Road Rash: how to heal it fast

By June 3, 2016 Cycling

I’ve been living with road rash for 7 miserable days after crashing at a Tour Series race in Redditch. Here’s my top 10 tips for coping with it:

  1. Get it really clean. Use sterilising fluid and iodine – whatever really hurts works.
  2. Take a bath with bicarbonate of soda. This breaks down any dirt embedded in your skin, and makes your road rash even cleaner.
  3. Cover wounds with clingfilm at bedtime if you can’t get to a pharmacy for proper pads.
  4. Keep all areas as dry as possible. If this means not showering then don’t.
  5. Stock up on babywipes. Not showering is not an excuse to fester.
  6. Let your road rash breathe. It likes fresh air. Just like you.
  7. Keep it squeaky clean with salt water. The more salt, the more it hurts.
  8. If you must ride your bike, cover up any big patches with pads from your pharmacist. Get it off as soon as your ride is done. Bathe in salt water to remove the goo.
  9. Don’t move. Devote all your energy to healing.
  10. When it all gets a bit much, drink wine.

Most of all, embrace the day when the scabs start flaking – the end is in sight! And for goodness sakes, stay upright next time.

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