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Thanks to the amazing support of the Eat Sleep Cycle community our Girona Cycling Café project is now heading full-gas towards a summer opening. So far our crowdfunding campaign has raised an amazing €22,000 allowing us to open access up to the terrace from the Café & install a big TV screen to show bike races. If we reach our next goal of raising €30,000 before the campaign closes on the 27th June we can take the step of investing in a State-of-the-Art Strade AC Marzocco coffee machine. We chat to head barista, Federico, to find out why the Strada AC Marzocco deserves pride of place at the heart of our new cycling café.

For a cyclist, a dream is to ride the best bicycle, for me as a barista it is a dream is to work with this machine. La Marzocco is like having a Ferrari and who wouldn’t like one? – Federico, Head Barista at Eat Sleep Cycle Café


Why do you want to make coffee with a La Marzocco?

Various factors go into making the perfect cup of espresso and one of the most obvious factors is always what espresso machine you use. Personally, I prefer to use a La Marzocco machine.

When looking at espresso machines for a business, the choice will differ depending on how you plan to use it. There are so many machines out there on the market that can aid you in whatever way you need them to, but I have fallen in love with the La Marzocco brand. I believe these machines allow me to get the best out of coffee, both in taste and the prestige that comes with owning a La Marzocco.

What makes the machine stand out from others?

There are so many other brands who specialise in espresso machines. But La Marzocco stand out above the rest.

Firstly, you can’t beat their build quality. La Marzocco possesses a real pedigree and these machines have been handmade and tested for decades. 

I love its linear design and clean lines and it is really easy to get it custom painted! 

The machines also use stainless steel parts instead of the poorer quality copper parts. Steel holds heat much more effectively and is much stronger. So it is not only longer-lasting and at low risk of degradation or wear; but is also very easy to maintain. It holds onto nothing that is left in its system, keeping your espresso coffee taint-free consistently.

Federico-Eat-Sleep-Cycle-Coffee-Barista-Girona-MarzoccoWhat makes La Marzocco a good fit for Eat Sleep Cycle?

La Marzocco also follow a number of sustainable and ethical policies. They adhere to their beliefs in having a strong company culture and being a caring global citizen. So any coffee drinker coming to our store won’t be offended by the mega-corporation who constructs our coffee machine. A La Marzocco coffee machine will be a machine they trust.

At their factories, they are very conscious of environmental factors, so they employ effective energy and waste management techniques. La Marzocco generates electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity. This produces 100% of its electrical needs – up to 233 kW! The Energy Brain allows the company to begin to gather exact data on its carbon footprint.

Most importantly for us, Marzocco ensure they produce machines with minimal impact on the environment. Where possible, sustainable materials, components and packaging are used so that machines and/or packaging can be recycled. With built-in eco modes being available, as well as all machines featuring highly insulated boilers, we will reduce our water wastage, energy bills and environmental impact by choosing a La Marzocco machine. It is important to be associated with a brand that adheres to these ethical and environmental standards now more than ever.


Can you really taste the difference when using a La Marzocco coffee machine?

Absolutely! La Marzocco Strada includes pre-infusion for brewing, which minimises the impact of any human error on your cup quality, and increases evenness of flavour extraction. I could give you a full detailed and technical list to explain it but I think to really feel the difference is to come and try it yourself.

What are the key features of the La Marzocco machine which mean you can make a better coffee? 

The Strade AV is a coffee machine which has evolved over time based on barista feedback. It’s a really consistent machine – it has thermal stability features & individual boliers. The desgin iconic & Italian & it also pretty easy to use – the electronics are pretty good – settings are easy to update & firmware can be updated by USB. It’s Barista friendly!

What would it mean to you personally to be making coffee every day with a La Marzocco?

For a cyclist, a dream is to ride the best bicycle, for me as a barista it is a dream is to work with this machine. La Marzocco is like having a Ferrari and who wouldn’t like one? Personally and professionally I will have the opportunity to grow because I will be able to experiment more and explore new way of coffee preparation thanks for the technology of this machine.


Want to support our café crowdfunding campaign?

If we reach our crowdfunding goal of €30.000 we’ll be able to invest in a state of the art Strade AC Marzocco. Help us reach this goal by heading to our crowdfunding page and purchasing a reward today!  Our new sustainable cycling jersey, among other rewards, are now available to order for a limited time only via our café crowdfunding campaign.

Join The Team

You might have noticed – Eat Sleep Cycle is expanding and we’re looking for fellow cycling fanatics to join us as we enter our next phase as a cycling tour business, bike shop, bike rental centre and now, café! If you want to join us, then take a look at our available roles.

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