New kit day is like Christmas morning at Eat Sleep Cycle!

New kit day is one of THE greatest little pleasures associated with being a cyclist and it’s a day we all look forward to with eager anticipation.

Every New Year’s Day, our Twitter timelines are inundated with images when professional riders’ from across the world Tweet their new colours as it’s only then are they contractually obliged to ‘officially’ present it.

Fortunately, we play by different rules in the amateur world and no sooner had our Eat Sleep Cycle kit arrived (actually, Lee was so excited he went to collect it 55k away!) that we ripped open the plastic wrapping, stripped down and pulled it on.

The obligatory selfies followed and we couldn’t contain our excitement in the shop. Lee was first to break the news when he pinged an image to our Eat Sleep Cycle WhatsApp group chat and that pretty much ended work for that day!

I rushed to the shop to collect mine but Lee had already bolted as he simply HAD to ride in it. I imagined him rocketing up climbs and screaming down descents, smiling from ear to ear and laughing at the lactate piling up in his legs.

New kit does something for cyclists that new bottles or new bar tape doesn’t.  It invigorates us and excites us and in my case, it motivates me.

It’s a hugely powerful tool, motivation, and the best of us have a lack of it from time to time.

But wearing new kit that we designed and paid for with the money we earned working night and day at Eat Sleep Cycle is a really cool thing, hence our pride at seeing it arrive.

Louise deserves most of the credit for making this magic happen because she actually designed it, starting out with a pencil and a sheet of paper and one amazing brain.

From a blank canvas she came up with head-turning kit of the highest quality at an amazing price.

We don’t have it in the shop a week and we already need to order more…such has been the demand for it.

Lee, the living embodiment of the term ‘enchufe’ (to be plugged in) sourced a local company called Sismic and through his wit and charm, negotiated a brilliant deal with the man at the other end of the phone, Toti.

And a few short weeks after ordering the kit, Toti called to tell us it was ready…and I don’t even want to know what speed Lee drove the car to Toti’s premises in Olot to collect it.

It has signalled a new beginning for us at Eat Sleep Cycle. We loved the old kit and it served a very important purpose in our development. But we had worn it out and it was time for a change, the same way as the Cinelli bikes we used last year had to be changed to make way for something better.

We can’t say how long this new kit will last but we can definitely say we are as excited as could be to wear it to work!

We’re trying very hard to create something unique in Girona and that is a feeling of real belonging and togetherness.

Our club kicked this off and it continues to swell in numbers while the kit is the latest measure to help make people feel a part of something.

By wearing the same clothes we are all the same and we are instantly recognisable to one another.

Last Sunday we had our official launch of the kit here in the Old Town and it was very humbling to see so many people willingly give up their own time to be part of it for the photo shoot.

We only started recruiting on Sunday afternoon but within an hour we were turning people away because we had so many.

We had professional riders from the World Tour as well as people who started cycling two months ago come along – and not be tearing off or looking for anything.

They were happy to be there, wearing our kit, supporting what we do.

And that means an awful lot to us.

To see our kit up close pop into our shop or see more photos on the kit page.

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