I thought I knew what hard work was

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Here are some things that have happened to me over the last few weeks:

Walking into walls, doors and windows.
Leaving keys in the toilet, in the front door, or anywhere apart from where they should be.
Saying “uuuuuuurm” when one task does not immediately follow the next one with immediate succession and no time wasted.
Eating dinner and literally passing out.
Deciding between showering or eating.
Needing the toilet for at least 4 conversations before finally going.
Changing my Facebook name to Louise Laker (my wife’s name)

The entire Eat Sleep Cycle team is flat out because we are opening a new hub in Girona, expanding our tours across Europe and growing our talented team. Busy times indeed.

I have always worked hard in my previous jobs and believe in a solid days graft. The manufacturing environment was high paced and high pressure, I worked in foreign environments too which was challenging. But the end of the day was the end of the day. I grabbed the surf board or the bike to unwind.

Nothing can compare to running your own business. The constant phone calls, meetings, errors and successes in quick succession. It’s as thrilling as a roller coaster and complicated as your worst nightmare.

We have no weekends or official work hours (the hub will of course), work just gets done and clients get a reply right away, a simple policy. It’s an addiction to your businesses success and everything must be done right.

Right now there is so much perfectionism going into our new hub, a normal person would go crazy. From the colour of the bathroom toilet roll holder to the smudge of paint on the garage wall that needs cleaning, we want it to be perfect. Then there’s the products. Hours of heated debates on those.

Last year I wrote a blog about being the “Jack of all Trades” and that has never been so true. In a single day I can be in a finance meeting with our accountant, fitting fixtures in our new hub, interviewing a new potential employee, choosing the right accessory for our rental bikes, speaking to clients on the phone…. it’s thrilling and there is never ever a dull moment (that all happened today!) I sometimes look at people who are bored and think “I wonder what that must be like?!” I am NEVER bored!

The list of idiocies at the start of this blog are probably an indication of being a little too busy. I also understand that it is self inflicted and there’s always a smarter way. Sometimes I find that solution and sometimes the work has to be done. I’m already looking back on these good times and cherishing the hard work. Here’s to many more foolish mistakes and a bigger and better Eat Sleep Cycle!

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