The eatsleepcycle roller-coaster gathered a little extra speed this week!

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So, this week marks my two-year anniversary on Catalan soil. My abiding memories of that first week here in in October 2014 are;

‘S&*t, their first language is Catalan and not Spanish so I’m even more clueless’

‘Living on my own is zero craic’

‘Locking my keys out of my apartment at midnight is even less craic than living on my own’

‘I have 4 numbers in my phone; 2 parents, 1 cyclist friend, but he’s in Japan, ’

‘Joining the gym will pass a bit of time’

‘How long can I stay in a café typing articles before they ask me to buy something’

Yes, there were definitely moments where I thought I’d made a huge mistake leaving a comfortable office and a steady job in Ireland but thankfully, those moments have been few.

Now, I can gladly say that aside from being my home, Girona actually feels like home too; I’ve great friends, super housemates, steady work, a car I can depend on, a network of people I can call on and three bikes.

I know a blacksmith who does the little jobs I’ll never be able or willing to do. I meet my car mechanic out training. Our solicitor/lawyer and accountant respond promptly to our persistent questions. The staff at La Fabrica/Espresso Mafia call out to you from across the street!

This week, the roots grew a little stronger and sank a little deeper after we officially became the proud proprietors of a premises out of which we’ll call the home of our eatsleepcycle operations.

It’s a small ‘locale’ measuring 30 metres squared and if that sounds big, it’s not. It’s just about big enough to store a car in. But it’s perfect and Louise already has some amazing plans for how she’d like it to look!

We’re a small operation with a small budget and a small fleet of bikes but in the six months we’ve been in business we’ve made progress, made some good contacts and even turned over a little money.

It’s a massively exciting time for us at eatsleepcycle but I speak on behalf of my partners Lee and Louise when I say we’re a little apprehensive too.

We ain’t rich, we don’t have investors, we’ve never ran companies before, we invested a little of our own personal money into this and believe it or not, we only met this year and agreed to jump on this roller-coaster after a few beers in McKiernan’s.

We have no idea where we will we be in 3, 6 or 12 months and that’s as thrilling as it is daunting.

But we do know our passion and love for cycling and Girona won’t have dropped one bit; it’s why we are here and it’s what we hope will keep us here.

And I can say without fear of contradiction that if we make a million euro next year and live in palatial villas doing this, we’ll wake up on January 1st, 2018, pump up our tyres, fill our bottles and just go ride…like we always do.

We will be announcing details of our official opening night soon so stay tuned for details!

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