The Eat Sleep Cycle Club begins

By December 2, 2016 Lifestyle

To non-cyclists, cycling is seen as an individual sport. Long hours spent on ones “todd” taking up the road spray from their cars.

But us cyclists know just how wrong that is. We experience the camaraderie of a group pacing up a tough climb; we see a cyclist put their hand on the back of another which is gracefully accepted, the coffee stops with friends, the race teams working together to pull back a break which was sure to stay away.

Cycling is a team sport and much more than that a community of people loving life on 2 wheels.

For me personally, I have secured jobs, settled into new countries and broke through cultural differences, met incredible people and overall stayed happy through cycling.

For Louise, Brian and I, Eat Sleep Cycle has to be much more than a cycling company. It is a reflection of our passion for cycling, our hunger for adventure and our motivation to create a special community in our beloved home, Girona.

This is why we are creating the Eat Sleep Cycle club. The club is open and anybody can join our rides or social events whenever they want. We organise rides for all levels, from our lazy lunes (slow pace) to epic centuries. Our social events see every nationality, age, even non-cyclists having a great time together!

Of course as a club member you will have loads of benefits like 10% off all our trips and bike rental for friends & family.

For more details on how to join check out our Eat Sleep Cycle Club page.

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