Stage 5: A 100 km ‘rest’ day

By August 6, 2016 Lifestyle

I spoke to Dad this evening at the respectable time of 5pm. Mother dearest was in the shower and they were looking forward to a meal in an actual restaurant (they’re living the high life now!)

Today they enjoyed a much more acceptable ride which took them out of the ‘epic endurance’ ┬ácategory and put them firmly in the ‘happy leisure trundle’ category. At just 100 km, the ride from Yrieix to their hotel in Carrenac sounded like it was actually pleasant. The sky was blue, they got their legs out and had a lovely day.

The day was so nice that there’s actually very little to report!

Our chat turned to tomorrow’s stage to Castre. I hacked into Dad’s Strava account which holds the route plans (you should really change your password Dad) and discovered 214 km of pain in store. What really terrified me though was the elevation – they have well over 3,000 meters to get through over the course of the day. This will be the most epic stage of the trip. Dad seemed resigned to it, if not overly optimistic. I fear that their ‘easy’ day has softened them up!

Their plan is simple. Breakfast at 7:30 am, on the road by 8 am. Pedal. Pedal some more. Pedal further. Have a coffee. Repeat pedal stages. Have a croissant. Repeat pedal stages. Have some lunch. Repeat pedal stages. Have a snack. Repeat pedal stages. Raid a supermarket. Repeat pedal stages. Have a beer. Pedal until collapse in bed.

Their departure time happily coincides with Lee’s parent’s departure time on their mini-epic bike tour to the beach at L’Escala. Jenny and Barry arrived in Girona today, and tomorrow will be pedaling 40 km to a beach weekender of sun, sand & vino!

Wish both sets of parents luck! Seems this cycling thing is catching…

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