Christmas Gifts for the Cyclist in Your Life – Over 20 Gift Ideas!

Christmas Gifts for the Cyclist in Your Life - 20 Gifts for Cyclists

December is nearly here, and amongst the cries of ‘where has this year gone?!’ you may be able to make out the faint sound of jingle bells hailing the impending festive period and with it the yearly scramble to buy gifts. Perhaps you are super organised and have already done your Christmas shopping, I salute […]

December is nearly here, and amongst the cries of ‘where has this year gone?!’ you may be able to make out the faint sound of jingle bells hailing the impending festive period and with it the yearly scramble to buy gifts.

Perhaps you are super organised and have already done your Christmas shopping, I salute you. But if you operate on a slightly more human level of organisation you’re probably starting to think about what to buy your friends and loved ones, for those who leave their present buying until the eleventh hour, the humble gift card will have to suffice.

Gifts for Cyclists

Cyclists can be baffling, lycra-clad creatures to the uninitiated, even for those in the know they may seem to have every piece of tech or kit on the market, as such buying gifts for them can prove a challenge. But with the help of our guide to Christmas gifts for Cyclists you’ll be able to find something for every type of cyclist, whether they’ve been naughty or nice

Gifts For The Adventurer Cyclist

Gifts for Adventure Cyclists - Eat Sleep Cycle

Light for Dark Winter Riding
Short, dark winter days mean visibility is especially important at this time of year which calls for a decent light. These Knog front and rear lights are bright, waterproof, versatile and USB rechargeable.
€19.90 -> buy frontlight here and rear light here.

Ortlieb Bikepacking Bag
The bike-packing adventurer needs somewhere to store their things: this Ortlieb Frame-Pack allows you to exploit your bike frame to create valuable stowage.
€99.99 -> buy now!.

Waterproof Jacket
The adventurer will go out in all weather conditions so our SISMIC rain jacket is perfect – waterproof for when the heavens open and easy to fold up and fit in your pocket when not needed.
€120 -> buy now!

Ridley X-Trail Carbon Ultegra Ex-Rental Bike
The ultimate steed for the adventurer is a gravel bike that those who feature at the top of the Nice List this year deserve!
€2,325 -> buy now!

For The Stylish Cyclist

Gifts for Stylish Cyclists

MAAP Long Sleeve Jersey
This long-sleeved pro-fit women’s jersey by MAAP, one of the most stylish cycling brands out there, is a sure fire hit for the female cyclist in your life.
€170 -> buy now!

CHPT3 Origin 1.62 Jersey Jacket
This clever piece of kit from CHPT3 combines a jersey and a jacket making multiple layers a thing of the past!
€200 -> buy now!

Poc Devesa Helmet
Part of the CHPT3 Girona collection this stlyish, custom-designed Poc Devesa helmet is inspired by the eponymous forest in Girona.
€270 -> buy now!

Oakleys Sunglasses
Oakleys are a stylish cycling classic, and there are now myriad styles and colours to choose from. Our favourites are the Jawbreakers.
From €292: -> buy now!

ASSOS Early Winter Long Gloves
These ASSOS gloves are, like all ASSOS kit, simultaneously stylish and practical, perfect for when it’s a little chilly but not enough for the deep-winter kit to come out.
€80 -> buy now!

Rocacorba Food Truck Jumper
Whether you’ve tackled the infamous Rocacorba climb or you’ve never even seen the iconic phone masts, this Rocacorba jumper is a stylish ode to the Girona classic.
€49.95 -> buy now!

Cyclist-Friendly Stocking Fillers

Cyclist Friendly Stocking Fillers - Eat SLeep Cycle Girona

Cycling Book
Read the unsung stories of cycling’s legendary women in Isabel Best’s book Queens of Pain
€30 -> buy now!

Gift Cards
If you’re truly at a loss as to what gift to buy, or you’re in a last-minute Christmas Eve rush then a gift card is the way to go!

Pongo Socks
Socks are usually considered to be a rubbish Christmas present, one up from a lump of coal, but cyclists love a bit of #sockdoping and when they’re as pretty as these Pongo London ones who wouldn’t want Santa to bring them?
€17 -> buy now!

Spurcycle Bell
If they’re already furnished with bike lights you can make sure your cyclist loved-one is both seen and heard with this Spurcycle Bell – engineered for quality sound. Spurcycle bells ring 3x longer than others – and they look cool too!
€49.99 -> buy now!

For The Cyclist Who’s Been Very Nice This Year

Christmas Presents for Cyclists Who Have Been Good

A New Bike
The ultimate Christmas present for a cyclist is of course a bike, and for those who have really stayed on Santa’s good side in 2018 a Ridley Helium X is the perfect gift.
€1,949 -> buy now!

There are few riders nowadays who venture out without some kind of device, we love the Wahoo Elemnt – a versatile all-rounder unlike some counterparts it also has full navigation.
€299.99 -> buy now!

For The Cyclist Who Already Has Everything

Christmas Presents for Cyclists Who Have Everything

Cycling Magazine Subscription
If you’re cyclist loved-one seems to have it all why not get them a subscription to a cycling magazine so they can peruse for yet more stuff? Our pick is Cycling Plus.
From €20 -> buy now!

Strava Summit membership
If, like many, the cyclist in your life spends hours on the bike followed by hours of analysing their ride on Strava then a Strava Summit membership might be for them. Choose a pack based on their goals and interests resulting in tailored extra features.
From €2,00 /month -> buy now!

Winter Cycling Tour
A sure fire way to make a cyclist happy is to give them the perfect excuse to go and enjoy some winter sunshine. Our specially designed winter cycling tours make it possible for cyclists to cycle in sun all year round with popular destinations including Gran Canaria and Southern Spain.
From €1,699 -> buy now!

Christmas Gifts for Cyclists

We hope the above suggestions will help make the Christmas gift buying for the cyclist in your life a bit easier but if you’ve any suggestions that we should add to the list please comment below to let us know. And, if you’d like to find out more about any of our tours as gifts, give us a call now +34 972 649 131 on or contact us online!

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