Bike Rental Fleet 2020 - Eat Sleep Cycle - Spain

First Look: Our Eat Sleep Cycle 2020 Bike Rental Fleet

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Our 2020 rental fleet is finalised, and it’s bigger and better than ever before giving you more bike hire options. We’ve collaborated with brands that we admire, who share our values and, crucially, make fantastic bikes that our guests will love! We’ve also updated our fleet to 100% disc brakes. From road to gravel, electric bikes and hybrid bikes, there’s a bike (and cycling tour) for every type of cyclist to enjoy.

New Rental Bikes for 2020

Let’s start with the new (and exciting!) arrivals for our 2020 rental fleet.

New Gravel Rental Bikes
Gravel is the new black in cycling right now and to reflect that we’ve upped our gravel game by adding TWO new gravel bikes to our 2020 fleet. Ideal for use on our Girona gravel cycling tour or embracing the Trans Alps Gravel tour!

Ridley Kanzo
First up is the Ridley Kanzo. Our 2019 fleet contained the Ridley X-Trail, the brand’s answer to an ‘all-road’ or gravel bike and we loved the versatility of this bike. Ridley have since replaced the X-Trail with the Kanzo Speed, a faster, racier, gravel-oriented bike and introduced the Kanzo Adventure; a bike designed for tougher gravel rides and with longer chainstays and a shorter reach for bigger tyres and more comfort on those long adventure rides.

Ridley Kanzo Spec:

  • Groupset: SRAM Force 1
  • Wheels: Fulcrum Rapid Red 500 DB

Ridley Kanzo Bike Rental - Eat Sleep Cycle

Reilly Gradient Disc
The second new addition to our gravel collection is the Reilly Gradient, a titanium gravel bike hand made in the UK. Not just a pretty frame (although have you SEEN it), in the brand’s own words: “The Reilly Gradient is an unprecedented engineering achievement. Combining a Hydro-formed REILLY AXIS 3AL-2.5V titanium tube set with our hugely flexible geometry”. We can’t wait to get out there and test it on the Girona gravel!

Reilly Gradient Disc Spec:

  • Groupset: Shimano GRX
  • Wheels: Fulcrum Racing 900

Reilly Bike Rental - Eat Sleep Cycle - Spain

New Road Rental Bikes
Road bikes make up the majority of our rental fleet and as such, curating a high-quality yet wide-ranging collection of road bikes for our guests to ride is paramount, these two new additions are no exception and will be the perfect two wheeled companions for our upcoming 2020 cycling tours.

Basso Diamante SV Ultegra Di2 Disc
For 2020 we will be augmenting our current collection of Basso bikes by adding the brand’s top-tier offering, the Diamante SV. The Diamante is the diamond in the Basso crown jewels, the top-end, aero, race offering from the Italian brand and the SV builds on previous Diamante incarnations with slight improvements and adjustments.

Basso Diamante SV Ultegra Di2 Disc Spec:

  • Groupset: Shimano Ultegra
  • Wheels: Microtech 38

Basso Diamante SV Ultegra Bike Rental - Eat Sleep Cycle - Spain

Ridley Helium SLX Ultegra Disc
Both us and our guests love our Ridley rentals so we’re adding the top-end Ridley Helium SLX to our fleet for even more choice! In Ridley’s words, the Helium SLX is: “the highest level when it comes to stiffness to weight ratio. We’ve designed it to be as light as possible to tackle the longest, steepest climbs. Yet it is stiff and durable…”

Ridley Helium SLX Ultegra Disc Spec:

  • Groupset: Shimano Ultegra
  • Wheels: Fulcrum Racing 5

Ridley Helium Bike Rental - Eat Sleep Cycle

Returning Rental Bikes for 2020

Now that we’ve gone through the lineup of new rental bike arrivals for 2020 it’s time to look at the tried and tested that will be returning to the rental fleet lineup for 2020!

Road Rental Bikes
Basso Astra Ultegra Disc & Basso Venta
We love Basso! We introduced the Italian brand to our fleet only a few months ago and the bikes have since had a very exciting reception from everyone who has ridden them. You can read more about the Astra and Venta on this blog.

Factor O2 VAM Disc
One of the most exciting bikes of 2019, the Factor O2 VAM has been a mega hit amongst both our tour and Girona guests as well as staff and friends of Eat Sleep Cycle. To find out more make sure you check out our Factor o2 VAM review (and preview!) to see why we love it.

Ridley Fenix 105 and Ultegra Disc
The Fenix has been in our fleet since 2018 and has received rave reviews from guests in both the 105 and Ultegra versions. Crucially, these models both run disc brakes, which we will be exclusively using in our rental fleet going forward.

Electric and Hybrid Rental Bikes

We’ve spoken before about how electric bikes are a game changer for cycling vacations and what was true in 2019 is even more true for 2020.

Electric Bike Rental - Orbea Bike Rental - Eat Sleep Cycle - Spain

Orbea Gain M20
Sometimes we all need a little boost, and the Orbea Gain M20 provides just that. For those riders who want to enjoy the thrill of climbing a mountain without the worry of whether they can make the whole way the Gain is a perfect safety net.

Ridley Tempo Disc (hybrid and electric)
Available as standard and e-bike versions, the Ridley Tempo disc is a great bike to take along the Via Verde or on a family ride or to explore a town and its surrounding area. Our guests have been impressed with the versatility of the Ridley Tempo Disc.

City Bike Rental - Brompton Bike Hire Girona

City Bike Rental

If you’re looking for a leisurely cycle tour around a city then these are the bikes for you, spearheaded by the classic cycling brand, Brompton.

Bromptons are quite simply the best at what they do. A classic brand and a fabulous fold-up bike for getting around a city, we love Bromptons!

Bike Rental 2020 Girona - Eat Sleep Cycle

Book for 2020 Now

To find out more about our 2020 rental fleet and to book now visit our Girona bike hire portal, give us a call now on +34 972 754 301 or contact us online!

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Basso Astra 2020 Bike Preview - Eat Sleep Cycle

Basso Astra 2020 Bike Preview

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Last month we brought you a preview of the all-new Basso Venta when we added it to our Girona rental bike fleet. Now, it’s the turn of the all-new Astra, which has undergone a similar update and also been made a part of our Girona bike hire cavalry. The Astra comes in at a higher spec than the Venta and according to Basso: “The all-new 2020 Astra pushes the limits farther than any version before it and does so with a good dose of style.” Let’s find out more…

Basso Astra 2020 Bike - About Basso - Eat Sleep Cycle

About Basso Bikes

Founded in 1977 and based near Bassano del Grappa, Italy 50km northwest of Venice and less than 10km from the base of Monte Grappa, Basso have been making 100% Italian bikes for over 40 years. In their own words, the brand’s aim is to “put the product first, while always moving forward in terms of innovation, our technicians create with an extreme attention to detail, high precision and relentless perfectionism”, which sounds like a recipe for some pretty special bikes. Basso also work closely with another of our favourite brands, MAAP. The Australian brand, who design and make our beautiful Eat Sleep Cycle kit, worked with Basso to design a Diamante frame as well as running the MAAP/ Basso road team.

How Has the Basso Astra Been Improved?

Basso state that: “the latest version of the Astra model incorporates a great deal of technology that derives from its upper tier siblings and adopts a design that follows a tighter family feeling than ever before”. The new Astra benefits from aspects of the technology utilised within the pricier Diamante range. The frame is designed to be aero but not to such an exaggerated degree that it is rendered uncomfortable on long rides. The Astra has a larger head tube for increased solidity at the front, a near-horizontal top tube and chainstays that are designed for improved efficiency in power transfer.

Basso Astra 2020 Bike - Technical Info - Eat Sleep Cycle

Basso Astra Technical Info

The Astra’s frame is constructed from 100% 3k Torayca High Modulous Carbon Fiber from a blend of T700 and MR60 fibers.

  • Headset and fork 1-1/8” to 1.5” for more rigidity.
  • Monocoque frame without aluminium reinforcement parts
  • Integrated seatpost clamp
  • Disc brakes

Basso Astra Bike Rental Spec

Our Eat Sleep Cycle bike rental Basso Astras are set up with the following spec:

  • Microtech MR38 wheels
  • Shimano Ultegra 11-speed groupset
  • 11-32 cassette

Basso Astra Reviews

We will be road-testing the Astra and we will be sure to get feedback from our Eat Sleep Cycle Hub guests too. Check back here soon for a full review of how the new Basso Astra fares on the roads of Girona!

Basso Astra 2020 Bike Rental - Eat Sleep Cycle

Basso Astra Bike Rental

To find out more about buying or renting the Basso Astra visit our bike hire web page, give us a call now on +34 972 754 301 or contact us online!

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Photos: Basso

Girona Gravel Cycling Tour Why You Should Come On One - Eat Sleep Cycle

Girona Gravel Cycling Tour – Why You Should Come On One!

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Gravel cycling is tricky to define. In terms of terrain, ‘gravel’ can mean anything from unpaved roads to MTB single track and everything in between. On the subject of bikes, bike manufacturers use terms such as ‘all-road’, and ‘adventure’ to define their gravel machines, but one thing that gravel cycling can be defined by though, is how much fun it is to ride – and consequently, how addictive it is.

So, if you’ve exhausted the road, or even if you haven’t and you just want to try something new or want an excuse to buy a new bike / book another cycling trip then we’ve got you covered with the following reasons to join a gravel cycling tour!

Reasons to Come on a Gravel Cycling Tour

The Novelty of a New Discipline
Off-road purists may sneer at the advent of gravel cycling, at best dismissing it as a poor relation to cyclo-cross and at worst denouncing it as a mere marketing ploy by bike brands to sell more products. But there’s more to it than all of that, for starters, there are key differences between gravel and cyclo-cross bikes, namely that the former is designed for all-day endurance and thus comfort and the latter for flat-out racing on varied terrain over approximately one hour.

Gravel cycling is a novelty, but definitely not a gimmick, and it’s a novelty that doesn’t wear off, namely because there are always…

Girona Gravel Cycling Tour - New Places to Explore - Eat Sleep Cycle

…New Places to Explore

Uncovering new places you didn’t know existed, or completely rediscovering places you thought you already knew is part of what makes gravel so fun. The added benefit of a gravel cycling tour is that you can experience this without the danger of getting lost thanks to the addition of a knowledgeable, local guide. Gravel continuously surprises and when you’re on a bike that makes riding virtually any surface possible it’s always fresh and exciting. Taking this exploration to another level with bike-packing trips is just another way that gravel cycling enables you to see and do so much more.

Beginner Friendly

Never ridden a gravel bike before? No worries. A gravel cycling tour is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills and test your limits without worrying about traffic or hard tarmac. If you’re familiar with road riding and are just dipping your cleats into the off-road world then gravel is the perfect place to learn. Plus, on a gravel cycling tour your guide can coach you through technical sections and routes can be adapted to your level.

In addition, Gravel cycling is more inclusive than road or other disciplines, it’s not about what you wear, how much you know, your average speed, or how many Strava KOMs you own, if you’re up for an adventure then gravel is for you. You’ll never forget your first gravel ride!

Gravel Biking in Girona - Eat Sleep Cycle

Gravel Biking in Girona

So you know Girona for the pros, the classic climbs, the cafe culture, the quiet Catalan, country roads, you’ve got it sussed out, you know what it’s about. Think again. Girona is a gravel wonderland waiting to be discovered. For every classic Girona climb, you can bet there’s a gravel version. Done Sant Grau already? Do it on gravel and see it through a whole new perspective. Ever wondered if there was a different way to get to Banyoles Lake? There is, on gravel. If you thought road cycling in Girona seemed like an inexhaustible labyrinth of new discoveries then prepare to be amazed by what you can uncover off-road.

Basso Alta and Ridley - BIkes for Gravel Cycling - Eat Sleep Cycle

Weapons of Choice for Gravel Cycling

Of course, the right bike is vital for making the most of a gravel cycling tour. A versatile machine that can take you on almost any terrain is the order of the day. At Eat Sleep Cycle our go-to gravel steeds are the Basso Palta and Ridley X-Trail. You can read reviews of both on our blog!

Girona Gravel Cycling Camp - Eat Sleep Cycle

Want to Test the Girona Gravel?

Whether you’re a seasoned gravel rider or you just want to give gravel a try, our Girona Gravel Camp is for you! Give us a call now on +34 972 754 301 or contact us online for more info!

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Photos by Daan Van Meeuwen

The All-New Basso Venta - Bike Preview - Eat Sleep Cycle

The All-New Basso Venta – Bike Preview

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We love Italy. The culture, the food, the cycling and since working with Basso, the bikes! For the end of the 2019 season we are super excited to be introducing the newly re-designed Basso Venta to our rental fleet. The new Venta landed in the Hub this week and we can’t wait for our test-ride event, but until we get our hands on it, let’s take a more general look at Basso and the new Venta’s spec.

Basso Bikes

Founded in 1977 and based near Bassano del Grappa, Italy 50km northwest of Venice and less than 10km from the base of Monte Grappa, Basso have been making 100% Italian bikes for over 40 years. In their own words, the brand’s aim is to “put the product first, while always moving forward in terms of innovation, our technicians create with an extreme attention to detail, high precision and relentless perfectionism”, which sounds like a recipe for some pretty special bikes. Basso also work closely with another of our favourite brands, MAAP. The Australian brand, who design and make our beautiful Eat Sleep Cycle kit, worked with Basso to design a Diamante frame as well as running the MAAP/ Basso road team.

The All-New Basso Venta - Basso Bikes

The New Basso Venta

The Venta model is not new to Basso, however the brand has completely redesigned the bike for the 20th anniversary (it’s described as the venti venta, venti meaning 20 in Italian), making it lighter, more aero and trickling down technology and lessons learned from the high-end Diamante but with a much smaller price tag at €??. Available in both disc and rim, they describe the bike as one for “from the pro racer to the Sunday amateur” which is reflected in the more relaxed, but still relatively racey fit.

Basso Venta Bike Specs

Now, onto the details that you need to know about the new Basso Venta bike – it’s a beauty!

  • Frame: Full carbon construction and no aluminium reinforced parts.
  • Tapered Headset: Headset and fork 1-1/8” to 1.5” for more rigidity.
  • 2 Fit: The frame can be used with both mechanical and electronic groupsets.
  • Tyres: The Venta comes spec’d with 28mm tyres and there is clearance for a few mm more.

The All-New Basso Venta - Basso Venta Bike Specs

Basso Venta Road Testing

We will be road-testing the Venta in the coming days along with some of our Eat Sleep Cycle Hub customers and we will be sure to get feedback. Check back here soon for a full review of how the new Basso Venta fares on the roads of Girona! And, if you’re keen to find out more about Basso, check out our Basso Palta review here.

Basso Bike Rental - Eat Sleep Cycle Girona

Basso Venta Bike Rental

To find out more about buying or renting the Basso Venta visit our bike hire web page, give us a call now on +34 972 754 301 or contact us online!

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Costa Brava Cycling - The Perfect Coastline for a Cycling Vacation

Costa Brava Cycling: Why the Catalan Coastline is Perfect for a Cycling Vacation

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Rolling, Mediterranean coastlines, stunning medieval towns and villages and the vineyards of the Empordà region – the Costa Brava is a fantastic place for a European cycling vacation, with plenty for non-cyclists to enjoy too! The best time to visit the Costa Brava is outside of the summer months when the region is quieter and the weather is slightly, but not too much, cooler. The combination of mountains to climb and rolling, coastal roads to cruise along makes for a truly stunning cycling vacation, and with the cycling hub of Girona in close proximity this region truly is a cyclist’s paradise!

In this post we’ll outline some of the best that Costa Brava has for cyclists, give some top picks for places to visit and perfect spots to rest up after a satisfying day in the saddle, read on!

Emporda Wine Region – Costa Brava Cycling With A View

The Emporda region is known for its vineyards where you can cycle out along the beautiful lanes to a winery such as Finca Bell Lloc where you can take a tour of the amazing architecture before being treated to wine-tasting and gastronomic experiences.

Medieval Towns of the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava Coastline is punctuated by a myriad of picture-postcard Medieval towns and villages with ancient histories and striking buildings. Cycle anywhere along the coastline and you’ll soon come across one of these enchanted municipalities, stopping to take in the beauty of each individual town could end up making for a long day out!

Costa Brava Cycling Vacation - Cadaques - Eat Sleep Cycle

Top Town Pick: Cadaques

If you visit just one town on the Costa Brava then make it Cadaques, although those in the know do so outside of the summer months where it can fill to it’s white-walled capacity with tourists. The celebrated Catalan Impressionist Salvador Dali spent his summers there as a child before later keeping a studio nearby. With Picasso, Matisse and Magritte among other notable former frequenters, one look at the narrow, steep streets framed by white walls and the impossibly blue sea is enough to inspire anyone to whip out a canvas and start painting.

Where to Stay in Costa Brava

Many of the hotels in this region are cycling friendly due to the popularity and number of cyclists who frequent this region every year, here are a few of our hotels of choice:

Costa Brava Cycling - Where to Stay in Costa Brava

For that little bit extra:
Make your cycling vacation to the Costa Brava that little bit more special and stay in one of these stunning boutique hotels:

Costa Brava Cycling Routes

Our cycling tour of the Costa Brava incorporates the best that the Catalan Coastline has to offer, taking in all of the must-see places, staying in the best accommodation the region has to offer and sampling fresh seafood straight from the Mediterranean. To find out more about our Costa Brava cycling tour give us a call now on +34 972 754 301 or contact us online!

Costa Brava Cycling Routes - Eat Sleep Cycle

Costa Brava Day Trip Packages

View our day trips packages to see how you can sample the Costa Brava by e-bike (and learn why electronic bikes are a game changer for cycling vacations!). And, are you looking for a cycling vacation where non-cyclists are also welcome? Take a look at out guide to non-cycling activities in Costa Brava. Whatever you are looking for in Costa Brava with 2 wheels we can provide so get in touch!

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Style and Innovation - The Technology of CHPT3 Clothing - Eat Sleep Cycle Girona

Style & Innovation: The Technology of CHPT3 Clothing

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CHPT3 are a brand that we first started working with last November after their focus on local Girona cycling influence and innovative clothing caught our eye (something that ESC partner Brian has already written about and we’ve also explained why CHPT3 are a great fit for ESC). The Girona-based brand helmed by ex-pro David Millar are as much about style as they are innovative technology and to that end we hosted a tech talk with David at our Girona Hub where he explained the ins and outs of some of their key pieces. In this post we’ll give you the recap on some of the technology behind CHPT3 clothing and the style and innovation they are bring to the cycling world.

CHPT3 Cycling Gear - Innovative Technology - Eat Sleep Cycle

CHPT3 – Innovative Technology

The CHPT3 website states: “We founded CHPT3 to be a platform through which we and our partners can do creative, collaborative projects. Together, we seek out new technologies and new contexts in which to push ourselves to the edge of what is possible.”

CHPT3 kit is made in collaboration with Castelli, so you know that you are already getting good quality, but the brand take the innovation up another notch such as with added trickle-down from the pro-level kit used by the likes of Team Sky. For example, the Girona 1.27 Jersey uses the same fabric as the Castelli Maglia Rosa worn by Team Sky at last year’s Giro but with the features enhanced for an everyday use.

Likewise the Girona 1.17 shorts use a special version of the Castelli Kiss Air pad designed to perform both during short, intense efforts and long days in the saddle. The attention to detail goes as far as “multi-panel construction for great muscle support at every point of the pedal stroke, whilst lightweight mesh bibs and 90mm high silicon dot leg bands keep everything where it should be.” From the chamois to the stitching the quality and attention to detail makes for some of the best quality cycling clothing on the market.

CHPT3 Cycling Gear Collection

Road Testing CHPT3 Clothing

Of course, the measure of any good cycling kit is how it fares on the road, so we asked Girona local and CHPT3 ambassador Ramon Lozano to put the kit through its paces on some Girona cycling routes and to give us his thoughts on it. Here’s what he had to say!

Q. When did you first encounter CHPT3 and David Millar?
A. I came across the brand because I followed David Millar when he was racing, I liked his story and the fact that he lived in Girona where we could just cross paths on a ride which as a fan I loved. But it was on a photoshoot that I first came into contact with David. I had noticed this brand for its exclusivity and design which was unlike anything else, but I never had the chance to “touch” it until that day. This past summer, David contacted me directly for the photoshoot of the new collection again and to as if I was willing to collaborate with them from now on, that’s how it all started!

Q. What aspect of CHPT3 do you most like?
A. I particularly like CHPT3 because everything has a history, all the kits are made with a design based on some place or aspect of David’s career, each garment has its history that the fan can know, anyone who knows a little about the brand can spot it from a distance.

Road Testing CHPT3 Cyclng Gear - Ramon Lozano

Q. How does CHPT3 clothing differ from other brands?
A. Chpt3 is not like all, it’s more classic, not everything in cycling is aerodynamic and aesthetic “pro”, cycling is much more. We all like to feel elegant and special at times.

Q. What is your favourite piece of CHPT3 kit?
A. I don’t think I could choose just one item as a favourite but if the ‘Origin” collection is definitely my favourite. The JJ jacket is also a garment that every cyclist should own.

ESC x CHPT3 Collaborations – More Coming Soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for future ESC x CHPT3 collaborations and in the meantime you can shop the latest collection at the Girona Hub or via did the CHPT3 website! And, if you have some new CHPT3 kit that you’re looking to test on a cycling tour then give us a call +34 972 649 131 or contact us online and we’ll help you put the CHPT3 gear through its paces!

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Classic Girona Cycling Tours - Eat Sleep Cycle Girona

Classic Girona Cycling Routes

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Girona is an inexhaustible playground for cyclists with myriad quiet roads to explore and challenging climbs to tackle. There’s a lot to be said for going off the beaten track here and exploring the hidden gems of the area. However if you’re here on a European cycling holiday with minimal time then you’re going to want to make the most of your stay, and that means ticking off the some of the classic Girona cycling routes.

We asked members of the Eat Sleep Cycle team to tell us about their favourite cycling routes in Girona.

An Epic Girona Cycling Route – Begur Loop

The Begur Loop is littered with beautiful and charming Catalan villages and towns. The route heads through the stunning Emporda region. Heading in the direction of the coast, in the cove of Sa Riera come a series of short, steep climbs taking you South around the coast through Aiguafreda, Sa Tuna and Tamariu which are perfect for a lunch or coffee stop. The route then loops around the lighthouse in Llafranc before turning inland around the busy town of Palafrugell and then back towards Calogne and the coast. From there comes a steady 5km climb followed by a descent into the town of La Bisbal d’Emporda followed by the beautiful medieval villages of Corçà, Monells and Madremanya. From Madremanya you can either climb the steeper side of Els Angels and drop into Girona from the other side or return to town via Celrà.

Begur Loop – Route Facts

  • Selected By: Louise – Eat Sleep Cycle Partner
  • Route Name: Begur Loop
  • Distance: 124 km
  • Elevation: 1,700m
  • Level: Epic

Epic Girona Cycling Routes - Begur Loop - Eat Sleep Cycle Girona

Leisure Cycling Route – “Silvia’s Loop”

Silvia has her very own loop named after her! ‘Silvia’s Loop’ is for those who enjoy flat terrain, peaceful countryside and rural Catalan villages. The ride traverses South through Plaça Catalunya and across the river to exit Girona towards Quart and on to the completely quiet roads of Llambilles and Campllong. After around 19km you will reach Cassa de la Selva which is the biggest town on the route and therefore the best chance for a coffee stop! After, head to Sant Andreu Salou before riding along the peaceful road to the picturesque town of Caldes de Malavella. From here, the route loops back up towards Campllong into Fornells de la Selva and back into Girona via Montilivi home of the city’s university campus and Girona FC’s Stadium.

“Silvia’s Loop” – Route Info

  • Selected By: Silvia – Hub and Tours
  • Route Name: “Silvia’s Loop”
  • Distance: 44 km
  • Elevation: 400m
  • Level: Leisure

Leisure Cycling Route Girona - Silvia's Loop

Intermediate Girona Cycling Route – Els Angels & Santa Pellaia

This is a real Girona favourite among pros and leisure cyclists alike, the two climbs are both gentle on the legs and surrounded by beautiful scenery. Ride out of Girona keeping the river on your right and take a left at the roundabout to start the first climb: Els Àngels: a gentle 10km at 3.4% average gradient. Be sure to grab a coffee at the top and take in the stunning views of Girona before descending down the other side into the medieval town of Madremanya and onto the rolling country lanes to Monells. After the village of Sant Sadurní comes the next steady climb: Santa Pellaia, which consists of 6km at an average gradient of 4%. After enjoying the views from the top descend into Cassà and towards Caldes de Malavella via the two charming towns of Sant Andreu Salou and Fornells de la Selva.

Els Angels & Santa Pellaia – Route Info

  • Selected By: Brian – Eat Sleep Cycle Partner
  • Route Name: Els Angels & Santa Pellaia
  • Distance: 68 km
  • Elevation: 1,100m
  • Level: Intermediate

Intermediate Cycling Route Girona -Els Angels and Santa Pellaia

Advanced Cycling Route Girona – Coast Loop

A bona-fide Girona classic, leaving Girona without riding the Coast Loop is like going to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower – it’s a must ride! The route heads South out of town before reaching the tranquil roads through Fornells de la Selva and Sant Andreu Salou and onto Caldes de Malavella. Head towards the town of Llagostera from where, shortly after you will reach the 10km climb of Sant Grau which reaches 8-9% in places. After Sant Grau comes one of the highlights of this route: the descent along the coast road with fantastic views of the sea. At the bottom of the descent you will be heading towards Tossa de Mar and cruise along the beach front or stop for ice cream or lunch. However, it’s best not to overfill your stomach as you will be tackling an 8 km climb out of Tossa towards Girona. The remaining 35 km is on the familiar roads from the way there.

“Totally Costal” – Route Info

  • Selected By: Lee – Eat Sleep Cycle Partner
  • Route Name: Coast Loop
  • Distance: 94 km
  • Elevation: 1,300m
  • Level: Advanced

Advanced Cycling Routes Girona - Coast Loop - Eat Sleep Cycle

Girona Gravel Cycle Route – Sant Grau & Llemena

Head out of Girona on gravel tracks. The main climb on this ride comes at 11km in and has average of 7.3% with a 13.1% max gradient 4.8km long switchbacks at the top so make sure you don’t burn all of your energy here, the track is rugged and it is followed by a fast, fun descent. After 24km you will come out in the Vall de Llemena – if your legs are tired from here you can take the road, otherwise, take the gravel track which hugs the river. At 35 km you can warm down on the flat gravel tracks all the way back into Girona.

Sant Grau & Llemena – Route Info

  • Selected By: Boris – Workshop Manager
  • Route Name: Sant Grau & Llemena
  • Distance: 51 km
  • Elevation: 550m
  • Level: Gravel

Gravel Cycling Route Girona - Sant Grau & Llemena

Cycle A Classic Girona Route With A Guide

Want to ride one of these classic Girona cycling routes yourself? Take a look at our Girona Services to hire a Wahoo or a guide. If you’ve any questions about any of the routes or our services give us a call on +34 972 754 301 or contact us online.

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How to Choose Your Perfect Rental Bike - Eat Sleep Cycle Girona

Bike Hire Girona – How To Choose Your Perfect Rental Bike

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When planning a cycling holiday a key consideration is what bike to ride. Whilst some people choose to travel with their own bike the majority opt to save the plane fare & hassle of lugging a bike box around and rent instead. Renting a bike can be daunting – so many colours, models, sizes, groupsets, braking systems, frame materials, companies etc etc. But, renting a bike is a golden opportunity to try something new or even test ride the bike of your dreams.

By asking yourself these simple questions you can decide which bike to choose from all the options out there. Given our location this will be focused on Girona Bike Hire but should help choose your perfect rental bike wherever you’re traveling to!
Road - Off Road and City Cycling in Girona Bike Hire - Eat Sleep Cycle

What Type of Cycling Would You Like to Do?

It sounds obvious but if you know what terrain you’ll be riding on this is a big part of the puzzle & you can start to narrow down your bike hire options:

  1. Road – Girona is a hub for road cycling in Europe. Professional road cyclists choose to make Girona their base for training and racing. Quiet roads, respectful traffic a huge variety of terrain & route options make road cycling the most popular type of cycling in Girona (and as a result one of the most popular types of bike hire in Girona).
  2. Off-Road – Girona also has a network of gravel roads, mountain bike trails and family-friendly bike paths. There are plenty of bikes to choose from in the off-road category, depending on which type of terrain you’d like to explore.
  3. City – Cruising around the city and Devesa park on a bike is a cool way to see the city. You could even consider taking a 40 min train to Barcelona and bike around there too. This is a great option for families and groups of ‘normal’/non-cycling people. A Brompton has to be the ultimate city machine – it’s great fun to ride & is completely foldable – perfect for carrying on and off trains & into cafès and restaurants (for more info make sure you check our guide to cycling in Barcelona!)

Road Bike Hire in Girona - Eat Sleep Cycle - Climber - Endurance -AeroRoad Cycling: What Type of Cyclist Are You?

Ok, so you’ve decided you want to explore Girona’s beautiful roads. Let’s take a deep dive into the world of road bikes and see how to separate the options so you can choose the perfect rental road bike. Road bikes tend to fall into three broad categories and are best suited to different types of cyclist.

  • Lightweight – The Climbers Rental Bike: For cyclists who love to climb then a bike designed around the ability to climb will maximise the enjoyment of the ride.
    • Top Pick: Factor O2 Ultegra Di2 – ok, so it’s a treat but we think a Factor 02 rental is the ultimate climbing machine. With a precision engineered Factor 02 frameset, Black Inc carbon wheels, bars, seatpost & stem & the high performance lightweight groupset that is Shimano Ultegra Di2 this is a machine that flies uphill.
    • Best Value: Ridley Helium X Ultegra – if the Factor’s way out of budget there’s no need to panic. Enter Ridley’s lightweight sensation that is the Helium. Aptly named this is a beautiful frameset which heads skywards with ease.
  • Comfort – The Endurance Bike: For riders who love long days in the saddle on varied terrain the endurance bike is the way to go. These bikes tend to offer a more relaxed geometry giving the rider a more comfortable position, best for long days in the saddle.
    • Top Pick: Ridley Fenix Ultegra Disc – The Fenix is Ridley’s answer to Paris-Roubaix. Designed to absorb the shock of the cobblestones the Fenix promises a smooth, sweet ride. Disc brakes offer powerful braking & the ultegra groupset promises perfect shifting.
    • Best Value: Ridley Fenix 105 – the same as above but with rim brakes and Shimano 105 groupset. Perfect for a smooth ride for those on more of a budget.
  • Fast – The Aero Bike: we don’t recommend this type of bike for cycling in Girona. With a more aggressive geometry & added weight for the aero features this is a bike that will neither climb particularly well or be that comfortable for a long day in the saddle.

Off Road Bike Hire in Girona - Eat Sleep Cycle

Off-Road Cycling: What Type of Terrain?

If you’re heading off road the key consideration when renting a bike in Girona is to decide what type of terrain you’d find most enjoyable – this will best help you to select your steed:

  • GravelA good definition of a gravel road is anything that a car can be driven down, any more technical and gravel riding starts to head into mountain bike terrain. A gravel bike has wider tyres and more tread compared to a road bike – offering better grip off road. A gravel bike has a more relaxed geometry than their cyclo-cross counterparts. Make sure your rental bike is geared for the rides you’re planning to do: the steep trails around Girona tend to need a larger cassette that what might otherwise be normal. Get an introduction to gravel cycling in Girona from our ESC tour guide Peter Gaskill.
    • Top pick: Basso Palta – ‘Palta’ is Italian for mud & this is a high-end carbon gravel bike which thrives in dirty conditions. With a specially designed fork and shock-absorbing seatpost enjoy a stable and comfortable ride. There’s also space for up to three bottle cages – great for a hot, off-road bike-packing adventure.
  • Trails & Single-trackIf you’re planning on tackling more technical trails then consider a mountain bike. A hardtail will cope with most of what Girona has to offer. A full-suspension is pretty niche and not widely available to rent in Girona.
    • Top pick: Ridley Ignite – A lightweight 29’er hardtail designed for cyclocross competition, this is an ultrafast bike for ultimate off-road fun.
  • Bike Paths – Girona has a network of bike paths, the most popular being the Via Verde, stretching from San Feliu at the coast to Olot in the foothills of the Pyrenees. A hybrid bicycle is best suited to these trails. Equipped with wider tyres than a road bike for extra grip on the gravel and a super comfortable upright position. Hybrid bikes often come with a rack for carrying bags – perfect for stashing a picnic for when you reach the beach!
    • Top pick: Ridley Tempo Disc – a comfy, versatile bike for enjoying bike paths & roads alike. This bike comes in female specific & men’s geometry & comes equipped with a rack for carrying your bags.
    • Add Some Gas: Orbea Keram Comfort Electric – turbo boost your ride and take the edge off the climbs with this dreamy electrified hybrid. Equipped with a rack you can carry everything you need for a lovely day out on the bike.

If some of the rental bikes mentioned above have piqued your interest you can check our range of rental bikes in Girona here and we also have some of them available for purchase if you’re really tempted!

What About Renting an Electric Bike in Girona?

The trend of electric bikes is booming here with electric bike rentals on the up. Sales across Europe are up & more & more people are turning to electric bikes and it’s no surprise why. Electric bikes offer many people the opportunity to ride a bike in places they never imagined they could physically cope with. Electric bikes mean groups of friends & families with riders of different abilities can ride together and enjoy shared experiences. Electric bikes are a serious amount of fun.

  • Top Pick: Orbea Gain M20 – this is a very special electric road bike. A carbon frame & ultegra groupset mean this bike oozes quality and puts Orbea at the forefront of electric bike design. The battery is discreetly hidden in the downtube meaning the bike doesn’t stand out in a field of non-electric bikes.

Bike Hire Girona - Eat Sleep Cycle

Bike Hire Girona – Choose Your Bike!

If you’re in Girona and looking to hire a bike we hope the above guide has given you some useful information about the types of rental options that are available and which one would suit you best. If you’ve any questions about which rental bike is for you then give us a call now on +34 972 649 131 or contact us online for more info.

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Cyclist’s Guide To Girona

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Girona is now well established as a capital of cycling. It has been decades since the first pros moved here to use the Catalan city as a training base and nowadays around 100 professional riders call Girona home for at least some part of the year. With this influx of pros Girona has raised its profile as a place for those seeking a European cycling holiday. The myriad stunning rides and routes based out of a vibrant and beautiful medieval city has inevitably drawn ever-increasing numbers of cycling tourists to the area. Girona is such a fantastic place for cycling that you could, in theory, arrive with a bike and simply muddle along, discovering a fair amount of what the city and surrounding area has to offer. However being somewhat more organised is preferable and as such we have compiled this comprehensive, but by no means inexhaustible, guide to Girona cycling.

Where To Eat in Girona

Food occupies the average cyclist’s consciousness to a greater degree than most ‘normal’ people. Whether you arrive starving at dinner time or need to know the best lunch spot, here’s our top picks of where to eat and drink in Girona:


  • +Cub – If you’re heading on a ride with Eat Sleep Cycle then the best place to eat breakfast is right next door! Grab a coffee and a croissant, or something more substantial, before discovering some new roads! Carrer de l’Albereda, 15, 17004, Girona
  • La Fabrica – A Girona classic, La Fabrica now has an established reputation for serving delicious speciality coffee and brunch! Carrer de la Llebre, 3, 17004, Girona

Out of Town:

  • Rustik Empordà – Grab a snack on the way out of the door and then ride to Bellcaire D’Empordà to fuel up on a tasty breakfast at Rustik. Carrer de dMolí, 4, 17141, Bellcaire

Where To Eat in Girona - Cyclist's Guide to Girona


  • Federal Cafe – Just down the street from the beautiful Girona Cathedral, Federal is a great option for both lunch and dinner, serving brunch earlier in the day and delicious dinners in the evening. Carrere de la Força, 9, 17004, Girona
  • Rocacorba Cafe – Borne of the famous Rocacorba Food Truck, Rocacorba cafe offers a variety of lunch / brunch options from toasts and salads to burgers. Carrer Nord, 5, 17001, Girona 
  • Hors Categorie – Good coffee, healthy food and craft beers, catch them on Tuesdays for Taco Tuesday or join our weekly social which takes place there on Thursdays from 19:00! Carrer del Perill, 3, 17001 Girona
  • Bionèctar – Delicious, organic plant-based food and juices. Carrer D’en Francesc Eiximenis, 8, 17001, Girona
  • Coffee & Greens – Relatively new in town but already hugely popular thanks to their top-notch coffee and tasty food. Rambla de la Llibertat, 25, 17004, Girona
  • Veggana – For those who avoid meat and dairy Veggana is a great option both for lunch and dinner, serving a range of classic Catalan dishes and burgers without animal products. Carrer de la Rutlla, 108, 17003, Girona
  • El Cafe – a local bar serving tapas, coffee and drinks. Carrer dels Ciutadans, 1 17004, Girona


  • L’Arcarda & La Tagliatella – Head to either of these restaurants for delicious pizza & pasta to cram in those carbs ready for long days in the saddle! Rambla de la Llibertat, 38, 17001, Girona & Carrer dels Ciutadans, 10, 17004, Girona
  • Arròs i Peix – Visit Arròs i Peix for delicious fresh seafood. Carrer dels Ciutadans, 20, 17004, Girona
  • Txalaka – Delicious pintxos (a Basque speciality similar to tapas). Carrer Bonastruc de Porta, 4, 17001, Girona
  • L’Alqueria – Fantastic Paella! Carrer Ginesta, 8, 17002, Girona
  • B12 – another one for the veggies and vegans (and even the carnivores)- B12 also has a huge selection of beers! Plaça del Vi, 11, 17004 Girona

Fine Dining

The Girona area is home to a number of Michel Star restaurants, why not treat yourself to something extra special?

  • El Celler de Can Roca – The 3 Michelin Star restaurant owned by the  famous Roca brothers has twice been named the best restaurant in the world. Carrer de Can Sunyer, 48, 17007 Girona
  • Les Cols – this 2 Michelin Star restaurant is situated in the town of Olot in the La Garrotxa region, a converted masia (farmhouse) by chef Fina Puigdevall. Carretera de la Canya, 106, 17800 Olot, Girona
  • Massana – Awarded one Michelin Star, Massana’s focus is on local, seasonal products such as game, wild mushrooms and truffle. Carrer Bonastruc de Porta, 10, 17006 Girona
  • Divinum – Divinum hasn’t (yet) been awarded a Michelin Star but is certainly worthy, created by chefs who studied under Joan Roca, the food is an original blend of flavours, textures and aromas  Divinum Carrer de l’Albereda, 7, 17004 Girona


  • Mes Cub – For post-ride beers & patatas bravas head to +Cub (right outside the Eat Sleep Cycle Hub) Carrer de l’Albereda, 15, 17004, Girona
  • Espresso Mafia – Another Girona coffee classic! Carrer de la Cort Reial, 5, 17004, Girona
  • Blend – Top-quality coffee from experienced Italian barista, Federico as well as delicious lunch and snacks. Plaça de Catalunya, 21, 17002 Girona
  • Buttercup – Delicious coffee & cakes in a cute square just off Placa de Vi! Carrer Nou del Teatre, 2, 17004 Girona
  • Martina Sweet Cakes – This place is exactly as it says on the tin – delicious sweet cakes! Carrer de la Força, 1, 17004, Girona
  • Gelats Rocambolesc – From the owners of the Michellin Star rates Can Roca comes Rocambolesc ice cream, inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, here you can choose from delicious flavours and add toppings such as candy floss. Carrer de Santa Clara, 50, 17001, Girona
  • Crêpdequè? – A ‘hole in the wall’ serving crêpes with topping of your choice, perfect for a snack or desert as you stroll through the Barri Vell. Carrer de les Ballesteries, 49, 17004, Girona
  • Dulce Pikika – If you ride or drive out towards the coast a stop at Dulce Pikika for one of their artisan cakes is a must! Av. Del Cavall Bernat, 143, Local 3, 17250, Castell-Platja d’Aro, Girona

Where To Sleep in Girona

A good night’s rest is essential preparation to taking full advantage of a day’s cycling in Girona, somewhere to safely store your bike is a bonus, the city has it all:

    • Hotel Carlemany – This four star cyclist friendly hotel has a dedicated bike room and in general is accommodating to cyclists.
    • La Bruguera de Pubol – A stunning guest house in the beautiful village of Pubol with an on-site yoga studio
    • Bravissimo Apartments – Apartments located right above Espresso Mafia in the heart of the old town.
    • Villas in Girona – If you’re looking for an escape a villa in Girona or the Costa Brava region could be just what you need.

Accommodation for Cyclists in Girona - Eat Sleep Cycle

Where to Cycle in Girona

Now to the important bit, the cycling!

We’ve waxed lyrical on many occasions about the amazing cycling that Girona has to offer both on and off road. When you come to here you will find an enormous selection of roads and iconic climbs at your disposal such as the Girona classic, Rocacorba.

Where to Cycle in Girona - Eat Sleep Cycle

The best way to find your way around on two wheels is to hire a guide. A local guide will know the Girona area inside out and can impart local knowledge you would otherwise not be privy to! The advantage of having someone showing you the way means you can focus on enjoying your surroundings without worrying about taking a wrong turn!

Of course, if you prefer to you can also guide yourself by following a route installed on a device which you can pick up from Eat Sleep Cycle. Or you could simply create your own, hire a bike and just explore!

Whichever way you choose to see Girona by bike you will no doubt fall in love with the smooth roads, abundant climbs and fantastic views that it has to offer!

To See & Do In Girona

Whether you’re having a rest day or travelling with a partner who doesn’t cycle there are plenty of things in and around Girona to occupy your time outside of pedalling.

Barcelona is a relatively short train journey away and as is to be expected from a major city there are plenty of activities to do there. Why not hire a Brompton in Barcelona as a novel way to get around the city?

Wine tasting in the Empordà Region
Located just north of Girona is the autonomous region of Empordà the area is known for its wine production and there are a number of vineyards which you can visit either by bike or another form of transport, and taste the produce.

Figueres Dalí Museum
If impressionist art is your thing then a visit to the place that Salvador Dalí called home is a must. The town of Figueres has a Dalí museum dedicated to the artist which is open Tuesday-Sunday.

Local Market
A Girona gastronomic experience in the Local Market is a must!

Aqva Gerunda
Relax and wind down after a long day of cycling in Girona or simply treat yourself regardless at the town’s Roman baths and spa.

Banyoles Lake
The lakeside town of Banyoles is a short ride, drive or bus journey from Girona and is not one to miss, (our Lazy Lunes ride heads there every Monday at 10am). A coffee by the lake is a must as well as exploring the old town. If rowing, swimming or running are your thing it’s also a perfect location for all three.

There are plenty of on and off road running routes around Girona, which can provide a great way to see the city and surrounding area!

Getting to Girona

Of course, the first part to enjoying Girona is getting here! There are numerous ways to travel to the city, depending on where you are coming from.

Girona Airport
By far the simplest way to get here is to fly into Girona. Flights into the tiny Girona Costa Brava airport, however, are usually from Europe only, plus during the winter months they are few and far between. If, however you do manage to get a flight to the local airport you are a mere 12.8km away from the city. There are no trains from Girona airport but buses are regular during the day and cost just €2.75 for a single. If you prefer to have a transfer arranged for you, you can do so via Eat Sleep Cycle for €35.

Barcelona Airport
If you can’t get directly to Girona then don’t fear as Barcelona-El Prat will serve. Albeit slightly further away, it is still relatively easy to transfer from El-Prat to Girona. A Sagales coach will cost you €19, a taxi transfer (which Eat Sleep Cycle can arrange) will cost €180 or if you choose to take the train it will cost €16 plus the metro fare from El Prat to Barcelona’s main station: Sants. If you decide to take the train be aware that this transfer may not be enjoyable with a bike bag and cases!

Madrid Airport
While Madrid is rather more of a jaunt away there are potentially more flight options for international travellers. Why not integrate a trip to the Spanish capital while you’re there? There are direct trains from Madrid to Girona as well as a bus network.

Train from London, Paris and other places in Europe
For those from Europe for whom time is not of the essence the option to take a train may be of interest. Most large city stations will service trains to the area, although beware that you may have to make changes along the way if you’re coming with a bike bag and luggage in tow.

Drive from other parts of Europe
Driving is also a good option for European-based visitors, northern Spain can be reached relatively easily and surprisingly quickly from most of Europe – just watch out for the tolls!

Girona - A City for Cyclists

Girona – A City for Cyclists

Whatever time of year and in whatever capacity you visit Girona its charms are sure to compel you to return. The sheer number of cyclists who settle in the city are testament to how special it really is for two-wheeled exploring! This cyclists guide to Girona is intended to be an up-to-date guide to our home city and we will be updating it regularly with any new recommendations and activities – so be sure to check back!

Girona Cycling Tours

If this has got you inspired to travel to Girona then why not view our Girona cycling tours and check out what camps and packages we have available. If you’re planning to travel here and don’t want to worry about bringing a bike then take a look at our rental bikes in Girona for top-quality, fully-serviced road, gravel and mountain bikes. If you’ve any questions about your possible cycling tour to Girona give us a call now on +34 972 649 131 or contact us online for more info!

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Factor Bikes Rental from Eat Sleep Cycle

Focus On Factor Bikes

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At Eat Sleep Cycle we are, first and foremost, cyclists and as such we are always searching for the best bike. Therefore when the chance to work with Factor Bikes, a brand founded on years of experience within both the carbon manufacturing industry and the peloton, we jumped at the chance. We like to work with like-minded brands, those who engage with their audience and are closely involved with the delivery or production of their product. It was in this vein that we chose Ridley for our rental fleet in 2018 and with the same ideal in mind that we are collaborating with Factor.

Factor Bikes – A Winning Combination

Add to this the input of none other than David Millar and you truly have a winning combination. Indeed, winning is exactly what the professional athletes who have had the privilege to ride bikes made by Factor have gone on to do. In their own words the brand “was conceived from a commitment to innovation, speed and performance through advanced engineering”, commitments for a bike manufacturer. So who are Factor?

From Formula 1 to Factor

Factor has an interesting history: despite being a young brand it has years of experience behind it; founded in 2007 by BF1 systems, the Formula 1 engineering company based in Norfolk, UK, the early models were inspired by the supercars and designed to showcase the engineering prowess of the company. The Factor 001 was launched in 2009 and was a concept bike with a built-in computer, disc brakes and an eye-watering £20,000 price tag.

Nowadays the brand is producing somewhat more attainable but still high-performance models designed for racing. Baden Cooke, a former pro of 14 years and 2003 Tour de France green jersey winner, along with Rob Gitelis, co-founder of Carbon Composite bikes bought the brand during this shift from prototypes to the peloton.

Factor Bikes Romain Bardet - Factor Bike Hire and Purchase

Factor Accolades

Thus, with the brand still in its infancy it took up sponsorship of a World Tour team in the form of the French set-up AG2R La Mondiale in 2017. With this came the need to produce a lightweight race bike that complies with UCI regulations and the 6.58kg Factor O2 was born. Since switching to Factor as a bike sponsor AG2R La Mondiale have enjoyed myriad successes in some of the most prestigious races on the cycling calendar including 3rd on GC and a stage win at the 2017 Tour. The most recent success, however, was Romain Bardet’s silver medal at the world championships in Innsbruck. Few bike brands this young can boast the same accolades.

But Bardet and co. are not the only professional riders involved with Factor. David Millar, former pro cyclist and multiple Tour de France stage winner, has been involved with the brand from early on, developing the design with Cooke and Gitelis having lamented the lack of input he was afforded with regards to the bikes he rode during his career. Millar has since collaborated with Factor via his own brand, CHPT3, on a limited edition One which he described as: ‘the coolest bike I have ever had’.

Factor Bike Hire and Purchase from Eat Sleep Cycle

One More Lap Factor 02 Bike Hire & Purchase

If you’re inspired to test out the quality of Factor bikes in the high mountains then you’re in luck, as the Factor O2 with Shimano Ultegra Di2 is available both for bike hire and purchase from our Girona Hub and on tours. Take a look at our photo gallery below & give us a call now on +34 972 649 131 or contact us online to book your ride!

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