Why you should visit an osteopath soon

By December 3, 2015 No Comments

So here’s the situation. I went to see an osteopath and I came out being able to take in more air than ever before.

“How!?” I hear you cry!

Well, the osteopath is a man called Ruben who works at a place called the Cenit Centre – an awesome gym in Girona that caters for all your cycling needs. A ramp test yesterday revealed I wasn’t breathing properly; impacting significantly on the power I was able to output and sustain and the processing of lactic acid in my legs.

Basically, less air in the lungs = less pedal power.

So this morning I found myself on Ruben’s treatment table and he moved my diaphragm. Yep, moved it. I didn’t even know that was possible!

He showed me a book of anatomy (beautifully illustrated with photographs of a cadaver) and explained how tension in my lower back had travelled up the muscle and created tension that pulled my diaphragm down (it also had something to do with the liver being very heavy and pulling on the diaphragm too).

After he moved the diaphragm up and I took in my first breath of air, it flowed into my lungs like never before.

Meanwhile, Lee who has been ill with man flu this week, had his organs moved around to improve his defence system!

I have known the benefits of massage for a long time. As I complete more osteopath sessions, I am  realising that massages only cater for a small % of the body. Perhaps more importantly they do not necessarily get to the root cause of a problem. In the case of my breathing, a physiotherapist would have probably massaged my lower back and that would have taken away the discomfort. Only the osteopath can get to the root cause which often comes from within the body.

So to all you osteopaths out there – keep up the good work!


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