We need your suggestions on how we can give back to cycling

By June 26, 2016 Cycling

Albert is 22 years old and raced the Spanish Nationals alongside world professionals this weekend. He had planned to do that using wheels that most riders would not train on (for the non cyclists out there, heavy wheels are a big disadvantage because they are a rotating mass). We gave him a set of light carbon race wheels to race on and a damn good motivation to do his best

This is just the start. We want to give back to cycling and would love to hear your suggestions on how we can do that.

We know about the struggles in women’s cycling. So many incredible athletes need to hold down several jobs whilst traveling and performing at their best, even on the world’s stage, for a minimal wage. It’s a chicken and egg scenario. Races and coverage of them (although improving) is a fraction of men’s. There is also a smaller market demand for it. More men buy bike clobber. In the future we want to run training camps for women’s teams at a subsidized cost. We may even be able to help out talented individuals who wouldn’t normally get the chance to train in Girona.

Matt Brammeier is an inspiration with his leading of the Africa Kit Appeal¬†which aims to collect your second hand clothing and send it to Africa. If you haven’t already, check it out here:¬†http://www.africakitappeal.com/.

We are really open to how to give back which may include charity events, sportive rides or supporting individual riders. We would love to hear your suggestions. Please leave us a comment here or email us privately at info@eatsleepcycle.com.

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