Here is what we have planned for our Nov 12th HQ opening!!

By November 1, 2016 Cycling

So, it’s finally happening and we can finally announce that we, Eat Sleep Cycle, are ready to take the plunge and open our doors in the centre of the world’s greatest cycling city.

It’s been a truly incredible few months and even writing this blog seems a little surreal.

Saying it out loud that ‘We are opening a premises in a Catalan town’ kind of gives us shivers and smiles all at once.

We have no idea where this road will take us but we know one thing; it’s been one heck of a journey so far and if we can use cycling parlance it almost feels like the three of us are up the road in a breakaway together, working furiously to make this thing stick.

Right now, the three of us are huddled together around our laptops tapping furiously, doing various bits and pieces to bring this crazy puzzle together.

The opening of a premises we can proudly call our HQ is the culmination of endless e-mails, texts, phone calls and chats with just about everyone in town.

If we tried to name everyone who helped us along the way we would undoubtedly forget some, but you know who you are and we will forever be indebted to the help and advice you’ve given us.

November 12th is less than two weeks from now and we hope you can make it to C/Mercaders 30 to  celebrate the biggest day since we came together in McKiernan’s with this daft suggestion around six months ago.

So what’s happening? Well, in true Eatsleepcycle style we have come up with a simple yet bomb-proof idea; ride our bikes and drink alcohol. (In that order!)

We’ll meet at the HQ at 10am SHARP for a group ride to the base of a climb we are going to adopt (kind of) as our own; Mare de Deu del Mont. Yes, we are sadists!

Now, as part of the interior of the HQ we’re going to have a leaderboard for the fastest ascent of the climb and at the top will proudly sit our own version of The Stig.

He or she will be the person with the fastest recorded time on the day. We even have a rally driver’s helmet to help preserve his/her identity.

So…after everyone has had a blast up the climb we’ll convene at the top, take the greatest selfie ever taken and return to HQ to raise a glass, cut the ribbon, say a few words…and compare Strava times!

That will be it; no fanfare or fireworks. We are extending this invitation to anyone and everyone with even the slightest interest in cycling.

Nobody is obliged to ride up the climb or hell, even raise your heart rate into triple figures!

But if you fancy it…the road is yours.

We’ll have a support car with us on the day so feel free to leave a drink, jacket or piece of kit with us.

Thanks for reading and hoping to see you on the 12th!!!

Let us know you’re coming by signing up on the Facebook Event or drop us an email at



  • Louise's Dad says:

    We would have loved to have ridden the Tandem up on the special day….. all the very best with Eat Sleep Cycle! xxx

    • Louise says:

      It would have been great to have you join us on the ride – a tandem up Mare de Deu del Mont would have been pure hell! See you out here soon! Louise xx

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