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By February 20, 2017 Cycling

You know who you are. You collected us at 4 am in the morning and drove us to Barcelona airport. You produced our materials to an incredible quality in a short time frame. You drove across the country to deliver our promotion materials 15 minutes before the show started. You provided a place to rest our weary heads and throbbing feet. You came to visit us and brought us a coffee. You gave us some motivation, constructive feedback or even just a hug. You shared our social media to help us get the word out about our presence at the show.

You are our mums and dads, brothers, sisters, old team managers, suppliers, friends old and new. Some of you we haven’t even met face to face but you still take the time to read what we post and share it for us. We are forever in your debt and we just can not thank you enough.

The last 4 days has been a whirlwind. It was our first ever event: the London Bike Show. 50 thousand visitors over 4 days. It was our biggest marketing investment yet and we were determined to make the most out of it.

We would like to say a few special thank you’s

Our “competitors”

There is a beautiful thing happening in Girona. Cycling providers like us, Cycling Girona (Hotel Mas Pelegri), Bike Breaks and others are starting to work together to promote cycling in Girona. If it wasn’t for Fiona and Gareth (of the beautiful cycling hotel Mas Pelegri) we would’t have gone in the first place. They called us up to offer to split a stand and helped us every step of the way, from agreeing the contracts to insurance cover and even how to design materials. Were it not for Dave and Saskia of Bike Breaks we would have left half of our gear in London had they not kindly offered to transport materials back for us. At the show we sent clients between our stands and sold them the cycling paradise of Girona through our combined efforts.

Our parents

I have to say that parents never fail to amaze me. Now I have 2 sets and feel like the most lucky person alive. John and Tess, my in-laws, received our event materials the day before the event and drove all the way from the south coast into the centre of London to help us set up the stand. It was all hands on deck and even my nephew Ryan (2 years old) was helping out! It took them 3 hours to drive home that evening with Ryan (now in a more frantic mood) and they still returned for a second serving on the Saturday! Amazing!

My mum is a natural seller and hit the floor on arrival immediately achieving sign-ups to the competition. Not content with one day of selling they stayed over in the exhibition centre and were there before us the following morning. My mother grabbed the flyers and made it for the show entrance, making the most of the influx of potential clients. She carried on until being moved on by security! My dad would be the first to admit that he is not a natural seller but even he was not turned down by passers by receiving his flyer with a smile. We were also never short of a coffee and pastry when he was around.

Wild Thang

If you need any materials, clothes or any merchandise for that matter, you have to check out Wild Thang. They are the most polite, accurate and timely supplier we have ever dealt with. Our uniforms are out of this world and printed material spot on. Thank you for getting it to us in such short notice.


So many friends stopped by our stand to give us their support and check out what we are doing. Bob, Mick, Lindsay, Neils, Chris, Max, Austin, Ben, Simon, Cameron, Georgia, Matt, Vicky, Susan, Barny, Graham, Joseph, the list goes on and on. Your hugs and friendly chat kept us going!

Last but not least are all the wonderful people who we persuaded to stop and chat with us for a few minutes and enter our competition.

We met gravel riders, mobile home  holiday-ers, young racers, old tandem riders, men, women, family’s and everything in between. We enjoyed every minute speaking to you and learning a bit about you and what you look for in a cycling holiday.

If we have not mentioned your name in this post we still do appreciate your visit and your support. We have just not slept that much in the last week so have memories like goldfish!

Now back in Girona and soaking up the Spanish sun we look forward to seeing a few of you out here in 2017!

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