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Aside from their exceptional wines, both Priorat and Penedès also offer a unique cultural experience. The Priorat region is steeped in history, with ancient vineyards and quaint villages that have preserved their traditional way of life. Meanwhile, the Penedès region is a hub of modernity, with innovative wineries and a vibrant food and wine scene. Our carefully curated route will take you through charming villages, rolling hills, and picturesque vineyards. As you pedal through these regions, you will be greeted with warm hospitality and delicious local cuisine.

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Priorat & Penedès Wine & Cycling Tour

€ 1.699

Escape a cold winter and enjoy stunning rides & quality relaxation in sunny Spain. Discover great riding on beautiful, quiet roads and the distinctive and delicious wines of the Priorat and Penedès regions of Catalonia. This 5 day tour will take you to some of the best riding of the area, you’ll soon see why […]

Self guided
375 km
6860 m
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What happens if I need to cancel the trip?

We have a flexible cancelation policy – please take a look at our cancellation policy at the time of booking. If you have any doubts please reach out and we’re happy to help.


Is the tour the right level for me?

We rate our tours from Level 1 (Leisure) to Level 4 (Epic). Each tour contains a description of the level, expected daily ride time, distance and elevation. If you have any doubts we’re more that happy to speak to you on the phone and help to find you the perfect trip!


What about bikes? Can I hire one or should I bring my own?

We recommend that you hire a bike for your tour and will work with you after you book to help you to choose the best size and model for your ride style. If you prefer to bring your bike, it’s no problem. Please be aware that on some of our epic trips we charge a supplement to transport your bike box to our finishing location. If you have any doubts, please ask!


Is insurance included?

Insurance is not included in our tour packages. We highly recommend contracting travel insurance at the time of reservation with a company from where you are from.

Health insurance which covers you for illness or injury whilst cycling in your chosen destination is mandatory, we’ll ask you for details of your insurance providor before you travel.