“How you doing on the coffee? Dumbest idea ever”

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“How are you doing on the coffee front?

“I really hope you have failed! Dumbest idea ever!”

– Anonymous client, November 14th, 2017

Today, for some reason, I started to think that maybe it´s time to give an update on how my pledge to give up coffee for three months from November 1st was going. That is two weeks from today, so I guess that represents some sort of a milestone. 

A visit to THE cake shop here on the Costa Brava today was another prompt but moreso the above message from a friend in Ireland was the catalyst. So here is that update…(prepare to be let down, Paddy)

It´s going great, bloody great! So great that I worry am I weening myself off it for good!

I say that like it was the original intention, but it certainly was not because I´ve loved coffee since I took that first gulp of a HUGE Americano from Dunkin´Donuts during the summer of 2005 in Boston.

I thought I´d suffer terrible withdrawal, I haven´t. I thought I´d get frequent blistering headaches, I got a few mild ones. Yes, I used to get mild ones the first few days. But no more. 

Now I´ve been tested a few times: I broke my favourite coffee mug on day #2 when I reached for it with wet hands and it shattered into 1,000 pieces, I didn´t even have the consolation of decaff when I realised what hideouos process takes place to extract the caffeine and we´ve had some fine gentlemen drop into the shop over the last two weeks giving us gifts of coffee from places as exotic as Jamaica!

Sorry to disappoint you guys, the coffee is still in the cupboard, unopened.

So, how have I been? Well, very, very good actually. There have been no mid-afternoon slumps where I turn into a monster and yell ONLY A COFFEE WILL KEEP ME ALIVE! B****** to that.

I´ve missed it out on training rides for sure and almost slipped up on a team ride recently. Lee reminded me of my pledge so it was a quick blast of Cacaolat and that was that. Crisis averted.

In its place I´ve been drinking tea of all origins and colours. I´ve had peppermint tea (mainly when I go to Lee and Louise´s place), green tea from Lidl, Fruit tea from Lord knows where and today I had Aloe Vera tea at THE cake shop.

I haven´t been sick. I haven´t had ´lows´, I haven´t missed it, I haven´t been cranky, I haven´t preached to anyone about it (except for now) and I´ve been as productive as ever, haven´t I ESC team?

The real tests lie ahead, however; an Irish Coffee (or 5!!) by the open fire on Christmas Day is a tradition for me.

But as my Dad would say, we´ll cross that bridge when we come to it. 

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