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Ridley X Trail Bike Review

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Gravel cycling is the ‘next big thing’ in cycling right now. However, the term ‘gravel’ has a number of interpretations depending on who you speak to; for some gravel riding constitutes riding on any non-paved road whereas for others it can range from that all the way to technical single track. It is therefore pretty difficult to speak broadly of ‘gravel’ and incorporate everyone’s individual preferences and equally difficult for a bike to cover all bases defined as ‘gravel’. However, at its most basic definition a gravel bike is one which can be ridden both on and off road seamlessly, so where does the Ridley X-Trail sit?

Ridley X-Trail Review – Comfort & Versatility

Defined by the brand as an ‘all road’ bike the Ridley X-Trail truly is a bike for those who like the option to be able to explore off-road rather than those who want to leave the tarmac almost completely behind. You would be forgiven for mistaking it for a cyclo-cross bike, but what differentiates it from a cross machine is the absence of an aggressive, racy geometry which allows for more comfort when taking things off-road. Indeed, comfort and versatility are the name of the game for the X-Trail, made for long days in the saddle exploring new roads which may not all turn out to be paved ones but will certainly not be too technical.

Ridley X Trail Bike Review Comfort and Versatility

Ideal for Both Paved & Gravel Surfaces

In terms of gravel cycling in Girona the Ridley X-Trail is perfectly suited to taking on the Pirinexus route which is mainly off-road but on purpose-built gravel paths constructed over a disused train line. However, there are plenty of excellent trails around Girona too which the Ridley X-Trail would be perfectly at home on so long as the terrain doesn’t take too technical a turn or indeed to steep, at which point the weight of the bike can prove cumbersome. The maximum tyre width (36mm) also inhibits you from delving too far into MTB territory however it’s a trade-off between that and the speed on the tarmac and purists would argue that if you want to ride MTB trails then you should be riding an MTB.

All in all, if it’s out-and-out gravel cycling that comes closer to mountain biking that you’re looking for then a bike such as the Basso Palta might be more suitable, but for those who want the option of exploring both paved and gravel surfaces and aren’t worried about catching KOMs the Ridley X Trail is a great option.

Ridley X Trail - Bike Review Analysis

Ridley X Trail Review Analysis

Overall the Ridley X Trail is a great bike, especially for riding on both paved and gravel surfaces and in this section we’ll look at the positives and weaknesses of the bike.


  • Fun to ride
  • Fast on the road & looks good
  • Option for mudguards


  • Max tyre width – only clearance for 36mm
  • Quite heavy
  • Not particularly responsive.

Ridley X Trail - Bike Review - Eat Sleep Cycle Bike Rental Girona

Want to try the Ridley X-Trail for Yourself?

You can rent the Ridley X-Trail or the Basso Palta from us during your next Girona cycling vacation – we run gravel tours in Girona all year around and are we’re heading Trans Alps on gravel this July which is going to be epic! Give us a call now on +34 972 754 301 or contact us online for more info!

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Taking on the Trans Pyrenees Challenge for Charity

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Amy Cuthbertson is a cyclist from the UK who started riding in late 2016 and is taking on a big challenge this year. She joined us for our Girona Women’s camp in April in training for her goal of completing the Trans Pyrenees Challenge in June in aid of two charities: The Brain Tumour Charity and Duchenne UK.

We caught up with her to find out why she decided to take on the challenge, and how she’s preparing for it.

Describe your personal journey and why you are taking on this challenge.

I started cycling in October 2016, having previously been allergic to exercise, unless you count snowboarding which is, if I’m honest, more drinking than exercise.  My first ride was 3 miles and I was toast! That first year on a bike is pretty exciting because everything is a milestone. My first 20 miles, first 50 miles, first 100km, and then first 100 miles, each box ticked was a nod to the progress I’d made.  In March 2018 I went to Mallorca with Queensbury Queens of the Mountain CC, my all-female cycling club, just for a weekend, but I got to tackle my first long climb in Sa Calobra, and I discovered a love for climbing. So in June I headed off to Italy in search of some more long climbs, and it didn’t disappoint, ticking off a few more 10 km+ climbs along the way and still hungry for more!  With my new love of climbing I decided I needed to find myself a mountain challenge that would allow me to raise money for some charities close to my heart. Having lost 2 people in recent years to brain tumours I am passionate about raising as much money as I can for The Brain Tumour Charity, and then with a friend’s son being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy last year I decided to split the funds with Duchenne UK as a charity that was helping them to support their son.  And as everyone knows I like riding my bike up hills, I had to make sure the challenge was suitably epic so that everyone didn’t just think I was off on a holiday!

So here I sit, challenge accepted, 7 weeks out from attempting to ride from Girona to San Sebastian.

How are you preparing both your bike and your body?

I’ll be riding my Canyon Ultimate for the challenge, albeit with the front end brought back up to a more comfortable position for long days.   Having tested the legs and the bike in Girona on ESC’s Women’s Week in April I’m going to add a 34t chainring to the front before the Pyrenees.  You can never have too many low gear options right? The 52/36 I have at the moment gets me up climbs just fine, but riding multiple mountain passes each day it can’t hurt to have an even more spin-friendly option for tired legs.  

I’m on the turbo or in the gym most days in the week, and the weekends are now dedicated to seeking out hills.  In the Pyrenees they built roads that snake around the mountains, in Yorkshire they just decided to build them straight up!  Maybe I’ll be eating my words soon enough, but at the moment I think Yorkshire and the Peak District are way tougher than the Pyrenees!


What are your goals for the challenge?

If I make it to the finish line without having to get in the van at any point I’ll consider that a massive success.  I’m not in any rush to make it there, I just want to make it. I’ve been training hard, but for a still novice cyclist this is a challenge of epic proportions.  I’m travelling solo for this adventure, not knowing anyone quite as crazy as me to want to take this challenge on, so I’m hoping to make some good friends out on the road.


What are you most nervous about?

It’s the weather I’m most worried about for the adventure.  I can get myself fit enough, I can make sure my bike is in good shape, but I can’t do anything about the weather, and unlike on the Women’s Week if I look out of the window and see the heavens have opened there’s no option to go for a nice walk around town and have lunch instead, there are miles to be covered to the next hotel.  The weather in the mountains can be highly unpredictable, could be 35 degrees, could be snowing, maybe both on the same day! But at least we have van support so that we don’t need to carry kit for all conditions in our pockets. And I have no desire to descend mountain passes in a snowstorm, so if I need to make a decision to stop for safety then I will.  Always safety first!


What are you most excited about?

I’m incredibly excited about tackling the Aubisque, assuming I make it that far!  And I’m really hoping there’ll be a moment in the last day or two where we get to the top of a climb and can see across to the ocean at San Sebastian for the first time, knowing that we’ve ridden all the way across the Pyrenees from Girona to the opposite coast.  I think that would be the moment that makes the whole trip special.


You can support Amy here:

Photos courtesy of @openautograph

You can follow Amy’s progress via social media @snowtosea and @ridelikeagirlrs


We look forward to supporting Amy this June! If you would like to join her and take on the Trans Pyrenees Challenge for yourself then don’t hesitate to email [email protected] or call +34 972 754 301 to secure your place!


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WIN a Place on our October Girona Classic Climbs Tour Worth Over €1,500!

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Enter our competition to win a place on our fully supported Girona Classic Climbs tour taking place this October 6th-12th and worth €1,500.

See below for details on how to enter.

Girona Classic Climbs Autumn Tour Giveaway




The winner will be selected at random and be eligible to claim a place on our October Girona Classic Climbs tour.

The prize includes:

  • 7 day guided & supported ride itinerary taking in the classic climbs of Girona
  • 6 nights 4* hotel accommodation in Girona city centre
  • Breakfast every day
  • A welcome & farewell evening meal
  • Ride nutrition every day
  • 7 day Bike Hire (model subject to availability)

The prize does not include:

  • Flights & airport transfers
  • Lunches, coffee stops & additional evening meals

To see full details of the tour visit the Girona Classic Climbs tour page.

We reserve the right to update the Terms & Conditions at any point.

Nutrition for Cyclists - How to Tailor your Fuel to your Ride - Eat Sleep Cycle

Nutrition for Cyclists: How To Tailor Your Fuel To Your Ride

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Getting the right nutrition for cyclists both on and off the bike is one of the most important aspects of cycling. Ensuring that you fuel correctly for the ride ahead can make the difference between flying to KOMs or bonking and subsequently crawling home. Of course, different cycling challenges require different nutritional strategies, the type of fuel needed for a leisure ride vs a hard-core endurance event are vastly different. So how do you fuel correctly for each kind of ride? In this post we’ll give you some examples.

All-day Leisure Ride – Cycling Nutrition

Leisure cycling is all about enjoying the scenery and going at your own pace, usually stopping for lunch along the way and just soaking up the feeling of being out and about on two wheels. Therefore, a strict nutritional strategy is not really necessary, there’s definitely no need for gels or energy bars designed to replenish vastly depleted carbohydrates and electrolyte stores. Rather, simply eating meals as you normally would or maybe snacking on fruit and nuts should suffice.

Example ride: Pirinexus

Nutrition for Cyclists - Leisure Cycle Tour Pirinexus - Eat Sleep Cycle

The Lunch Hour Blast

For a short but fast ride in the middle of the day you’re going to need something light but high in energy like a natural bar or some homemade energy balls. Trying to cram in a proper meal or anything more filling is going to result in some rather unpleasant sensations during the ride if you eat it any sooner than 2-3 hours before.

Nutrition for A Big Day Out/Sportive

Make sure you are optimally hydrated in the 24 hours before the event, this is almost more important than what you eat. Eat breakfast 90-120 minutes before the ride, oats are the ideal option as they provide slow-release energy and if the ride is really long then eggs can provide additional energy as well as protein. On the bike you will want to make sure that you are drinking enough (between 500ml and 1L of liquid per hour depending on the conditions). In terms of food the key is to eat before you need it, once you start to bonk or feel hungry it’s already too late! This translates to consuming roughly  0.5-1g of carbohydrates per kg of bodyweight per hour.

Example ride: La Purito Challenge

Nutrition for Cyclists - La Purito Sportive - Eat Sleep Cycle Girona

A Week-Long Cycling Vacation

A week on a cycling vacation can be as easy or as hard as you make it, but if you want to make the most of your time away then you will typically be riding most days for between 80 km and 120 km. Therefore, you will need to make sure you are consuming enough energy and drinking enough liquid. Fuelling during a cycling vacation need not be a structured and serious affair, it’s simply about avoiding the dreaded bonk so you can continue to enjoy exploring your destination! If you’re riding all day then a lunch stop is a good idea where you can make sure you fill up on food and drink (but not too much) ready to get you back ‘home’. An additional coffee stop with cake wouldn’t go amiss  – you’re on holiday after all! Make sure you’re carrying energy bars and maybe a gel or two to get you through on the bike, and remember to eat and drink before you start to get hungry or thirsty.

Example tour:
Classic Climbs of Girona

Nutrition for Cyclists - Classic Climbs of Girona Cycling Tour

Trans Challenge Cycling Nutrition

One of the best parts of being a cyclist is that burning all those calories means that you need to replenish them which means eating more food! On an epic cycling tour like a Trans Challenge it’s vital to make sure you are consuming enough calories to sustain the effort needed to climb those Cols on those super long days in the saddle. What you eat during the ride is as important as what you eat off it so make sure you are eating approximately 0.5-1g of carbohydrates per kg of bodyweight per hour and drinking around one 500ml bottle per hour. If you find yourself bonking or dehydrated on the bike this can negatively affect how you feel the next day so staying hydrated and fuelled is vital. It’s important to ensure that you are also filling up with  slow release carbohydrates at mealtimes and eating enough protein for recovery.

Top pick: Trans Pyrenees

Nutrition for Cyclists - Cycling and Lunch Trans Pyrenees Challenge

Nutrition for Cyclists – Are you Fuelled Up?

Are you fuelled up and ready for a cycling vacation? We have a range of tours (and nutrition for cyclists to get your through them!) available. Browse our tours and find the right level for you! If you have any questions about which tour will suit you best – then give us a call now on +34 972 754 301 or contact us online for more info!

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A Different Tactic: How the Girona-Based Brand are Doing things Differently

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Some might say that the custom cycling clothing market is saturated, in the Girona area alone there are a number of manufacturers, so how can a brand make themselves stand out from the crowd? Tactic, a Girona-based sportswear brand, have been in the industry for many years with the bulk of their output based in custom design. However, they have recently made some developments to give them an edge over their competitors.


On the Pulse

Behind many of these changes is a young marketing team with their fingers on the pulse both locally and internationally, who between them possess a combination of visual and strategic skills that have helped to grow the brand exponentially over the last few years. One such change is the introduction of a core collection to run alongside the usual custom production which has garnered more attention for the brand as more and more riders kit up in their stylish designs. Their marketing efforts have culminated in innovative photoshoots to promote the collection with compelling concepts behind them; their latest ‘Trailblazers’ campaign (pictured above) has a ‘American Western’ theme but was in fact shot in Monegros near Zaragoza.  



Social Space

Clothing aside, Tactic have recently transformed their factory space on the outskirts of Girona into an open, spacious area with glass partitions between the offices and the factory floor and added a social area complete with sofas and a TV. Here, they have already hosted events such as the launch of the Rocacorba Gran Fondo and next month will officially open their space with an open weekend followed by a launch party and accompanying ride. Part of this new phase will include guided tours of the factory, which anyone will be able to arrange, in which guests will be taken through the entire production process from customer services to the finished product and everything in between. I took one of our Eat Sleep Cycle Bromptons out to Salt to get a sneak peak of what the factory tour is about.

Factory Tour

When I arrived in the morning the place was already buzzing with life and energy with production in full swing (they can manufacture 700 jerseys a day at maximum capacity). I was met by Francesc and Sergei, the aforementioned marketing team, and offered a coffee from The Broom Wagon, which is now stationed there, before we got on our way. We moved through the factory processes from customer services to the final quality checks and everything in between. It might not seem like a tour of a sports clothing factory would be the most thrilling day out but it was truly interesting to see the process that goes into making the kit and how each part of the production knits together. For example, I was impressed to discover that each garment (up to 300 a day) undergoes a manual quality check before leaving the factory and that the temperature to transfer the design from the paper to the material is 250°.

Visit Tactic

At a mere 5km from Girona centre Tactic HQ is well worth a visit if you’ve ever wondered what goes into the kit manufacturing process and want to see how some quality, locally produced sports kit is made. So grab a Brompton, or any bike, and head over to their new space for a coffee and to see what it’s all about.

Tactic’s new ‘Trailblazers’ collection is now available to buy from the Eat Sleep Cycle Hub and the Tactic website. If you are interested in a tour of Tactic’s space email [email protected] to arrange!

Why Electric Bikes are a Game Changer for Cycling Vacations - Eat Sleep Cycle Girona

Why Electric Bikes are a Game Changer for Cycling Vacations

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Electric bikes are changing the cycling tourism industry whether you just need that bit of assistance on an epic climb to keep up or prefer to be powered along bike paths on a leisure cycling holiday, more and more people are embracing electric bikes, and anything that encourages more people to get on their bikes can only be a positive thing!

An Electric Bike Does Not Equal Zero Effort

Some may argue that a huge part of riding bikes is the challenge of getting to the top of a climb on your own steam and that electric bikes minimise this experience. This may be partly true, however, an electric bike does not equal zero effort. Many electric bikes are designed to assist rather than to take pressure off the pedals entirely. Thus, guests who are still looking to challenge themselves but may not have previously been able to join their friends or their club for that epic point-to-point cycling vacation can call on the motor when they need it but still ride off their own power for the remainder of the time.

Electric Bike Rental in Girona - Rocacorba Climb - Eat Sleep Cycle

Electric Bikes in Girona – A Change of Experience

The riding here in Girona can sometimes be more challenging than people are used to, the views at the top of the famous Rocacorba climb for example are a must-see but the 10%+ gradients can be inhibiting. Hiring an electric bike in Girona can change the way you experience your cycling holiday – being able to ride out further without worrying about not being able to get back, or getting to the top of one of the classic climbs of the area that would have otherwise been too challenging and then enjoying the thrill of the descent.

Cycling Holidays For All?

Electric bikes can also open up cycling holidays to those who are not ordinarily big on riding bikes. You don’t need to train multiple hours per week to take an electric hybrid bike along a bike path such as the Via Verde Pirinexus route but can still benefit from the gorgeous scenery and the freedom of the ride. Similarly, for those who want to embark on a bikepacking holiday but find the prospect of carrying heavy bags around daunting an electric bike is a great option.

The beauty of electric bikes is that they create more accessibility for those who may otherwise be excluded from a particular route or terrain – or from riding at all and the joy of riding bikes is something that everyone should be able to experience, whether that’s flying up a Pyrenean Col or cruising along a coastal road.

Cycling Holidays for All - Electric Bikes in Girona

Electric Bikes That Are Changing Cycling Vacations

So, now that we’ve discussed some of the why behind why electric bikes are changing cycling vacations let’s take a look at two very different electric bike options by Orbea, a Basque company leading the way in developing the technology & aesthetic appeal of electric bikes.

Electric Road Bike Orbea M20 Gain - Electric Bike Hire Girona

Electric Road Bike: Orbea M20 Gain

A masterpiece in disguise the Orbea M20 Gain looks on first glance like a normal road bike. An Orbea Gain carbon frame with a monocoque structure houses a Shimano Ultegra 11 speed groupset, hydraulic disc brakes & an integrated battery. The battery is activated by a simple touch of a small button located on the top tube, visible only at close range. It’s relatively light for an electric bike and crucially has no bulky components associated with everyday electric machines. The ride experience is not compromised and the bike is designed to enhance the ride, not dominate it.

  • Great For: Making a big day out on a bike accessible to all. When you’ve signed up for a cycling challenge and not had time to train. Bringing friends, family, partners & different age groups together for a stress-free day out which is enjoyable for all.

Electric Hybrid Bike Orbea Keram Comfort - Eat Sleep Cycle Girona

Electric Hybrid Bike: Orbea Keram Comfort

Whilst maybe not topping the style charts, the name of the Orbea Keram Comfort says it all. This the bike of choice for those looking for an active day out on a bike in comfort. The bike offers an upright position giving great visibility and easy, stable handling. The bike is intuitive to use and has a decent battery range, as well as a rack for carrying the picnic, beach towels, extra layers, or even a spare battery if you’re planning a long day. Be warned – the bike is heavy and not easy to carry up and down stairs or even push on rough sections of a bike path. Choose routes with smooth surfaces & make sure your planned route is in range of the battery. It’s tough to pedal if you run out of juice!

  • Great For: Riding on or off road, enjoying relaxed days out on the bike & transporting picnics.

An Electric Bike For Your Next Cycle Tour?

Inspired to ride an electric bike? You can hire an electric bike in Girona from our Hub or reserve one for your next cycling vacation with us. If you’ve any questions about which electric bike will suit you best – or any questions on how we can configure it – then give us a call now on +34 972 754 301 or contact us online for more info!

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Eat Sleep Cycle x MAAP Cycling Kit

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Everyone loves new kit day, and this one is extra special! We’ve teamed up with MAAP for our new Eat Sleep Cycle kit, and we think you’ll agree when we say it’s one to inspire some envy out on the road…

Why Cycling Kit by MAAP?

There are plenty of clothing brands out there so why did we choose to go to MAAP for our new Eat Sleep Cycle kit?

Here at Eat Sleep Cycle the brands that we work with and stock in our Girona Hub are carefully selected from a handful of likeminded partners who share our mission: “Bring people together, experience the world, savour the ride”.

Quality and Inclusivity

As cyclists ourselves we know how important good quality kit is, whether you’re spending 30 minutes or 6 hours on the bike, good kit can make all the difference and MAAP understand that. The brand mixes stand-out, stylish designs with practicality and, in their own words, are “committed to developing the art and progression of cycling through a considered approach to style, innovation and performance.”

The brand is inclusive of all types or rider, from racers to so-called ‘weekend warriors’: “We strive to produce world class apparel, engineered to excel in all conditions, at all levels of the sport. You might be at the pointy end of the bunch, or riding simply because you love it. Whether training, racing, or on a massive ride with your mates, you deserve apparel that will match your every move.”

There’s No Place Like Home: Girona

Australian-based MAAP have visited us here in Girona on two occasions in the last 5 months, first in October where we hosted their ‘In the Field’ ride which proved a huge success with around 60 people joining the ride. More recently, in December, MAAP chose Girona as the location for the photoshoot with their newly-formed cyclo-cross team TPR Racing.  A brand that shares our passion for our home city will always win our hearts!

Watch this space for our continued partnership with MAAP, in the meantime you can purchase our new kit as well as MAAP’s collection from The Hub or our online shop!

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Celebrating 2018 Year of Cycling with Eat Sleep Cycle

Eat Sleep Cycle in Four Seasons: 2018 in Review

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It’s the time of year to crack out the bubbly and to reflect on the year just passed – and we certainly have a lot to reflect on from 2018 at Eat Sleep Cycle. We take a look at the last four seasons at Eat Sleep Cycle, from opening our new Girona Hub back in February, to conquering new climbs in new destinations on our tours in Spring & Summer, as well as partnering with new brands. It makes us wonder what 2019 will bring. 

Winter 2018

We started 2018 with the launch of our new brand, designed by Aussie cyclist & designer Matthew Slade. Our Sismic kit is modelled here by Zeta & Peter – a stylish way to kick off the year.

In February we opened our new Eat Sleep Cycle Hub in Girona, our home & heart of the Eat Sleep Cycle community.

As 2018 got underway our brand new fleet of Ridley bikes started to arrive at our Girona Hub – it felt like Christmas every day!

We travelled south to Calpe and climbed some vuelta classics under the winter sun – here’s the gang up Cumbre del Sol.


Under a moody sky we conquered the 3 peaks of Girona: Els Àngels, Mare de Deu de Mont & Rocacorba. Kudos to all who continued riding after the freak hail storm.

With Spring well underway we partnered with Assos in May for a ride to our local mountain Rocacorba. Best dressed peleton of the year perhaps?

In May we went for a luxurious jaunt to the sun soaked Lake Como. We ate pizza, pasta, took ferries to restaurants to watch the sunset and even managed to take a day trip to see the Giro D’Italia pass through town. Magic.


We gathered the Eat Sleep Cycle crew at the top of Montjuic, ready for the season of cycling ahead. It was great to see our amazing team of staff and guides all together.

In June our road turned north to the lush green landscapes of Cantabria & Asturias, home to the fabled climbs of Los Machucos, Lagos de Covadonga, Sotres, Les Praeres and, the giant of them all, the Angliru. Here’s one of our favourite roadside picnic stops from the year.

Meanwhile back in Girona a sea of blue, in the shape of the London Dynamo Club, descended on the Eat Sleep Cycle Hub for a week of cycling and the Girona Gran Fondo.

The Full Monty Cycling Club landed in Italy and climbed straight up Monte Zoncolan to kick off their Trans Dolomites Challenge with a bang. Here’s Coby at the top after his brutal effort to conquer the beast.

July came and with it a trip to the Pyrenees to see the Tour de France.

Back in Girona we teamed up with local cycling brand Tactic to head out for a ride.

Our August Trans Pyrenees Challenge saw blue skies and determined riders. Here’s our champion crew ahead of the toughest day from Saint Savin to Saint Jean Pied du Port.

We travelled to Andorra and Europe’s tougest sportive, the one and only La Purito. Here’s guide Knut giving our guests some moral support…


In September North Spain was calling again, this time the rolling climbs of Pais Vasco. With incredible food a staple of the tour the cycling did more than match its culinary challenge – here’s Alejandro decending Monte Oiz with misty views of the Costa Verde.

A strong contender for our photo of the year on the first edition of our Women’s Pyrenees Tour. Here are the ladies climbing high on the Col D’Aubisque.

In September we went to Viella in the picturesque Vall D’Aran to support the first edition of the Bonaigua Gran Fondo. We’ll be back for sure next year. What a ride!

Welcoming the boys and girls of Maap to Eat Sleep Cycle & Girona for the Maap in the Field ride.

We welcomed David Millar’s Chapter 3 into the Eat Sleep Cycle fold along with the brand’s latest collection inspired by the architecture & landscapes of Girona.

In November we followed the sun south to explore Andalucia & soak up the winter sun in the Costa del Sol & the Sierra Nevada mountains. Here’s Steve loving one of our last Eat Sleep Cycle tours of the year!

In December we welcomed Brompton Bicycles to the Hub – here’s a couple of special edition beauties designed by Chapter 3.

Entering the terrible two’s! Lee, Lou & Brian celebrating two whole years of Eating, Sleeping & Cycling (there was a huge bike ride before the cake was demolished!)

To get ourselves in the festive spirit we teamed up with Chapter 3 and our friends at the Rocacorba Food Truck to mount a botifarra fuelled christmas ride.

We hosted guests from England, Ireland & Scotland for a week of cycling over Christmas. Here we are with our Girona community on Christmas Day at Can Pol. A fitting end to the year!

We couldn’t have had such a successful year without the help of all of our staff, guests and partners. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of our wonderful staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes and in the Hub, everyone who visited us in Girona or came on tour, and all of the wonderful brands that we have worked with this year. Here’s to achieving all of this and more in 2019! Happy New Year!

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Secure your place on a 2019 Tour with a Refundable €100 deposit

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Secure your place on a late season 2019 Eat Sleep Cycle tour with a fully refundable €100 deposit.

Whether you’re dreaming of racking up some quality miles in Girona, thinking about a luxury tour of the south of France, or plotting a hardcore challenge riding across the Alps or the Pyrenees, we think we’ve got the perfect tour for every cyclist.

Special Offer For Your 2019 Cycling Tour

Whilst money may be tight over the festive season it doesn’t mean you need to delay booking your cycling holiday for 2019. Until 31st January 2019 you can secure your place on any of our scheduled tours with a €100 fully refundable deposit.

6 months before your tour departs a 50% deposit is due – up until this point we’ll give you your €100 deposit back if you change your mind about the tour or can no longer travel.

Give the Gift of Cycling

If there’s a special cyclist in your life why not treat them to the holiday of a lifetime? With four levels of tours for riders of different abilities to choose from, tour collections designed for riders of different tastes & inclinations & destinations to choose from all over Europe there’s a perfect Eat Sleep Cycle tour for you.

Browse our website or drop us an email with your requirements & we’ll be happy to help.

Cycling Inspiration

  1. The ‘big three’ mountain ranges: the Alps, the Pyrenees & the Dolomites are packed full of classic cycling climbs to tick off your bucket list.
  2. The Tour de France. There’s nothing like watching the world’s greatest bike race as it hits the high mountains, especially when you can attempt your own PR up the same climbs.
  3. If you’ve already conquered the cols it’s time to branch out and discover the hidden gems of European cycling. Cycle Trans-Picos, discover Pais Vasco, the Cevennes mountains, Andalucia & the Sierra Nevada.
  4. Looking for luxury? Whilst all of our tours offer quality hotels & excellent food, sometimes only 5* luxury will do. Try our new Tour of Provence, soak up la dolce vita in the Italian Lakes & watch out for our all new Gourmet Tour of Catalunya, coming soon!
  5. Try out a Gran Fondo Challenge. From the Paris Roubaix Challenge & the gravel roads of Tuscany in the Strade Bianche, to the excruciatingly hard slopes of La Purito, to newcomers like the Bonaigua Gran Fondo, these events provide the perfect motivation to train and excuse to travel with your bike.

Check out our Tour Calendar to find a tour to suit your travel dates.

How to Secure Your Tour Place

Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with any further information and with payment details for your €100 refundable deposit. Remember, 50% of the balance is due 6 months before your tour departs, but up until then we’ll give you your deposit back if you change your mind or can no longer travel.

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How to Prepare for Your European Cycling Holiday - Eat Sleep Cycle

How to Prepare for your European Cycling Holiday

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Embarking on a European cycling holiday takes a lot of planning but the right preparation is important to ensuring that everything goes smoothly from the first idea to the first pedal stroke. So what is the best way to go about planning your European cycling holiday?

How To Plan A European Cycling Holiday

When considering a cycling holiday there are two methods to beginning the planning process, namely:

  1. Lead with location: One way to plan your holiday is for your dream location to be the base upon which to build the rest of the aspects of your trip. Whether you’ve always angled to visit the Classic Climbs of The Alps or are dying to see the Dolomites, or maybe there’s that one famous climb you’ve always wanted to tackle, knowing where you want to travel could be the first hurdle to putting your trip together.
  2. Dictated by Dates: It may be that work or other restrictions only allow you to take your cycling vacation at a particular time of year or, if you have done your location research well, you know that a particular location is best visited during a particular season. Starting with a set of dates allows you to choose the location wisely based on what time of year is best to visit.

Once you’ve been able to start the planning process by either working from a location or a date the other items to consider for your European cycling holiday are outlined below.

How to plan a cycling holiday - Eat Sleep Cycle


What To Consider for European Cycling Vacation - Eat Sleep CycleWhen it comes to equipment for your cycling holiday the age-old question of the jet-setting cyclist will probably be the first consideration:

‘To travel with a bike or not to travel with a bike?’

If travelling with a bike bag seems like a burden and thinking about baggage handlers throwing your precious carbon around leaves you in a cold sweat then the answer is to hire a bike. Hiring leaves the stress out of travelling and allows you to rest easy knowing you have a bike waiting for you dialled in to your measurements and size on the other side. Just remember your own saddle and pedals!

If, however you prefer to stick to what you know and bring your own bike then this can also be a good option if you know what you are doing. When travelling with a bike it’s vital to make sure all parts are protected, especially the derailleur – there’s no such thing as too much bubble wrap!

Your Travelling Partners

If you are travelling with other riders who are either weaker or stronger than you it’s important to factor the mixed ability into the itinerary. If you are travelling with a partner or spouse it’s worth checking out the surrounding area to ensure that there is enough around for them to occupy themselves while you are riding.

Tour Package or Bespoke?

Deciding whether to join a package tour or go for a bespoke cycling tour depends on both the size of your group and how specific you want your itinerary to be. If you are planning your trip as a large club or group then the best way is bespoke but if you are a lone traveller looking to meet new people whilst discovering new places then a package is the ticket.


If you are usually reliant on one type of nutrition to get you through your rides then you need to make sure you order it before the trip to take it with you. Most tour operators provide nutrition which is great for emergencies but you want to make sure you’re consuming something that your body is used to so as not to provoke any adverse reactions!

Stress-Free European Cycling Holidays

If you take all of these important points into consideration then planning your European cycling holiday should be stress-free and simple, allowing you to relax and focus on counting down the days to the first ride on new roads! If this has got you inspired to plan your next cycling vacation then why not view our cycling tours (and top winter cycling destinations) and see what suits your preferences. For more information give us a call on +34 972 649 131 or contact us online to get your plans underway!

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