Cyclist’s Guide to the Dolomites

Nestled in the north-eastern region of Italy lie the majestic, jagged peaks of the Dolomites. These ‘Monte Pallidi’ or Pale Mountains consist of magnesium-rich limestone rock which glows a shade of pink or even orange in the light of a sunrise or sunset and are truly a sight to behold. The UNESCO World Heritage Site […]

Point to Point Trans Cycling Challenges: Journeys of a Lifetime

Trans Cycling Challenges, Point to Point Challenges, Journeys of a lifetime – there are many different names for them but there is one thing that is consistent: a Trans Cycling Challenge is an unforgettable, epic adventure! In this post we will explore which we think are the best. What is a Trans Cycling Challenge? A […]

The Charms and Challenges of Northern Italy

It may have been a few weeks since the mountain passes of Northern Italy brought drama to the Giro d’Italia but the impact of the iconic climbs remains just as strong. It’s difficult to separate them from the three week grand tour as they never fail to incite gripping racing but you don’t have to […]

Passo Stelvio & Eat Sleep Cycle

Stevio has a special place in Eat Sleep Cycle history. Eat Sleep Cycle founder Lee shares why on our recent recce tour of the Dolomites. Yesterday was a very special day for Louise and I and also a turning point for Eat Sleep Cycle. At the crack of dawn and in single digit temperatures, we […]