Introducing the (most smug looking) Eat Sleep Cycle team…

By June 18, 2016 Cycling


If you’re not sickened by our smugness in the photos then you should be because we are living a dream here in Girona.

The sun is out, the cycling is as good as ever,  our beautiful carbon Cinnelli bikes have just arrived and requests for tours and rentals are coming in thick and fast.

As a way of introduction to those who don’t know us, we are three people who live for the sport of cycling. If we’re not racing or riding ourselves, we’re likely to be helping others do so.

If we’re not doing any of those we’re probably thinking about it, talking about it, reporting on it or day dreaming about it.


Brian, a journalist with the StickyBottle website, knows all there is to know about Irish cycling, or at least he pretends he does. He also likes to think he knows Girona’s hidden back-roads better than most and when not writing articles he’s trying to find ways to lose races.


Louise, originating from cyclo-touring, has gone all out to become a pro cyclist – and is on her way. She loves to write about these musings in our blog. She is the only one of the team to have won a race in 2016.

Lee has finally given up any work that involves wearing a suit and instead his focus lies primarily with cycling, be it focusing on Eat Sleep Cycle or his own competitive road racing.

It was cycling and a few beers that brought us all together and it is cycling that will help us to stay smiling.

If you come and visit us in Girona, you will see why for yourself.

Happy cycling.

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