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By May 17, 2016 Lifestyle

Sometimes, actually most of the time, cycling is the only thing that makes sense to me. No matter how twisted my thoughts are, how bad a day I have had in work, how worried I am about paying this month’s bills, one hour into my ride and all becomes clear. It’s as if the road itself navigates it’s way through my problems, the solution being the top of the climb, the end of my last interval, or simply arriving at home to have hunger rewarded by a large dinner.

In the documentary “happy” we are told that “flow” is healthy. Flow is when we forget about our worries, stop living in the past or the future and enjoy the present moment. Children experience a lot of flow. As we get older and gain responsibility, bills to pay, bosses to please, we think and worry too much and lose the enjoyment of life. I believe that cycling is one way to achieve flow. You are absorbed by the surroundings, the changing landscape and weather conditions and start to think shorter and shorter term until before you know it you are thinking “what’s around this corner”, ” just one last effort then I’m done”.

For me I need a hit every day, to clear my head and put things into perspective. The very reason I live in Girona is because I need to ride on traffic free roads and not worry about pot holes and angry drivers. This is more important to me than any possession, only trumped by my family and Louise. This creates my flow and keeps me sane (most of the time!).

I believe that everyone should think about what they achieve flow from and do even more of it.

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