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By November 29, 2015 One Comment

I have tried my best to avoid gloating about our lush life in Girona and comparing the weather to back in the UK. But today I can no longer help myself! It is practically December and on our 4 hour beach ride we removed our arm and leg warmers to soak in the rays below a clear blue sky. It was another perfect day in Girona, Spain. But we were not lucky, in fact yesterday was exactly the same climate, as was the day before and every day last week.

Six months into our new life in Girona and it is living up to every dream I had back in our cottage in Kent. I dreamt of smooth traffic-free roads – we’ve got them. I dreamt of sunshine when I would normally be putting up with clouds –  we’re still working on the tan lines here. I day-dreamed of mountain climbs and fast descents – there are plenty to choose from here.

So how is this pseudo pro cyclist life possible? Well I do have a full time job to pay the bills. Once we had set our minds on Girona earlier in the year I set a Linked in job search update and patiently waited for the trickle of opportunities to come in. To my surprise the right opportunity arrived, I flew over to interview and the rest is history.

Although our life may be too good to seem true for the passionate cyclist, it is not for everyone. Our idea of an incredible day is 5 hours on the bike with a coffee stop (coffee costing 1-1.50 Euros). Then loads of roasted veg at home which we pick up from the local market at 1 Euro a kilo. Perhaps a glass of vino grown locally at less than 2 Euros a bottle. Later at night we can wonder the moonlit streets and treat ourselves to a 2 Euro ice cream. The good stuff is cheap here if you like outdoor activities and natural food.

Salaries are lower but the quality of life is ten-fold to our experience in the UK. If you prefer shopping for fancy clothes and eating in posh restaurants you might need to stay on a London salary. This is the amazing thing about Girona, most people here have a vastly different outlook on life. They value family and friends, the countryside, culture and their free time. It is not about the car you drive but the amount of time you have free to drive it.

Hopefully you now think highly of Girona, but not too highly. Because one thing we love about Girona is that it is a secret gem in Spain with modest tourism and we hope it stays that way!

One Comment

  • jenny abd barrt says:

    what a lovely true story and it is true every word. Beautifully written and the true story painted to perfection. Well done Mum and Dad xxxx

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