At Eat Sleep Cycle we’re proud to be featured in some of the world’s leading cycling publications. Including Cycling Plus, The Irish Times, Total Women’s Cycling, Casquette & Daily Travel Media.

Read on & discover the secrets of Eat Sleep Cycle’s success, learn about the growth of cycling in Girona & find out more about the team behind the tours.

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These Are the Best Bike Trips in the World

3rd-December-2019 | | Peter Flax

“Whether you want to ride the iconic climbs of the Tour de France, catch fall foliage in New England, or whoop it up on unspoiled Arizona gravel, these are the absolute-best, unmissable, bucket-list bike trips on the planet. Get out there!”

Peter Flax lists the travel awards with Eat Sleep Cycle getting a mention!


The Cyclist’s Guide to Europe’s Best Holiday Home Destinations

14-September-2019 | | Liz Rowlinson

“Mallorca may be the obvious Spanish cycling hub, but the small city of Girona is home to more than 100 professional cyclists — and a growing number of international homeowners. Close to the French border, Barcelona, the Costa Brava and the big climbs of the Pyrenees, it sits within verdant volcanic valleys known as the “Tuscany of Spain.”

Liz Rowlinson spoke to Eat Sleep Cycle’s Louise about why Girona is the perfect holiday home destination for Cyclists.

Get On Your Bike | Why Every Cyclist Should Visit Girona (Before the Secret Gets Out).

15-March-2019 | | George Scott

“There’s a very close community here – locals and expats – and people really look out for one another…People just want to ride their bikes and enjoy life.”

George Scott profiled our home town of Girona in this piece for Vice‘s travel platform Amuse in which he spoke to Eat Sleep Cycle partner Brian about what life in the Catalan city is like!

Secret City: Eat, Sleep, Cycle

13-March-2019 | | George Upton

Eat Sleep Cycle was set up in Girona in 2016, just as the city was establishing itself as one of the most popular European destinations for cycling holidays. Offering expert knowledge of the area as well as a range of bikes to hire from their shop in the centre of the city, ESC has quickly become a centre of the rich cycling culture in Girona.”

Port Magazine visited Girona and spoke to our very own Brian about the best places to eat, drink and ride in Girona.

Weekend Guide to Girona

02-Feb-2019 | | Words by the Daily Team

“If you’re into cycling, then Girona is a place to be, it is home to over 100 professional racing cyclists and has rapidly become the cycling capital of the world. Get in touch with Eat Sleep Cycle who can cater to all your cycling needs.”

Mr Porter spoke to ex-professional rider and CHPT3 founder David Millar about his Girona highlights which include Eat Sleep Cycle!

Women’s Only Cycling Opportunities 2019

14-Dec-2018 | | Megan Flottorp

This is a great opportunity to participate in a unique women’s cycling training camp in Girona, Catalunya. Girona provides a stress-free environment to cycle in (no potholes or crazy traffic) so all you have to think about is getting the best out of the ride.

Megan from We Love Cycling gives her run-down of the best all-female cycling opportunities in 2019 including our Girona Women’s Camp.

Living The Dream

01-Nov-2018 | | Rob Kemp

“My advice is know the difference between passion and interest. Passion will get you out of bed at 6am after five hours sleep to support a group of clients who want to ride all day.Interest won’t.”

Rob from Cycling Plus spoke to Brian about what it’s like to be a co-owner of Eat Sleep Cycle (link coming soon)

Wheeling in the Punters: Driving Girona's Rise as Cycling Tourism Hub

20-Nov-2018 | | Mili Semlani

“We quit our jobs and moved to Girona with a suitcase, a credit card, a bike each and a good feeling.”

Mili from Travel Daily Media spoke to Eat Sleep Cycle partner Louise about the rise of Girona and the Eat Sleep Cycle journey.

Taking the High Roads of Girona by Bike

02-September-2018 || Eoin O’Sullivan

While Mallorca and the Canary Islands will always be choice spots for cyclists seeking out some warm-weather riding, the Catalan city of Girona is now also well established as one of Europe’s top cycling destinations, and it’s easy to see why.

Eoin from The Irish Examiner joined us for a 2-day Girona Challenge.

Ride Report: La Purito, Andorra

Aug 2018 | | Emily Chappell

We had all signed up for La Purito, a 145km sportive founded by Joaquim Rodríguez and based on Stage 11 of the 2015 Vuelta España – which many now refer to as the hardest stage in the event’s history.

Emily Chappell from Casquette joined us in August for the extremely tough La Purito sportive in Andorra.

Hand Luggage Cycling Getaways: Girona, Spain

14-Feb-2018 | | Hannah Reynolds

Girona has all the vibes you need for a fantastic weekend away. A compact city filled with stunning Gothic architecture, its narrow twisting streets overflowing with bars and restaurants all oozing laid back Catalan charm.”

Hannah from Total Women’s Cycling paid Girona a visit and joined us for a ride.