Fancy racing under the Spanish sun in 2017? Step this way…

By October 17, 2016 Cycling

Part of what we do at Eat Sleep Cycle is give riders the chance to race some of the best guys in Spain.

And having seen the success of the Belgian Project in Ireland in recent years we decided to team up and offer our own version of the package to aspiring riders keen on racing in a different country.

Our ‘Spanish Race Experience’ packages are designed for riders who ideally, have some experience of racing and would like to get better.

Races begin in late January and run until the end of September. (Often, there are two races on weekends.)

Be it the midweek/weekend winter social events in late January and throughout February, one of the 15 ‘Great Classics’ between March and September or any of the ‘majors’ around the province of Catalunya, you won’t have it easy.

Typically, you’ll be in a field of 150 riders and aside from the shorter winter socials in January and February, the races are up to 160 km in length with plenty climbing as well (2,000 m isn’t unusual).

Anyone can enter and there are crits, races for over 30s only, juniors-only, womens-only, underage-only, hill-climbs and events for masters-only (M40, M50 and M60). So something for everyone.

We’re passionate about racing at ESC – but have yet to win one here. Lee has been top five in a Great Classic. Brian, er, made the first page on the results a few times but we reckon 2017 could be our year!

And if you have big plans for 2017 – or just want to test yourself, pop us a mail with what you’re looking for and we’ll endeavour to help you make it happen.

Our 1-week Spanish Race Experience Packages (6 nights’  accommodation in a shared room, 2/3 races, transport, neutral support, race entry) start from €320 but we also do 2 and 4-week packages as well.

We can cater for teams/groups of up to six riders.

For more information have a look at our Race in Spain page and/or contact

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