I am exhausted and the happiest man alive

By September 7, 2016 Lifestyle

It’s difficult to describe that feeling; when you have worked so hard for something and it pays off. Yesterday we completed our first Bike Adventure, during which we helped 6 cyclists navigate their way by bicycle through the Pyrenees from Girona to Biarritz in just 6 days.

The journey was full of unexpected challenges such as cancelled accommodation, ad-hoc route changes, differences in group ability and many more. But at the end of the trip all our clients are happy and even wrote us a lovely thank you card with a gift. Everyone completed the challenging ride and did so in good spirit and working as a team.

I believe this is down to how we dealt with the problems, working as a team, working hard and always looking for the best possible solution at that given time. Perfection is the enemy of good has never been so true in this line of business. Things will never be perfect and they don’t need to be on a challenging cycling trip. We all made mistakes, but we accepted this, tried to improve and moved on.

When arriving at Biarritz beach, after guiding the group through the busy city streets (a dangerous and complicated task), I had a warm feeling brewing inside, the sense of achievement was immense. I was so proud of each and everyone of the group, my work team and also myself.

After a quick dip in the sea and celebratory champagne the adrenaline wore off and the effects of an extremely busy week kicked in (when my colleague Brian caught me asleep on the bus home!).

Cheers to many more successful Eat Sleep Cycle Bike Adventures!

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