Km gravel ride with David from Barcelona to Girona.

The quality of the CHPT3 kit is another level and the Girona collection has design features carefully crafted in a unique way. It is all about the details and stories behind them with this kit. The CHPT3 design team take inspiration from the landscapes, nature & architecture of Girona to create subtle patterns & cool designs. 

It goes without saying that all of CHPT3’s clothing & collaborations are tested by David on Girona’s roads. From the beautiful CHPT3 Factor O2 bike, to the CHPT3 Brompton city bike, the Poc Devesa helmet & range of technical cycling clothing, it’s all designed to to best in class.


We are proud to be the Girona home of CHPT3 & we love throwing on this kit and tearing it up! You can shop the CHPT3 Girona range online or head over to the CHPT3 website for the full range.

Sismic: Made in Olot

Eat Sleep Cycle design team: “Can you take 2 cm off the sleeve for us please?”

Toti (Sismic owner): “No problem, I will have it with you tomorrow”

The service level and time to market of Sismic kit can not be beaten. Based in Olot, between Girona and the foothills of the Pyrenees, Toti most often delivers samples the next day on his bike, making the most of the 120 km stunning road loop.

Sismic made the second season Eat Sleep Cycle kit and it is still going strong on cyclists all over the world, which is a testament to its quality.

Sismic makes custom kit for teams and clubs, mainly in Spain and France. Toti prefers less very close relationships meaning his customers are very happy with a personal approach. 

Toti can be found in every local race there is going, putting his kit to the test!


Check out the range on the Sismic website & ask us about custom kit for your group when you next visit Girona!

Made in Girona – Support Local

We’re proud to work with these amazing companies & are always on the lookout to expand our range of local-inspired products. You can see our Made in Girona collection on our online shop, and be sure to checkout the range in our Girona store!

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