Factor Ostro VAM – Ciarán O’Grady’s Custom Build

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Israel Start-Up Nation’s coach, Ciarán O’Grady, fell in love with the Factor Ostro’s the team were using, so he bought one from Eat Sleep Cycle! He’s customised this stunning bike to fit his personal specifications, see what he has to say about his custom build.

Why did you choose the Factor Ostro VAM?

I chose the Factor OSTRO because I wanted a bike that was aerodynamically optimised whilst still remaining light weight. I also wanted something that was super stiff, and designed with racing and aggressive riding in mind. The added bonus of the Ceramic Speed additions to the bike made it very appealing!
As I work for the professional cycling team Israel Start-Up Nation, I have seen these bikes being raced throughout the year with the riders giving so much good feedback from how the OSTRO performs. I have also heard from the team mechanics how well built they are and how they stand up to the rigours of professional racing. Knowing this, I was confident that the Factor OSTRO would be exactly what I was looking for.


How has the Factor Ostro changed your riding style?

The Factor OSTRO has allowed me to ride in the natural way that I’d want to be riding my bike. The bike becomes an extension of who I am, responding really well to my requests!


Anything else you want to add about your Factor Ostro?

I really love the integrated front end of the Factor OSTRO, it just looks super sleek. The wide-set forks are very stiff and have great aerodynamic properties (I have actually tested it in the wind tunnel!). With the Black Inc 60’s set up, it just flies wherever you take it!


How did you end up in Girona?

I travelled to Girona late last year with my fiancée, “Rocket”, after I started working for the professional cycling team Israel Start-Up Nation, who have a base here in Girona. I’ve been coaching riders who have been based in Girona for several years so I knew a lot about the city and how great the training is around Catalunya!


What is your favourite road cycling ride from Girona?

I have two favourite rides here in Girona at the moment. The first is a loop I call the “Maple Leaf”, as it looks… kinda like a maple leaf. It’s 61km and has three climbing sections, nothing crazy but just three good pushes. It heads west from Girona up around Canet d’Adri, then over Les Serres, and back to Girona over Mas Llunes. The second ride is a longer 108km ride with one short climb and one longer climb. It also heads west from Girona out through Sant Gregori, up and over Les Serres towards Angels, then heading up the long climb to Sant Hilari Sacalm. From there, you take a long and twisty descent down Santa Coloma de Farners, and back to Girona through Aiguaviva.

Ciarán’s Custom Factor Ostro VAM Build:

Frame: 49cm Factor Ostro VAM Flicker

Handlebars: Black Inc integrated handlebar and stem, 38cm by 120mm

Groupset: Shimano Ultegra Di2

Cranks & Power Meter: Quarq

Wheelset: Black Inc Team Edition 60mm

Tyres: Maxis Highroad 25mm

Want to learn more about Factor Bikes custom builds at Eat Sleep Cycle?

We are an official Factor dealer & our mechanics are specialists in Factor builds. Browse our range of in-stock Factor bikes or contact us directly to start the conversation.

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Dirt Jumping in Girona

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Our very own Joan and Daan head out after work to go dirt jumping in Banyoles. I caught up with Joan to find out what it is about dirt jumping that he loves so much, and check out these awesome shots of the guys in action! Photos by Daan van Meeuwen.


How long have you been dirt jumping?

I’ve been dirt jumping for a long while, ever since I was around 13.


What is it about dirt jumping that drew you to the sport?

For me it’s easy to push myself while dirt jumping. I’m always trying to be better and better. Every time I jump I’m aiming to push myself to go bigger and do more and more tricks, until one day I am doing the things I’ve been dreaming about doing for years, like backflips, supermans, tail whips and more!


Do you have a favourite place to go dirt jumping?

Yes, I built some jumps with my friends in the middle of the forest. Going there and spending hours jumping with friends in our little dreamland is my favourite place.


Is there anything else you’d like to add about dirt jumping?

If you’re curious to try jumping for the first time, just do it, the best thing is to start. I can’t think of a better feeling than jumping, being in the air, just you and your bike.


Shop our range of mountain bike here.

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Zipp Carbon Wheelset New Product Launch

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Zipp have announed 3 new wheelsets at today’s product launch – the road Zipp 454 NSW, the road Zipp 404 Firecrest, and the time-trial Zipp 858 NSW. Zipp are coming to the market with wheels promising more speed & at a seriously reduced price – here we take a look at the tech & how they’ve done it. Not convinced by the science? We are an official Sram – Zipp test centre & we have Demo Zipp wheels available for test rides from our Girona shop.

Zipp Wheel Philosophy: Total System Efficiency

Zipp have a simple philosophy for their wheels: “Total System Efficiency”. The barriers to speed are wind resistance; gravity; and rolling resistance. It’s well known that as speed increases the need for better aerodynamics increases. Historically brands have been focusing entirelly on aerodynamics & relying on wind-tunnel testing to prove new imporvements in performance. In their new line Zipp have also given thought to reducing weight & rolling resistance & headed out for some real-life, on-road testing. The results are dramatic at lower speeds which, let’s face it, are more the norm for most of us, especially when heading out on rough gravel trails.

Zipp Tech: Hookless Rims – What Are They & Why Are They Catching on?

A key part of the Zipp philosophy is hookless rims; these rims are just as safe as traditional hook interface regarding tyre retention & come with a whole host of benefits. With hookless rims you can use a hard tool to shape the rim instead of silicon in the manfacturing process. Silicon is thrown away creating waste, whereas the hard tool can be reused many times. Not only does this give a more consistent rim, the production uses less resources & is also cheaper to produce.

Zipp have kindly decided to pass these cost savings on to the cyclist, meaning we can purchase lighter wheels at a better price. A note of warning –  not every tyre is compatible with hookless rims, so you’ll need to ensure the tyres you choose to ride are compatible (head over to our you tube channel to see Head Mechanic WillemJan chat all about tubeless set up)

There are three new wheelsets, two road racing sets, and one time-trial set!

Road Racing Wheelsets

The two new wheelsets are the 454 NSE, and 404 Firecrest. These have evolved from the Zipp 400 (1990), and the 404 Firecrest (2010).

Zipp 454 NSW Tubeless

These wheels have a sawtooth rim design and are stable in crosswinds. The hookless design means they’re 420g lighter (that’s a whole jar of Nutella lighter!) They also have a new hub which means there is less drag, and it’s lighter too.

These wheels are meant for the road & not for high speed time trials. Adopting their total system efficiency philosophy, Zipp have come up with a design which is slightly less aero that their predecessors but achieves a lot less rolling resistance – meaning a rider of average weight can travel at the same speed, but save 12 watts of power. Zipp have sacrificing a little bit of aerodynmaics, but made huge gains in other areas.

The price has also come down to €3600 for the set from €4000, a nice saving of €400.


Zipp 404 Firecrest Tubeless

Zipp have gone for another hookless design which are 350g lighter for the set! These are built with wide, 23 mm internal rims, and are tubeless only. The wheels are optimised for 25c but depending on the rider weight 28c could perform better.

The price is down to €1800 from €2600 – a huge saving of €800.


Time Trialling Wheelset: Zipp 858 NSW

Zipp have made some small updates to their time-trial wheelset. These are more aero, although not as light. There is no change to the rims, but they do have a new hub! The Cognition DB v2 with a new spring system ‘cylamer’ foam. The hub is light and retains shape, and replaces the 12 parts in the old hub, it also reduces friction when freewheeling.

The wheelset retails at €4400 – no change in pricing.


Lets Talk Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure choice is different for every individual, circumstance, tyre, and weather, its about education on what will work best for you on the day!

Use the Tubeless Tire Pressure Calculator in AXS app to help and Tire Pressure Whizz to measure tyre pressure in real time. Also, check out our Cyclist’s Guide to Tyre Pressure for more information.

Zipp Wheels In Stock

We stock a number of Zipp wheels, and are also currently running a  Zipp Wheel Test Programme!⁠⁠ You can book yourself a test ride on the Zipp 303s, or 303 Firecrests – with the new 404 Firecrests on the way.
Come to the shop with your current wheels, we’ll swap your cassette and discs, and fit the wheels to your bike. ⁠⁠⁠They’re free to test, but a deposit is required. Please bring your ID.⁠⁠

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Bre Vine’s Colnago C64

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Bre Vine has recently moved from Australia to Girona with her husband and professional cyclist Jay Vine. Upon arriving, Bre found that it was time to upgrade her previous bike for one more suited to the riding style here, and she and Jay bought a stunning Colnago C64 to take on the roads and climbs of Girona. Girona is a wonderful city, full of culture, old and new, and over the past few years it has become a hub for professional cycling. Everyone’s story of they ended up here differs and I love hearing how people came to be living in Girona. I spoke to Bre to find out a little more on why she opted to go for the Colnago C64.

How did you end up in Girona?

So a bit of a long story, but here’s the short version, my husband and I committed a few years ago to try and get him a professional contract as a cyclist. It hasn’t been an easy journey, and coming from Australia made things that extra bit hard, back at the start of 2020, we got close to getting a contract, then Covid-19 hit and all races and opportunities went out the window. In December 2020, my husband won Zwift Academy and landed himself a 1-year professional contract riding with Alpecin- Fenix for 2021. So we packed up our lives, sold everything we own and made the big move over! And here we are!

Why did you choose the Colnago C64?

We had a few bike brands in mind at the time, Orbea, Canyon, Factor etc, and to be honest it all came down to what was available that ticked the boxes, we were searching around and got told most brands were going to be a minimum 4 -6 months before coming available (due to a bit of boat and shipping issues…).

Now lucky for me, I’m short and that meant there were 3 options in-store at Eat Sleep Cycle. I had a bright orange Basso available, and a rainbow-coloured Factor, both which just didn’t give me the very important ‘new bike feelings’.

Then of course there was the Colnago C64, at first I didn’t even think this was going to be an option because it was a bit more extravagant, but it ticked all the boxes, it was a stunning bike, and we knew it was going to be a bike I’d easily put the kms on, and to top it off Eat Sleep Cycle was able to come to the table with a reasonable price. So long story short Jay spoilt me and got me the fancy *Italian Job* meaning, I got to ride out with the ‘new bike feeling’ and the Colnago C64 🇮🇹 It’s been an awesome ride so far, and I’m really glad we opted for the fancy Italian Job.


Has your riding style changed with the Colnago C64?

I was previously on an 2017 Orbea Orca Aero (Rim Brake), which was a great bike for the level of riding I was doing back in Australia. Since moving to Girona, my riding has gone up another level and the Colnago C64 has been crucial to that development, with more climbing, longer descents and more hours in the saddle, Jay and I knew I needed a bike that wouldn’t be shy to long hard weeks of training, whilst also giving the *WOW* factor.

Overall, I’m really happy we got the Colnago, it just glides over the tarmac, whether I’m doing efforts up Amer, or descending down Sant Hilari, it takes it all in it’s stride. I’m really excited to keep exploring Spain on this beauty!

Do you have a favourite route you like to do from Girona?

My favourite ride in Girona to date has got to be out to St Hilari, it’s got everything I want in a good fun bike ride. You start out in Girona, go through some beautiful small towns, then it’s time to put your climbing legs on because you’ve got a nice long climb, but but whilst you’re suffering you have a stunning view to distract you from your burning legs, once you make it to the top you have what I think is the best view in Girona, then after taking that all in, you cruise through the town then you’re in for a fast and winding descent down to Angles before heading back into Girona. By far one of my favourite rides to date (But let’s be honest, I’m a sucker for good view whilst climbing).

(I have to say, this is also one of my favourite climbs in Girona and for the same reason! I actually love to go up from Angles and down the other side to get the views.)


Bre’s Custom Built Colnago C64

Of course, we like to make sure our customers get exactly what they are looking for, and anyone who buys a bike at Eat Sleep Cycle should not feel limited by the factory builds. Bre customized her bike to the following spec:

  • Group set: Shimano Dura Ace Di2
  • Carbon wheels: Black Inc THIRTY Disc Wheelset (Team Edition)
  • Custom fit, including stem and handlebars after a bike fit

Bre is an ambassador for Soomom.

Want to find out more about Colnago bikes?

We are the official Colnago point of sale for Girona. Head over to our Colnago bike section on our website or get in touch!

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Eat Sleep Coffee! Introducing Our Dream La Marzocco Machine

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Thanks to the amazing support of the Eat Sleep Cycle community our Girona Cycling Café project is now heading full-gas towards a summer opening. So far our crowdfunding campaign has raised an amazing €22,000 allowing us to open access up to the terrace from the Café & install a big TV screen to show bike races. If we reach our next goal of raising €30,000 before the campaign closes on the 27th June we can take the step of investing in a State-of-the-Art Strade AC Marzocco coffee machine. We chat to head barista, Federico, to find out why the Strada AC Marzocco deserves pride of place at the heart of our new cycling café.

For a cyclist, a dream is to ride the best bicycle, for me as a barista it is a dream is to work with this machine. La Marzocco is like having a Ferrari and who wouldn’t like one? – Federico, Head Barista at Eat Sleep Cycle Café


Why do you want to make coffee with a La Marzocco?

Various factors go into making the perfect cup of espresso and one of the most obvious factors is always what espresso machine you use. Personally, I prefer to use a La Marzocco machine.

When looking at espresso machines for a business, the choice will differ depending on how you plan to use it. There are so many machines out there on the market that can aid you in whatever way you need them to, but I have fallen in love with the La Marzocco brand. I believe these machines allow me to get the best out of coffee, both in taste and the prestige that comes with owning a La Marzocco.

What makes the machine stand out from others?

There are so many other brands who specialise in espresso machines. But La Marzocco stand out above the rest.

Firstly, you can’t beat their build quality. La Marzocco possesses a real pedigree and these machines have been handmade and tested for decades. 

I love its linear design and clean lines and it is really easy to get it custom painted! 

The machines also use stainless steel parts instead of the poorer quality copper parts. Steel holds heat much more effectively and is much stronger. So it is not only longer-lasting and at low risk of degradation or wear; but is also very easy to maintain. It holds onto nothing that is left in its system, keeping your espresso coffee taint-free consistently.

Federico-Eat-Sleep-Cycle-Coffee-Barista-Girona-MarzoccoWhat makes La Marzocco a good fit for Eat Sleep Cycle?

La Marzocco also follow a number of sustainable and ethical policies. They adhere to their beliefs in having a strong company culture and being a caring global citizen. So any coffee drinker coming to our store won’t be offended by the mega-corporation who constructs our coffee machine. A La Marzocco coffee machine will be a machine they trust.

At their factories, they are very conscious of environmental factors, so they employ effective energy and waste management techniques. La Marzocco generates electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity. This produces 100% of its electrical needs – up to 233 kW! The Energy Brain allows the company to begin to gather exact data on its carbon footprint.

Most importantly for us, Marzocco ensure they produce machines with minimal impact on the environment. Where possible, sustainable materials, components and packaging are used so that machines and/or packaging can be recycled. With built-in eco modes being available, as well as all machines featuring highly insulated boilers, we will reduce our water wastage, energy bills and environmental impact by choosing a La Marzocco machine. It is important to be associated with a brand that adheres to these ethical and environmental standards now more than ever.


Can you really taste the difference when using a La Marzocco coffee machine?

Absolutely! La Marzocco Strada includes pre-infusion for brewing, which minimises the impact of any human error on your cup quality, and increases evenness of flavour extraction. I could give you a full detailed and technical list to explain it but I think to really feel the difference is to come and try it yourself.

What are the key features of the La Marzocco machine which mean you can make a better coffee? 

The Strade AV is a coffee machine which has evolved over time based on barista feedback. It’s a really consistent machine – it has thermal stability features & individual boliers. The desgin iconic & Italian & it also pretty easy to use – the electronics are pretty good – settings are easy to update & firmware can be updated by USB. It’s Barista friendly!

What would it mean to you personally to be making coffee every day with a La Marzocco?

For a cyclist, a dream is to ride the best bicycle, for me as a barista it is a dream is to work with this machine. La Marzocco is like having a Ferrari and who wouldn’t like one? Personally and professionally I will have the opportunity to grow because I will be able to experiment more and explore new way of coffee preparation thanks for the technology of this machine.


Want to support our café crowdfunding campaign?

If we reach our crowdfunding goal of €30.000 we’ll be able to invest in a state of the art Strade AC Marzocco. Help us reach this goal by heading to our crowdfunding page and purchasing a reward today!  Our new sustainable cycling jersey, among other rewards, are now available to order for a limited time only via our café crowdfunding campaign.

Join The Team

You might have noticed – Eat Sleep Cycle is expanding and we’re looking for fellow cycling fanatics to join us as we enter our next phase as a cycling tour business, bike shop, bike rental centre and now, café! If you want to join us, then take a look at our available roles.

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Crowdfunding Campaigns To Grow Your Business: Tips for Success

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Eat Sleep Cycle partner Lee Comerford tells us why you should consider running a crowdfunding campaign and provides some top tips for running your own. Don’t forget to check out the Eat Sleep Cycle Café crowdfunding campaign & get invovled in the project!

If you are a business owner, & especially if you have experienced hardship from the pandemic & want to kick start something & engage with your community, I advise you to seriously consider running a crowdfunding campaign. – Lee Comerford, Partner of Eat Sleep Cycle

What is a Crowdfunding Campaign?

A crowdfunding campaign is a way of raising money from your family, friends, supporters, customers and even ethusiastic strangers. There are various types of crowdfunding campaigns including rewards based, which I will discuss here.

Why should you consider a Crowdfunding Campaign?

Your friends and family, your customers, local and international, all want your business to succeed and how can they help you if you do not provide a structure for them to do so? If your business has been through hardship they will respect your efforts to turn things around. It is the perfect time to get people engaged in your project. As well as the monetary benefits, a crowdfunding campaign is an excellent way to market your business, especially if you are expanding, offering a new product/service or want to change your brand image in some way.

At Eat Sleep Cycle we were faced with limited support from banks as we wanted to fund building a new cafe next door to our bike shop. Because the cafe was owned by a local Catalan business we also had a need to market to the local community to explain the project. We wanted to use the expansion as a repositioning of our brand, linking it even more so to our base Girona. We used the campaign to forge stronger collaborations with local suppliers who would be involved in the rewards. This has created a win-win situation and attracted local and foreign press, escalating the campaign and making it even more successful.


Top Tips for Making the most of your Crowdfunding Campaign

Seek expert help:

A number of crowdfunding campaigns fail because they do not meet their target. As well as wasting your time and money this will not be good marketing for your business. 

It is worth paying an expert to help you create your campaign and give you guidance throughout the campaign. Trust me, it will pay back. Our approach, the content we are creating, the platform we are using and our communications during the campaign have all been influenced by Valenti Acconcia. We absolutely could not have made it a success without his help.

You need a strong network to start with:

I would say that the only prerequisite to running a crowdfunding campaign is that you already have a strong network and access to them via channels such as email, instagram and LinkedIn. Of course there will be some surprise supporters and strangers who love what you are doing and get involved, but you will already know most of the contributors. The challenge is packaging the project, explaining it in the right way and maximising the contributions.

Eat Sleep Cycle Crowdfunding Cafe Girona Cycling Community

A pre-campaign is key

You will be keen to get going right away, especially if you need the money! More haste and less speed is the first rule. It is critical that once your campaign actually launches you hit the target in the first week. If you do not, it is very likely the campaign will not succeed. A pre-campaign is used to generate interest, collect emails of people who you are relatively sure will contribute and give you confidence to open the campaign proper. Everyone will be asking “where do I type my credit card details?” during this time which can be frustrating. Be patient, when the campaign opens they will contribute and you need hundreds more just like them.

Make an excellent Crowdfunding Campaign video:

Having checked out some other crowdfunding videos, there is a direct relation between the success of the campaign and the quality of the promotion video. It is absolutely worth paying a proper video maker to film and edit a quality video. This will involve a script, recruiting actors (use your own staff, customers and friends) and many hours of preparation. We made our Café Crowdfunding video special in this way:

  • We told the truth about our situation and what happened to our business through the pandemic.
  • We included as many of our existing and new staff as possible and of course it is our own customers who say why the project is special and others should get involved.
  • We included some humor and tried to make the audience laugh. We do not take ourselves too seriously in the video. 
  • We presented in 4 languages to show our international nature and always respected the local Catalan language, Spanish and English.

Rally Your Supporters – & Pick Up the Phone!

Of course it is impossible to personally email 12 thousand people so you will send out a newsletter. When you receive personal replies try to answer them yourself. I picked up the phone and called some of the most interested people to understand what they liked about the project. I learnt a lot about our supporters and what they want out of being involved. You will be surprised just how supportive people are!

Collaborate with other Local Businesses

Why be the only business that benefits from your campaign? If you can include other suppliers or businesses in the campaign they will help you share it and gain you access to new supporters. We offered a range of prizes including stays at local hotels and kit made by a local manufacturer. They appreciate the marketing and helped us in the build up to the campaign. Think about all the different angles you can benefit from the campaign.

Crowdfunding Benefits

Running a crowdfunding campaign takes a lot of effort and is not cheap. We had to make it our #1 marketing priority for several weeks. We justify this investment by not viewing the campaign on its own, but part of a journey to create an even more engaged customer base. We will be running more campaigns and hope to focus more on solving social and environmental challenges like getting more people cycling to work. There are massive intangible benefits to our brand image and local integration that are difficult to quantify but we hear it from the people we speak to everyday! To read more about how much this project is costing, see the previous Eat Sleep Cycle blog “Eat Sleep Cycle Café – How Much Is It Really Costing?”


Want to support our café crowdfunding campaign?

The campaign is now live! Our new sustainable cycling jersey, among other rewards, are now available to order for a limited time only via our café crowdfunding campaign.

Join The Team

You might have noticed – Eat Sleep Cycle is expanding and we’re looking for fellow cycling fanatics to join us as we enter our next phase as a cycling tour business, bike shop, bike rental centre and now, café! If you want to join us, then take a look at our available roles.

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Eat Sleep Cycle Café – How Much Is It Really Costing?

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Its difficult to put into words how grateful we are for every contribution to our Crowdfunding campaign for our very own Eat Sleep Cycle Girona cycling café. In this blog Eat Sleep Cycle Founder Lee reveals how the project really would not be possible without your help.

The Dream

I want to rewind to three years ago, I sat on the sunny terrace outside our bike shop after a hard days work dreaming of having our own Eat Sleep Cycle café, and wondering whether it would ever come to fruition. It seems that dreams really can come true with enough hard work and support.

Café Premises

Whilst the circumstances that made the premises for the café available were incredibly sad, and we’ll miss our neighbours, we remain friends with the previous owner and he has promised to teach us his special “Bravas” recipe so we can keep this tradition. I can confirm that they are the best “Bravas” in town!

With the café just next door to our own Eat Sleep Cycle shop, it is the perfect location for pre and post ride food, and drinks. From breakfast through to evening tapas.


Securing The Café

Negotiating a rental contract in Spain is a challenging affair especially in the middle of a COVID pandemic. In Girona more than a quarter of local shops are closed down, high street retail and hospitality has been hit really hard. Agreeing a fair price, including some allowances for a COVID relapse and getting all that into a legal contract in Catalan (the local language) was our first challenge. Luckily, the owner, Marina is a lovely 82 year old lady (who originally ran a butchers in the premises many years ago) and her daughters helped with the process. We quickly became friends with the family!

Local Complexity’s

Signing the contract was a big moment for us, however knowing what lay ahead we weren’t about to pop the Champaign just yet. In Girona the Barri Vell or “Old Town” is heavily protected by rules and regulations. This is really important to conserve the beautiful historic buildings and feeling the city has. So the first step is to find the original drawings of the building. There is a loophole in that if you change nothing from these drawings you don’t then need to meet any the modern building regulations. If you change one thing, you have to meet ALL of them. This can mean digging out floors to meet minimum ceiling heights and other unrealistic interventions that would make the project unviable. There are just some things in these old buildings that can’t be done!

We laid down some minimum requirements including disabled toilet access, something we can not offer in our existing shop and an absolute must for us. Then the fun started with ceiling heights, door widths, number of doors and many other building requirements. We are lucky to benefit from talented local architect Roser (Visual Architecture) and talented local engineer Josep. Josep has connections in the Town Hall, Roser makes the plans and is managing the project. Together they spent weeks re-drawing, negotiating with the specialists in the Town Hall. FInally we arrived at a project they could accept and it gets submitted. From there the waiting starts!

So How Much Will The Project Cost?

Building a restaurant is an expensive game. We quickly realised that professional industrial kitchens are on another level of quality and expense when compared to conventional kitchens. 

The disabled toilet would add significant expense and we also wanted to raise the ceilings as much as physically possible which means replacing the entire heating and cooling system. Once we add in all the finishing touches, the final bill gets close to €200k. The % in our crowdfunding infographic are broadly accurate.


How Do We Intend To Pay For The Project?

Whilst our retail business has benefited from the cycling boom after COVID, our tours leg took a huge hit last year. When we started speaking with banks they were asking for profits to lend us money, something that almost seemed impossible at the end of last year. Through the hard work of our team we managed to pull off the impossible the first quarter of this year and achieve a positive result. Putting this in front of the banks was a proud moment, against all the odds turning it around and giving them what they asked for.

To spread the risk we spoke to several banks, one said no and 2 said yes, they wanted to support and really believed in the project. It was necessary to prepare detailed business plans and financial strategies to gain approval. They would be helping with parts of the project but not all of it!


This is where the crowdfunding campaign comes in. This project really would not be possible without your support. The money from the campaign makes up the difference to the total cost of the project, and we are hoping to raise up to €30k which is the amount to make sure we can cover all the expenses.


Want to support our café crowdfunding campaign?

The campaign is now live! Our new sustainable cycling jersey, among other rewards, are now available to order for a limited time only via our café crowdfunding campaign.

Join The Team

You might have noticed – Eat Sleep Cycle is expanding and we’re looking for fellow cycling fanatics to join us as we enter our next phase as a cycling tour business, bike shop, bike rental centre and now, café! If you want to join us, then take a look at our available roles.

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Meet The Team Behind The Scenes At The Eat Sleep Cycle Café

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The Eat Sleep Cycle dream of having a Girona cycling café is becoming a reality! With the Eat Sleep Cycle crowdfunding campaign now live, and the café opening date set for the mid-July, it’s full speed ahead on getting everything ready. Thankfully, Lee and Lou have some help!

Meet The Team

Lee and Lou have curated a team to bring the Eat Sleep Cycle Girona Cycling Café to life. Meet the team of specialists behind the café project.

Ingrid Blacha from My Lovely Food Marketing & Communication:

What is your role?

Menu design, assessment, planning, team management and execution of everything required for the optimal opening of the Eat Sleep Cycle Girona Cycling Café!

Why did you want to get involved in the project?

Gastronomy and cycling, two of my passions, being united in the same project. I am happy to be part of this team and help by sharing my experience and knowledge to make Eat Sleep Cycle Girona Cycling Café a reality very soon!

Do you think we’ll open on time?

Part of my job is undoubtedly to get us to open for July 17! We will do it!


Lee Comerford Partner of Eat Sleep Cycle

What is your role?

I am one of the partners of Eat Sleep Cycle.

Why did you want to get involved in the project?

I always sat in the terraza outside our shop and dreamt of being able to serve our customers a nice drink and some healthy food!

Do you think we’ll open on time?

I think it will be a lot of hard work and many sleepless nights but it is the only option, we are too determined and motivated to succeed.


Frederico Natoli Head Barista at Eat Sleep Cycle Café

What is your role?

I am the head barista at the new Eat Sleep Cycle Café!

Why did you want to get involved in the project?

I wanted to be involved in this project because there is a great team behind the project, and the opportunity to work with great coffee and a super coffee machine! There are lots of amazing talent on the team and it would be amazing to share this experience to create an amazing place for our customers.I started to work with coffee in London while I was studying acting. With the time behind the counter I started to enjoy the life behind the counter and the opportunity to know people from all around. Then I started study more about coffee, its origins, its process and also the difference culture you can learn behind just a cup of coffee. It’s not just coffee, there’s a whole world behind it and that’s what fascinated me and makes me continue this adventure.

Do you think we’ll open on time?

Of course we will open on time!



Louise Laker Co-Founder of Eat Sleep Cycle

What is your role?

My role so far has been to look after our crowdfunding campaign & to work with Roser, Federico & Ingrid to keep our plans for interior design, merchandise, food, coffee and price points in line with our Eat Sleep Cycle brand.

Why did you want to get involved in the project?

It’s an absolute dream to be working on the café project. Eat Sleep Cycle has become my life & soul & it’s awesome to be taking it to the next level. Part of why I got into cycling in the first place is because I love food – food & cycling exist in beautiful harmony & the more km’s enjoyed, the more treats on the menu for after!

Do you think we’ll open on time?

100% – Full gas!!!!


Roser Juny from Visual Architecture

What is your role?

I am the architect and designer for the project.

Why did you want to get involved in the project?

Lee and Louise are amazing people so it is great to be part of this project. As a cyclist I love being involved in this community but as a local I also love to mix locals with non locals even if they are not cyclist, the eat sleep cycle cafe is thought for everybody, it’s gonna be “the place to be” and the terrace is gonna look amazing, so stay tuned!

Do you think we’ll open on time?

Yes, absolutely! It’s a lot of pressure, but I’ll do my best!

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Join The Team

You might have noticed – Eat Sleep Cycle is expanding and we’re looking for fellow cycling fanatics to join us as we enter our next phase as a cycling tour business, bike shop, bike rental centre and now, café! If you want to join us, then take a look at our available roles.

Want to support our café crowdfunding campaign?

The campaign is now live! Our new sustainable cycling jersey, among other rewards, are now available to order for a limited time only via our café crowdfunding campaign.

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Made In Girona: Behind the Scenes Creating Our New Cycling Kit

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To celebrate the opening of our new café this summer we’re giving our Eat Sleep Cycle kit a makeover & offering it exlusively via our café crowdfunding campaign. Our brief is a simple one – look cool, ride in comfort & reduce our impact on the environment. Eat Sleep Cycle founders Lee & Lou are excited to kick-start Eat Sleep Cycle’s sustainability strategy in partnership with local kit manufacturer, Tactic. Freya joined Lee & Lou on their Tactic factory tour.

Sustainable Cycling Jersey: Design


As cyclists we enjoy a lifestyle which centres around the bicycle. Whilst riding a bike has a super low impact on the environment, there is still loads we can do as a global cycling community to reduce the footprint of the industry. We’re seeing an inspiring shift in the clothing brands we work with to consider sustainability in their kit manufacturing processes. It’s time Eat Sleep Cycle got involved in the journey.

Cycling Kit Inspired By Girona

Our new Eat Sleep Cycle kit is designed with Girona in mind. Eat Sleep Cycle started as a European Bike Tour operator & Bike Rental company with a base in Girona. 2020 changed everything & with the halting of global tourism Eat Sleep Cycle transformed into a local bike shop with it’s heart, soul & community firmly anchored in Girona. Eat Sleep Cycle today is made up of a community of local riders, pro riders & from cyclists all over the world who’ll be back in Girona soon.

Girona is a meeting point for cyclists from all over the world, it’s a mecca for bike-lovers & our new jersey celebrates that.


Cycling Kit Made In Girona

Tactic is Girona cycling kit & we’ve partnered with Tactic on many an occasion to design our custom kit (check out our Girona Onyar collection). Our first step was to approach Quim & his team at Tactic – a local, Girona based company just 15 mins by bike from the Eat Sleep Cycle shop.

Tactic are a company who are dreaming big & have values aligned with Eat Sleep Cycle. They are the obvious partner for our journey & luckily they were up for the challenge! Together we’re making the committment to reduce the environmental impact of the Eat Sleep Cycle kit & to share the journey with you!


Sustainable Cycling Jersey: Step One

Being able to work with a company just 2 km from us was a big win to start to limit the carbon footprint of the jersey.


Sustainable Cycling Jersey: Road Map

We want our Girona cycling jersey to also reflect where we want to be heading as a company, to a more sustainable future. And while we know that our end goal for a sustainable cycling jersey isn’t something that we can get exactly how we want it to be first time round, we want to make sure we’re transparent with our process of getting there. We’re now deep in conversation to build our road map to our ideal end product – do we focus on water use, material origins, printing techniques, zips…?

The end goal is to have jersey that is designed and made in Girona, from sustainable materials. We want to ensure we can offer full transparency on the creation and process of the jersey and will work to ensure this is something we can offer from the get-go.

We know that “sustainability” isn’t just using a recycled material, it is also about the water usage in creating the material, the C02 footprint, and energy consumed throughout the supply chain and process of creation. From the very start of the materials creation to the end product being sent to the consumer. We will be working to ensure this entire process is as sustainable as we can make it, but we also know that this will be a continuous work in progress.

Sustainable Cycling Jersey: The Future

Eat Sleep Cycle is evolving and we’re excited to get you on board with our sustainable future. Our dream of having a café in Girona next to our bike shop is becoming a reality, and this Girona cycling jersey is a small step towards a big future.

Want to get your hands on the new Eat Sleep Cycle kit?

Our new sustainable cycling jersey is available to pre-order for a limited time only via our café crowdfunding campaign – sign up for updates & be the first to know about the jersey & rewards!

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Sram Rival eTap AXS Launch: Entry Level Goes Wireless

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Sram have announced their latest release, a market-leading wireless groupset, cementing their stance that electronic shifting is something they want to make accessible to all riders.

Sram Rival eTap AXS: First Reactions

We asked the Eat Sleep Cycle team for their first reactions.

Bernat from our Sales & Purchasing team says:

It’s a game-changer in the world of electronic groupsets. More people are going to be able to afford a full electronic, wireless groupset. It is nice, it’s a step forward in design for Rival after a long time – for example the crankset is much nicer. It’s super sleak & stealthy & has the looks of the more expensive options.

Sram-Rival-etap-AXS-Electronic-Wireless-Entry-Level-CranksetOur Mechanic Daan says:

I think it’s nice that they bought the same tech from the higher end groups to the lower end. Together with the new GX you can make an affordable mullet set up; pairing road shifters & a mtb derailler gives you a 1 x high-range groupset at a much more affordable price.

Partner Lee says:

I think that going 100% electronic is definitely the way to go. Just because you’re on a smaller budget you shouldn’t be denied an electronic groupset. Sram are going the right way there. Also it looks super cool, stealthy black. I also can’t wait to see what’s next for Force & Red.

What’s the Difference between Red, Force & Rival AXS?

With 3 electronic groupsets in the range, let’s take a look at what defines each one:

  1. The hood shape for the Rival eTap AXS shifter has changed from the SRAM RED and Force eTap AXS systems to a narrower grip. The Rival eTap AXS does not allow for auxiliary remote shift buttons, whereas SRAM RED has two each per shifter and Force eTap AXS has one each per shifter.
  2. Rival eTap AXS has an alloy brake lever.
  3. Rival eTap AXS 2x cranksets come in polished aluminum. Both SRAM RED and Force crank arms are carbon.
  4. Rival eTap AXS 1x has an integrated spider. You cannot swap from 2x to 1x as you can with the RED and Force eTap AXS cranksets.

How much does Rival eTap AXS Cost?

A groupset includes: Shift-brake system, rotors, crankset, bottom bracket, chain, cassette, derailleur (front and rear for 2x, rear only for 1x), batteries, charger.

2x with power meter: €1688*
2x no power meter: €1463*
1x with power meter: €1453*
1x no power meter:  €1228*

*VAT included with £ and € pricing.

The groupset is avaialble to order now in store.

Sram-Rival-etap-AXS-Electronic-Wireless-Entry-Level-GroupStill Not Convinced? Test Ride Sram with our Demo bike program

We are a Sram test centre & have a number of Demo bikes equipped with Sram groupsets – ask us about a test ride! Our rental fleet also contains Sram bikes – head over to our bike rental page to select your dream ride for your visit to Girona. Rest assured that bikes equipped with Rival eTap AXS are coming soon!

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