Winter training in Girona

By August 31, 2016 Cycling

We are pleased to launch our Winter & Spring 2016/2017 training camps here:

After just one winter training in Girona, my FTP (Functional Threshold Power) is up 5%, I am beating my times on local climbs like Els Angels and Rocacorba by over a minute and more importantly of all I am still discovering new roads, climbs and technical sections to challenge me.

It’s not just me. James Jobber, who spent the winter in Girona last year said “Training in Girona allows you to spend more time thinking about your training and what session your going to do instead of how many layers you need to put on or in what hour you might be able to avoid the rain. Not only is the climate perfect it also has a huge variety of roads and climbs. This allows you to tailor your route to your training requirements and means you never get bored of riding the same roads”. It has been awesome to see him smashing the races in the UK and France this season.

There must be something in the food. Having just spent several weeks in France and the UK I just can’t wait to get back to Spanish food. If I have to eat one more ham and cheese baguette, or ham and cheese sandwich, I will explode. In Girona we shop at our local fresh food market and fill two huge bags for under 20 Euros. We buy what is in season and grown locally. All food is prepared fresh, using only the finest olive oil. If we have a beer it is a caña (small glass) which is sipped and enjoyed. The wine is out of this world and cheaper than bottled water.

Did I mention the weather? Yes England is enjoying a late summer. We look forward to that weather continuing in Girona through Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec.  It will be a little chillier in the morning but rest assured the sky will be blue and sun shining on most days.

We have just launched our Winter and Spring camps which are totally flexible around when you want to come and your exact requirements, like whether or not you prefer guided rides. We can also arrange accommodation for longer periods over the winter.

If you want to get an edge on your counterparts next season, get in touch!

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