Eat. Sleep. Cycle. Repeat

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Yep, training has kicked in proper and life has settled into the above pattern. Except it looks more like this…. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Cycle. Eat. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Cycle. Eat. Eat. Sleep. Eat etc. etc.

Yep. My metabolism is slowly picking up and so begins the joyful task (I’m not being sarcastic, this is a genuinely joyful thing to try and do) to find the right balance of eating and cycling.

Whilst researching the huge stack of stuff out there on diets to try and work out just what I should be eating, I came across Now, you might think this is about cycling – but you would be wrong! It is in-fact a strange diet for women trying to regulate their symptons of PMT and possible hormone imbalance. Whilst King College are busy linking muscle strength to brain activity, cyclediet are busy linking the belly and brain!

So what do they say….

Well. First things first, we’re told to: ‘nourish your body according to the cycle phase you are in’. Yikes.

Pre-menstrual = avoid animal protein, saturated fats and alcohol to help your kidneys and liver survive the onslaught of estrogen and progesterone.

Then it starts to get interesting:

The more fat tissue you carry, the more estrogen your body produces… Estrogen increases the efficiency of insulin, causing hypoglycemia in some, and sugar cravings in others. High estrogen levels also lead to minerals leaving the body more quickly (causing deficiencies), and can blunt metabolic reactions.

Is all this really worth applying and will it affect the quality of my training?

Stress Foods!! Forget being stressed about foods, there are foods that actually make your body stressed! They appear to be red meat, alcohol… Basically anything that leaves your liver scrambling to try and process excess toxins and proteins. This is apparently particularly important when you are pre-menstrual and full of estrogen and progesterone.

A funny image comes to mind:

Lee: “Darling, do you fancy steak tonight?”

Louise: “I would love one darling but I’m in my luteal phase”

Well. All worth bearing in mind. In the meantime, I’m hungry again. Time for a snack!

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