Eat Sleep Cycle supports new local Race Team Rocacorba Racing

When Rutger Overstegen, a 19 year old from The Hague asked to meet us about creating a new race team in Girona, we jumped at the chance to hear his idea.

Yesterday Rocacorba Racing released the first photos of the team in their new kit. The riders are a mixture of ex-professionals, including Paul Kneppers (winner of Euskaldun general classification), local champions like Artur Marti (previously of semi-professional team Aldro), young developing talent like Guillem Visczaíno and old in the tooth wannabe’s like myself and Brian Canty! It’s a great bunch of people, on and off the bike.

When I first met Rutger I thought “this guy can’t be 19 years old!” He was mature and confident. He had an idea and was determined to see it a success. His theory was that he wanted to race in Spain, could not find a local team of talented riders to race with and learn from and so would simply create it! I was so impressed. Rutger has put in so much hard work. Hours and hours spent on social media to build up a profile for the team and excitement for it’s launch. Hundreds of emails to potential sponsors, negotiating contracts and finally agreeing on terms and conditions. Professional outfits have teams of people to do this, we have a 19 year old from The Hague.

The result is incredible. Our steed is the Guerciotti Eureka SHM50, also ridden by World Tour team CCC. We will not be hanging around on Spin on These Super Fatboy wheels, hand-made in England. With all that speed we will need some great protection and local helmet company RymeBike has provided us with their very best which I must say are lightweight, comfortable and very stylish. The clothing from Olot-based Sismic is light, aero, extremely comfortable and looks amazing!

So where does Eat Sleep Cycle come into all this? If I tell you that we are excited and passionate about this project it would be an understatement. We are all racers and want to support both local race teams and foreign riders experience racing on the continent.
So we set-up Club Ciclista Eat Sleep Cycle, the umbrella for the race team Rocacorba Racing. Since the inception of the team we have helped to recruit riders and forge agreements with local suppliers. Our fully kitted Eat Sleep Cycle van will be available for races and our HQ in the Old Town is the perfect meeting point and bike maintenance area for the team. Perhaps most importantly we will put sweat and tears into racing our hardest, after all we don’t just cycle we eat sleep and breath it dammit!

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Team Sponsors

Clothing by Sismic Wear:

Bikes by Guerciotti:

Wheels by Spin on These:

Helmets by RymeBike:

Photo by @veromoral


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