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Brompton Bikes - Eat Sleep Cycle Girona

Brompton is an iconic, British brand of folding city commuter bikes & has an established heritage dating back to 1975, and their presence on city streets across the globe is ubiquitous. The success of Brompton is easy to understand once you have the pleasure of riding one around, the ease with which they fold and unfold makes commuting a breeze. Plus, it’s simply a lot of fun to ride!

More Than Just Folding Bikes

Brompton has become world-renowned, transcending the practical purpose of the brand’s inception to include events such as the Brompton World Championships (first held in Barcelona in 2006), in which competitors race their Bromptons around a course (folding and unfolding the bike is, of course, a part of the race). Indeed, members of our team competed in a Brompton race at Sea Otter Europe this summer with Eat Sleep Cycle founder, Louise, winning the race.

History of Brompton Bikes - Eat Sleep Cycle

The History of Brompton

Andrew Ritchie, the founder of Brompton Bicycles, began designing the bikes in his flat overlooking the Brompton Oratory in South Kensington, London in 1975 and the first crude designs were brought to life in 1977 with official production beginning in 1981. By 1987, Brompton bikes had won the Best Product Award at the Cyclex event held at Olympia, London with the first factory opening the following year. During the next few decades, Brompton’s success soared, with multiple awards, events, and new stores opening around the world.

Burn Calories, Not Fossil Fuels

Across the world the environmental movement is growing and Brompton are leading the charge for switching out an engine for pedal power in their Campaign for Movement. So, why consider using a bike for your daily journeys?

  • Cycling is proven to bring huge benefits to our societies, to health, the environment and the economy. Clean air, quiet streets & a healthy population are just a few consequences of a cycling city!
  • Regular physical activity reduces depression up to 30% and the chance of developing cancer by up to 45%. Switching out an engine for a pedal-powered Brompton is a sure way to stay healthy & happy!
  • 1 parking space = 42 Bromptons. Surely there is a better way to use car parking space?
  • Car parking spaces take up huge swathes of our cities. In Girona, a small city of 100,000 residents, parking is a huge problem. City centre parking is expensive people driving into the centre clog up roads and contribute to air pollution. When most people driving into the city have less than 5 km to travel there really is no excuse.

Riding a Brompton Bike - Rocacorba - Eat Sleep Cycle

Riding A Brompton… Up Rocacorba?

Readers who know Girona will have heard of Rocacorba, a steep & legendary climb to the north-west of the city. The road rises to nearly 1,000m over 13 kms, with unrelenting gradients. Eat Sleep Cycle founders Lee & Louise thought it would be a great test of the 6-speed Brompton rental bikes to see if it was physically possible to ride up it. The answer? Yes. Nailed it in 1 hour, 22 mins (nearly 3 x longer than the current KOM James Knox at 27:13!). See the evidence on Strava here.

Ride Brompton This Christmas

In keeping with our own Brompton tradition, for the second year running we organised a Christmas Brompton ride in our home city of Girona. Joined by friends of Eat Sleep Cycle, we dressed in our Christmas best and set out on a little adventure around Girona before finishing it all off with a cosy hot chocolate! The perfect way to spend a December Saturday afternoon!

Brompton Bike Ride at Christmas - Eat Sleep Cycle

Sold on a Brompton?

If you want to experience a Brompton for yourself we offer you Brompton bike hire one from our Girona Hub, or if you would like to become the proud owner of one of these fantastic, folding bikes, then email [email protected], give us a call on +34 972 649 131 or contact us online and we’ll make it happen!

Already a Proud Brompton Bike Owner?

There is something special about Brompton bikes and ever more special about being Brompton bike owner – there are lots of folding bikes, but there is only one Brompton! So, send us your pictures of you riding your Brompton around your city!

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