Bike hire

What gearing do the rental bikes have?

When you rent a bike, the days of use are counted from the day of collection to the day of return. On special request you can collect your bike the evening before the start of a rental but this is subject to availability & we cannot guarantee this.

What day and time can I collect and return my bike?

Our bike hire center opening times are 9:00 am to 14:00 and 16:00 to 19:00 7 days Monday to Sunday excluding the months of January, February, March, July, August and December when we are open Monday to Saturday 6 days. You must collect and return your bike on your paid days in these times.

You can request early collection of your bike (for example the evening before to ride early) however we can not guarantee that because another customer has until the end of the day to return the bike.

Which way around are the brakes?

All of our rental bikes have ‘European style’ brakes which are as follows:

  • Left lever is the front brake
  • Right lever is the rear brake

Unfortunately, it is not possible to swap the brakes.

How long is a day? (Rental Period)

When you rent a bike, the days of use are counted from the day of collection to the day of return. On special request you can collect your bike the evening before the start of a rental but this is subject to availability & we cannot guarantee this.

What day and time can I collect and return my bike?

Our bike hire center opening times are 9:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 19:00 Monday to Saturday. In Girona the bike hire center is open on Sundays in April, May and September but please check that before traveling.

Please return your bike by 17:00 on the final day of your reservation or a €20 late fee will apply.

You can request early collection of your bike (for example the evening before to ride early) however we can not guarantee it.

What tools and accesories come with the bike?

Every bike is supplied with an inner tube, tyre levers & mini-pump.

We do not supply multi-tools – please make sure you are comfortable on your bike before leaving.

We do not supply gas canisters or bidons – these are available to purchase.

We recommend that you bring your own pedals, saddle & helmet, however these can be added to your reservation for a small extra charge.

What is the range of the e-bikes?

The range of the e-bike depends on many different parameters (weight of the rider, terrain, tires, tire pressure, temperature etc.) Please refer to the information listed for each model in the bike hire form for the manufacturer specified ranges.

Is a lock provided with the rental bikes?

We do not supply a lock with any of our rental bikes. We do not recommend leaving the bikes unattended. If a bike is stolen during your rental period you are held responsible for the cost of replacing the bike.

Guests are welcome to store the bike at the Eat Sleep Cycle Hub overnight.

Can you deliver and collect rental bikes?

Yes – from Girona we deliver bikes to all over the Girona, Costa Brava and Pyrenees region.

From Málaga we deliver bikes to all of Andalucia.

Simply provide your delivery address & ask us for a quote.

What happens if I need to cancel the trip?

We have a flexible cancelation policy – please take a look at our cancellation policy at the time of booking. If you have any doubts please reach out and we’re happy to help.

Is the tour the right level for me?

We rate our tours from Level 1 (Leisure) to Level 4 (Epic). Each tour contains a description of the level, expected daily ride time, distance and elevation. If you have any doubts we’re more that happy to speak to you on the phone and help to find you the perfect trip!

What about bikes? Can I hire one or should I bring my own?

We recommend that you hire a bike for your tour and will work with you after you book to help you to choose the best size and model for your ride style. If you prefer to bring your bike, it’s no problem. Please be aware that on some of our epic trips we charge a supplement to transport your bike box to our finishing location. If you have any doubts, please ask!

What happens if the bike is stolen or damaged during my rental period?

By renting a bike from us you are taking full responsibility for the safety and condition of the bike.

If damage is caused to the bike during your rental period you will be held responsible and charged the cost to Eat Sleep Cycle of repairing the bike (and for any replacement parts).

If the bike is stolen during your rental period you will be charged the cost to Eat Sleep Cycle to replace the bike.

We highly advise making sure your bike rental is covered for damage & theft by your travel insurance policy.

Can I have a refund if I cancel my reservation?

Please consult our terms & conditions for details of refunds available.

What happens if it rains? Are there refunds available?

We do not offer refunds due to weather conditions or any other force majeure.

Do you provide insurance for my rental bike?

We do not offer insurance for damage or theft to rental bikes. Unfortunately insurance companies do not offer these types of policies so Eat Sleep Cycle would need to assume the risk and we do not believe in selling a fictitious product and covering damage.

How fit do I need to be?

It depends on the tour you choose! Our tours have four levels – Leisure, Intermediate, Advanced and Epic. For all of our tours we recommend some previous cycling experience and a basic level of confidence in riding a bike. To best enjoy a Leisure tour good general fitness is recommended, to best enjoy an Epic tour a high level of fitness is required. 

E-bikes are also available to riders on every tour. 

How can I train for an Eat Sleep Cycle tour?

We are proud to work with Duchy Cycle Coaching – a team of ex-professional bike racers who are qualified coaches. We refer guests looking to make a step change in their fitness journey directly to Duchy Coaching. They can provide tailored plans based on your goals and current fitness level. 

Otherwise, we recommend riding regularly in the build up to your tour.

How do I choose the right trip?

You can choose your trip based on destination, fitness level, cycling discipline and preferred ride support. If you’re not sure, we recommend speaking to us! Give us a call or get in touch via our website and we’ll call you back.

What’s included in the price of a guided scheduled tour?

Refer to your chosen trip itinerary for a detailed list of inclusions. The majority of our guided tours include:

  • All accommodations
  • Breakfast at our accommodations
  • Lunches served en route by the support team or at bars & cafés en route
  • Evening meals at local restaurants or at our accommodations 
  • Cycling guides 
  • Vehicle support with mechanical assistance
  • Ride nutrition, water & snacks during the rides
  • High quality bike rental
  • All transportation required from the trip meeting point to the trip finish point.
  • Eat Sleep Cycle jersey & welcome pack, including 2 x water bidons
  • Detailed trip and ride information in our itinerary app.

Items not included in the trip price are: flight costs, transportation to and from the pick-up/drop-off locations; accommodation before and after the trip, souvenirs, optional extra activities, additional drinks, gratuities for your guides.

What’s included in the price of a self-guided tour?

Refer to your chosen trip itinerary for a detailed list of inclusions. The majority of our self-guided tours include:

  • All accommodations
  • Breakfast at our accommodations
  • Recommendations for coffee stops, lunch stops and evening meals.
  • Meet & Greet from the Eat Sleep Cycle team
  • Assistance with bike set up and instructions for navigation
  • Luggage transfers across the tour
  • Ride nutrition starter pack 
  • All transportation required from the trip meeting point to the trip finish point.
  • Eat Sleep Cycle jersey & welcome pack, including 2 x water bidons
  • Detailed trip and ride information in our itinerary app.
  • A number to call should you need unexpected support during the trip.

Items not included in the trip price are: food & drinks outside of breakfast, flight costs, transportation to and from the pick-up/drop-off locations; accommodation before and after the trip, souvenirs, optional extra activities; transportation should you need support to reach the day’s destination. 

How do you support all the different rider types on the same trip?

Our guides are skilled at managing different abilities within a group. When group size allows we split into pace groups. Guides set a comfortable pace on flats and encourage everyone to ride their own pace on climbs with regroup points at the top. Our guides are dedicated to making sure everyone has a fun day on the bike and achieve any personal goals for the day.

We also ask guests to complete a Rider Questionnaire and share details about their ride experience. We use this information to ensure we have the right support for the group on each tour.

What safety measures do I have to take on a bike trip?

“Ride safe, have fun!” is our motto on tour. Our guides deliver daily safety briefings ahead of each ride and we expect our guests to ride in a way that respects the safety of everyone in the group.

Read our guide to cycling safely on tour ahead of travel.

Do I have to read and sign a release waiver?

Yes, every individual guest must sign a release waiver ahead of starting an Eat Sleep Cycle tour. This form must be completed by each tour participant or by a parent or guardian for each minor prior to departing for the tour. Please contact us with any questions.

Are non-riders welcome and do they get a discount on trips?

Yes, absolutely. Certain types of trips are more enjoyable than others for non-riders. Talk to us about trips that work best for non-riders to join. Our fee for non-riders usually covers accommodation, breakfast, evening meals & any appropriate group activities.

If I book a guided group tour, is it guaranteed that it will run?

Yes – with only one person booked we guarantee to run the trip. In the case that there are one or two guests booked we will call you two months before your departure to discuss the following options:


Travel on the same dates on the same itinerary with a private guide and without vehicle support. We reserve the right to modify the itinerary to ensure practicality of delivery with one guide. In all scenarios our goal is to ensure you have the best possible experience. If you would like to discuss the option of adding vehicle support please talk to us.


Switch to a different trip or different departure date. If there is a difference in price between your original trip or or the new one you will be charged or refunded the difference. Eat Sleep Cycle is not responsible for expenses incurred in preparing to travel on the original trip dates, such as airline tickets or transfer bookings.

We strongly recommend taking out full travel insurance when you book a tour for complete coverage.

What happens if my trip is canceled?

In the unlikely event that Eat Sleep Cycle is forced to cancel a trip a full refund will be issued. Eat Sleep Cycle is not responsible for any expenses incurred in preparing to travel, such as airline tickets or transfer bookings.

Please refer to our cancellation policy. 

How big are the groups?

We pride ourselves on small group sizes. We accept a maximum of 12 guests on our scheduled guided tours, our groups average 6 guests per tour. Speak to us if you’d like more information on your tour group size.

What if I’m traveling solo?

No problem! Around 30% of our guests are solo travelers. On a group guided tour we guarantee you’ll meet like minded riders and enjoy good company. Solo travelers are required to pay a single supplement for a private room throughout the trip. 

Can I learn more about who’s already signed up for a trip?

What kind of support do you offer while on a trip?

On our guided trips there is a support vehicle & one or two guides on the road depending on group size. The support vehicle provides mechanical assistance, ride nutrition, fresh food and bottled water. There are also seats should anyone wish to take a break from the ride. Our guides look after every aspect of the trip and ensure everything is taken care of so you can enjoy a perfect cycling break.

We also provide guests with a detailed digital Road Book and access to gpx. files for those who like to use a GPS.

Can I bring my kids?

The standard minimum age on our group guided trips is 18. However, younger guests are welcome subject to parents’ permission and vetting that they have the necessary cycling experience to enjoy the ride safely.  

We offer family friendly private itineraries all year around – let us know about your family and we’ll be happy to recommend a suitable trip. We usually recommend that kids are over 8 years of age to really enjoy a cycling holiday.

How far in advance do I need to book?

The further in advance you book, the better the pricing available. We release our guided trip calendar in July of every year and run an early bird offer until the end of September. If you are planning a custom private trip we recommend speaking to us as soon as you are thinking about it. In our peak months we close bookings 2 months in advance.

What bikes are available?

We have a great range of world-class bikes to choose from from our favorite brands including Basso, Wilier, Cannondale & Ridley. If your tour includes a road bike this is our mid-priced model – carbon, hydraulic disc brakes and an electronic groupset – for example in 2024 the Basso Astra Sram Force AXS or the Wilier Filante SL Shimano 105 Di2 are the standard bikes included on our tour. 

In some destinations we supply different bikes via our local partner – ask us about bikes available on your tour.

How are the brakes set up?

Brakes are set up ‘Euro-style’ – the left is the front brake and the right is the rear brake.

How do you ensure every guest has a proper and comfortable fit on their bike regardless of what type of rider they are?

We ask all guests renting a bike to provide us with their saddle height and reach – we provide a diagram to show the measurements required. As many of our bikes have fully integrated cabling, be aware that it is not always possible to change the stem length. Our team will check your measurements and let you know the best match for your set up.

Can I bring my own bike? Is there is discount if I do?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own bike. Please ensure it is fully serviced before you travel, bring a spare rear mech hanger and any spares unique to your bike. Note that there may be a fee to transport or store your bike box throughout the trip. If you require your bike box to travel with you throughout the trip this must be a soft case bag that can pack away into the support van. 

If you bring your own bike and your are on a trip where bike hire is included we can offer a discount – ask us when you book.

Can I bring my Power Meter?

Yes, be aware that power pedals are the only compatible power meter with our rental bikes. We cannot fit power cranks to our rental bikes.

What Accessories does the bike come with?

All rental bikes are supplied with a small pump, spare tube & tyre levers. Each bike has two bottle cages. All guests are also supplied with 2 water bottles. 

We recommend that guests travel with their own helmet and pedals, however both are available to rent on request.

How do I book a trip?

You can book online or contact us by completing an enquiry form on our website. You can also directly email the team at tours@eatsleepcycle.com or call us – see our Contact Us page.

What currency do you use?

All trips are priced in Euro’s and payment is taken in Euro’s.

Do I need travel protection?

Yes, travel insurance is not included in the trip. It is essential that you are insured in the case of an accident or emergency whilst on tour. We ask that you provide us with your insurance details. 

It is highly recommended  that you take out full trip insurance which covers you in the case of cancellation.

When is final payment due?

Final payment is due 90 days before your departure date.

What does “double occupancy” mean?

Double occupancy means that there are two people in a room. This can be a double room with a double bed if you are sharing with your partner, or a twin room with two beds if you are sharing with a friend.

What if I am traveling solo or would like my own room with no roommate?

No problem – guests traveling solo are required to pay a single supplement – this guarantees your own private room throughout the trip.

Can you help me with my travel arrangements?

We can provide advice on flight times and arrival / departure destinations and let you know the best travel options to arrive to the tour meeting point.

In some destinations we can also arrange private transfers for you – these are not included in the trip price. Ask us about the options available when you book.

Will someone meet me at the airport? Are transfers included?

Check your trip information to see if your transfers are included. On group guided tours we usually arrange group transfers to/from a central meeting point with good travel connections.

What if I have to change or cancel my trip?

Please refer to our cancellation policy.

What kind of information is provided?

One month before travel you will receive a detailed digital Road Book with all the information about the trip and contact details for your guide(s). You can access the routes, see your accommodation details and also restaurant information. 

Do I have to carry my own luggage?

Absolutely not! On all our tours we transport your luggage for you. On guided tours guests are invited to put a small day bag in the support vehicle. On self-guided tours you might want to carry a small handlebar bag with your daily essentials.

How much luggage can I bring? Is there a limit?

This depends on which tour you are booked on. On a point to point challenge we ask that guests bring no more than one large suitcase and one hand-luggage size case. On a one base trip you’re welcome to bing as much as you like – please let us know if you are planning to bring more than our usual allowance so we can ensure seamless transfers if you have booked them.

How much should I tip my guides?

Tips are at your discretion a way to recognize exceptional hospitality and service and to say thank you to your guides. Tips are split between the guide team so you can leave your tip with one of the guides at the end of the trip. Local currency is preferred, if you’d like to tip digitally, please talk to your guide team about their preferred method – some guides have PayPal or Revolut accounts..

Whilst there is no correct or obligatory amount to tip, we recommend allowing at least €50 per day €40 – €60 per day depending on the type of trip you are on (of course, you may choose to give more if your guides went even further than above & beyond!)

What kind of travel documentation do I need?

Travel documentation required depends on your country of residence and your destination country. Check your Foreign Office advice when you travel. Make sure you have your passport to hand at hotel check-in. 

What should I pack?

This depends on your destination and the time of year. We provide a comprehensive packing list in your Road Book, which is sent one month before your trip departs.

Will I be able to do laundry?

Yes, your Road Book will indicate which hotels provide a laundry service. Check with your guides at the start of your trip too, and they’ll help to make the arrangements with the hotel. Please be aware that laundry is not included in the trip price, please ensure you cover your bill when checking out of the hotel.

Where does my trip start and end?

Check the Trip meeting point on our website or in your trip proposal. Each tour has its own unique meeting point at an easy to reach location with good public transport options.

Can I book extra nights of accommodation with Eat Sleep Cycle?

Yes, we’ll ask you if you require additional nights of accommodation in our Pre-Travel Questionnaire. If you are planning to book your own additional nights of accommodation at our trip hotel, please check with our reservations team first and they will confirm the trip hotel.

What if my cycling jersey doesn’t fit?

Don’t worry! We carry spares on each trip and your guides can arrange a different size for you. Please note that we can only exchange unworn jersey’s. We recommend trying on your jersey after a shower and let your guides know right away if you need a swap.

Staying in touch on tour - download WhatsApp before you travel

WhatsApps is Europe’s most popular free messaging service. We recommend setting this up before you travel. Please also ensure you have a data plan for your destination country – it’s important that your phone is switched on and able to receive calls whilst you are riding so guides can locate you if you are separated from the group.

What do I do in case of a bike breakdown?

We provide an emergency contact number in case you require unexpected support during the ride. Depending on your location and the situation we will find the best solution for you. Please note any unexpected transfers are not included in self-guided trips and you will be charged a fee if you require one.

Do I have to take care of my bike and equipment?

Yes. It’s important that during a self-guided tour there is at least one member of the group who is comfortable fixing punctures and repairing basic mechanicals like a slipped chain. As per above, if a problem occurs which requires greater support, call our emergency contact number and we will find the best solution.

Do I need to bring a first aid kit?

Whilst not essential, carrying a small travel first aid kit is recommended. Our routes often travel through remote regions and having the basics to hand is best practice.

What do I do in case of emergency?

If required first and foremost contact local emergency services.

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