Kit-arrival day; One of cycling’s simplest pleasures!

By November 24, 2016 Cycling


Getting new kit is one of cycling’s simplest and greatest pleasures.

We see it every year on January 1st when riders contracted to new teams for the season ahead (excitedly) take to social media to show off their new colours.

And we at Eatsleepcycle are no different.

We can’t even begin to describe what it felt like to see the lady from the Correos arrive with a huge package for us yesterday – and a day early, we might add!

Lou was in the shop at the time to accept the delivery and she instantly relayed the message to Lee and myself who were out training, albeit separately (another blog is coming on this!).

I rarely respond to messages while out training as time is precious but I couldn’t help but ease up just a little, and reply to Lou with around 10 exclamation marks to depict my own excitement!

I settled back into a rhythm and sought about getting back to base as quickly as possible to admire our cache of goods!

The kit is neatly displayed in the shelves and on the hangers in our shop here in Girona and call me biased, but it looks frickin’ amazing!

We’re glad to be able to say we are now selling it as well, and we can also post internationally if needs be (this will be extra, of course).

A lot of time and effort went into designing it and for that, Lou deserves most of the credit.

Our distinctive logo is also her work while the Catalan colours inside the collar was a suggestion from Lee.

The chamois is among the best I’ve worn and as someone who is prone to saddle sores I can’t even begin to describe how good it feels to come in from a 160k ride feeling like I haven’t been sitting on barbed wire.

The trim on the shorts and jersey is a light grey and as it’s ‘race cut’ it’s super aero.

If you are interested – or know of someone who might be, the cost is €70 for a short-sleeve jersey and €80 for bib shorts. Bought together we’ll do both for €140.

Perfect Christmas present or what!

If you have any questions just drop us a mail here



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