Just another Summers day in Spain

By August 5, 2016 Lifestyle

I am sat here with a chilled beer after what has been quite a hectic day at the Eat Sleep Cycle HQ.

As well as getting married in just one week (and being very chilled about preparations until now), we are getting ready for our first Girona-Biarritz bike adventure and several other cycling holidays. Inevitably this means running a few errands to pick up materials, drop stuff off and generally be a productive man. Is it just me that ends up like a headless chicken in these situations….

I leave the apartment with my laptop (for repair) and a wheel (also for repair) which acts like a sail and nearly takes out pedestrians I zoom passed. The bike shop is closed for August (a lot of local companies take most of the month off). The second bike shop sends me to the third bike shop and I end up at a random bike shop. The owner looks at the sweat running down my face, at my little fold-up bike and immediately starts to load it into his car to take me to the fourth bike shop. As always in Spain, at your lowest point, a local picks you up (literally), brushes you off and sends you on your happier way.

At the fourth bike shop the mechanic does an outstanding job to dismantle the wheel, highlight the fault to me and have it returned under warranty.

Then to buy paint, but I miss closing at 13 (siesta time) and instead go sock shopping for our new kit (photos coming on Monday). Apparently the whole world shops in decathlon on a Friday. By this stage I am getting hangry, that’s angry as a result of low food intake.

That done, I take a more scenic route home which reaches 20% gradients on my single speed fold-up. That got the legs going. All this done before my second breakfast!

Here’s the thing. I’m cycling around in flip flops in the sunshine and getting stuff done, even if I am a little crazy in the process. I’m going to “business meetings” with hotels in the same dress, speaking to clients on the phone and completely acting myself. These are busy times but we are living the dream!

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