The wonder of the Parc Devesa Market

By November 24, 2016 Cycling


We’re privileged to live such a high-quality life here in Girona and from fine weather to a low cost of living to doing something we love for work we don’t have it bad.

But one thing we’ve ignored until now, and it’s greatly enhanced our quality of life here since we moved two years ago, is the food we eat.

The people of Girona and indeed Catalunya place huge emphasis on their health and take great pride in their appearance.

So it’s hardly surprising they shop where the food is the finest and that, is Parc Devesa Market.

Every Tuesday and Saturday from around 7.30am until 2 in the afternoon the place is thronged with people, filling their bags with the best meats, jams, fish, nuts, vegetables and cheeses.

Stalls line the avenue that bisects the park and as well as stalls selling food there are plenty more selling clothes and handicrafts – and just about everything you could want in your house.

Since the start of the year, we’ve made the place a rite of passage every Tuesday morning; Lee pedals over on his fold-up and I make the arduous 1.6-kilometre trek from Carrer de la Creu with a huge empty backpack.

The setting is stunning; it’s eerily quiet and the imposing Cathedral towers overhead provide a magical backdrop. The Jewish Quarter is mere minutes away.

I tend to go as early as I can as the seasoned women tell me the quality is better and the prices are cheaper!

These women are not to be argued with, they do plenty of that with the vendors!

So my strategy is one lap of the place where I see what’s going and then I carefully move back the way I came in; gliding at a pace that’s not so fast that I’ll miss something but fast enough so I won’t get into a bargaining war with someone.

However, it’s hard to argue with a place that sells a kilo of most fruits for €1! Yes, apples, bananas, oranges and pears will go for this price and if you don’t believe me come and see for yourself.

Generally speaking I will spend between €15-€25, depending on whether or not I buy meat (which I usually do) but for this I will fill a backpack and struggle to carry it home.

Definitely need to get me a fold-up…

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