Ever fancied cycling around the world?

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Meet Jaimie, she’s a few months into a pretty long bike ride around the world. She popped into our lives via the Warm Showers website asking for a bed for the night en route from Barcelona to Perpignan.

Warm Showers is a community for touring cyclists and we’ve posted our spare room up to host adventurers in need and to earn our places to stay on our honeymoon tandem ride across Spain and France next summer.

So Jaimie rocked up with a big grin and a Surly Long Haul Disc (a pretty ultimate steel touring bike) with an extra wheel attached to the back – the total set up weighed in at 60 kgs. Completely bonkers! We had to unload everything in the hall, pack the bags into the lift, make a human chain to get the bags out of the lift and into the flat, then Jaimie had to carry the bike up 4 flights of stairs.

In a previous life Jaimie was an Accountant. She had gone to university on a sports scholarship to play football. Alongside this she studied business (because why not). All too soon uni and football came to an end and a living had to be earned. She trained as an accountant as it seemed like a decent enough job. A few years later she realised this is something she never actually wanted to do and packed it all in to cycle around the world instead.

Jaimie is taking it slow – she left her home in the North of England months ago, rode to Portsmouth, caught a ferry to Cherbourg, headed south through France and the Loire valley, followed the Camino Santiago west along the north coast of Spain, headed south through Portugal, back west along the south coast of Spain and is now off back through France and heading east.

She’s hoping savings will get her as far as Australia, and that she’ll find work there to fund the next part of the journey. Jaimie’s ride is much more than a bike ride, it’s a lifestyle choice for what may well be the next few years. She’s living mostly on bread and jam, camping or sleeping in strangers homes every night. The daily routine consists of: wake-up, eat, pack, cycle, set up camp/unpack, eat, sleep… etc. It must be mentally exhausting not knowing where you’ll be sleeping, which way the road you’re on goes, where the next place to buy food or water is, how long the money will last.

But it’s also a dream loads of people share – Lee and I were both planning a world tour when we met. For us racing has become the priority now and that dream is on hold whilst we live our current one. Still, meeting Jaimie made me super excited for our tandem-tour in summer. It will be a mini taste of life on the road in the midst of a full on race season and I can’t wait!

Jaimie – good luck and happy cycles wherever you are!




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