The wedding on two wheels

By July 31, 2016 Lifestyle

With just 12 days to go until our wedding we will be arranging the meal, ceremony and order of events this week. How did we end up with such a simple wedding and why on earth are we so laid back about it all?

The question we asked ourselves was “if money was of no concern, what would be our perfect wedding?” Luckily, mine and Louise’s answers were perfectly aligned; a small get together with our closest family so we can spend quality time with them on our special day, rather than divide our time between the many guests at a larger wedding. We decided that our marriage should take place where we see our future and that is in Girona, Spain.

We both agreed completely that even if we had the money for an expensive wedding, we would rather it be spent on something else. Weddings that cost upwards of 20 thousand pounds (enough to put a deposit down on a small house) are over in the same amount of time as ours will be, with our modest budget of 3 thousand pounds. The important part is making our commitment to each other and our closest family witnessing it.

Just because it is low cost does not mean it will not be the best wedding ever. I am not supposed to know this but I believe that Louise has manipulated her mothers wedding dress, which was also used by her mother. Doesn’t that put a lovely shiver down your back. I spent hours looking for a bargain suit, waited for a sale, got some vouchers through credit card points and pounced at the right moment (there’s one for the men). So we will look damn good on a budget!

The ceremony will be at the local town hall which is a beautiful medieval building in the centre of Girona Old Town. It cost 100 Euros. Afterwards we will cycle (yes, in our wedding clothes) to a mountain top restaurant with cava, 3 courses of traditional catalan food, wine, coffee and water, for 40 Euros per head. You see where I am going with this.

Maybe it is a cyclists trait, too look for a cheaper and more enjoyable way to do things. This is what we do when we pick up the bike instead of get into our car. We know it will take longer but you can be sure we will enjoy the thrill of the ride!

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  • Rich McKay says:

    I can’t help but think that you should ride to the wedding on your single bikes, and after the ceremony ride to the reception on a tandem. (The symbolism is obvious!)

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