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By May 5, 2016 Lifestyle
Dolomites Cycling Valparola

In 2004 my brother suggested that we should cycle from London to Paris in 2 days, so I upgraded my mountain bike for a road bike. This was my first experience of a long distance ride. We rode, drank beer, slept on the ferry, rode some more and drank some more beer in Paris. I was hooked.

12 years on and road cycling has taken me to the most beautiful corners of the earth. I have seen snow capped mountain ranges (and been freezing my ass off in them all too often), beautiful rivers and lakes, rolling countryside words can not describe and nature at its best. There are moments from my bike adventures that will stay with me all my life. I have met incredible people. Locals in small cafe stops friendly and warming, interested in our journey. Those same people willing to patch up an injured cyclist with no hesitation. Then there are the cyclists, people like you. I have made so many incredible friends over the years through cycling. From all over the world and whether a professional racer, tourer or town go-abouter, we all have one thing in common; we like riding bikes.

I want to share these amazing experiences with you. To see how professional cyclists live in Girona, to ride on the roads they ride on. To experience the dramatic scenery of the Pyrenees whilst on an epic bike adventure. To meet great people, make new friends and learn more about yourself through the process.

We are thrilled to announce our first epic bike adventure (cue music)…

Ride across the Pyrenees (Girona to Biarritz)


  • Greig Petrie says:

    Hi Lee,
    We only met a few times when riding for London Dynamo so I was glad to hear you are still active in the cycling community after your departure.

    I just heard about your new cycling holiday business project so I wish you well and i hope it doesn’t eat too much into your racing time 🙂

    Good luck and if you ever want to add any posts about your cycling trips on the dynamo forum, just let me know.


    Greig P

    • Lee says:

      Hi Greig, thanks so much for your message and I hope you are still enjoying your cycling/racing. We would love to see some London Dynamos out here in Girona! Let’s stay in touch! All the best.

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