Chicken and sweet potato stew

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When getting back from a cold and wet ride there is nothing better than a hot chicken stew. It warms your insides, clears your airways and is packed full of vitamins to fend off the risk of a cold (or even worse man flu).

We like to use sweet potato in ours as a better (and tastier) alternative to white potato. We have also found that using chicken from thighs or legs is delicious and the little extra fat is not bad this this time of year. Other than that you can throw in any veg you like and it will still taste good.

Here is how I made it this evening:

  1. Put the chicken legs in the oven
  2. Chop onion, red pepper and garlic and gently fry in olive oil
  3. Chop carrots and aubergine, add into the mix
  4. Add some herbs (try smoked paprika or mixed herbs)
  5. Add a tin of tomatoes (chopped or plum) a chicken stock and a little chilli powder
  6. Once the chicken is done remove from the bone and add to the mix
  7. Add any other veg you prefer a bit crunchier (like green beans)
  8. Hey presto, good to go

I also discovered that putting your shoes in the oven after removing the chicken (and switching it off) is a quick way to dry the shoes for tomorrows ride.


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