They’re alive!! Stage 3: 220 km to Parthenay (still in a sodding headwind!)

By August 4, 2016 Lifestyle

Yep. After a slightly anxious evening of staring at my phone and waiting for a call Mamma and Pappa Laker are tucking into a pizza and a tinny of Heineken each at their hotel in Parthenay. (Mum’s picking the ham off hers – Mum and Dad evidently don’t know how to say ‘vegetarian’ in French (‘végétarian‘!?)

At 8 pm this evening I got a message to say that they were still pedaling and had 14 km to go. By 9 pm Lee & I were chatting to a pair of hi-viz clad loons grinning at the thought of pizza  on on the way and sailing through a 220 km day (with 2090 m of climbing).

The day got off to a minor disaster when, instead of hitting ‘Do Course’ on Garmin, Dad hit ‘Delete’.

Cue fumbling with their back up sheets of paper in the unrelenting headwind – yep, it’s still blowing. My ever optimistic Mother saw the bright side and said that the wind was their best navigation aid as they at least had a warning that they were going the wrong way whenever it was blowing them along.

There were many more positives reported today than the previous two stages, 4 in fact:

  1. It only rained a bit.
  2. The headwind actually served a useful purpose.
  3. Mum’s dodgy toe enjoyed a liberating day in sandals and so is now significantly less painful (the prayers and/or crossed fingers worked people – thank you!)
  4. They had a whole half an hour off the bike for lunch and enjoyed a plate of salmon and spaghetti by the Loire river – now that almost sounds like they’re actually on holiday!

Tomorrow’s stage takes the epic tandem duo yet further south to Yireux. I ask everyone to please will the sodding wind to change! (And Dad, pay full attention to your Garmin tomorrow morning!)

Sweet sweet progress, Dad at the Loire crossing

Sweet sweet progress, Dad at the Loire crossing

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  • Jane and Sean says:

    Well don John and Tess…amazing…makes my 10km to work look a bit pathetic! Good luck…..sleep well !! J and S xx

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