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Chapter 3 Girona Eat Sleep Cycle

Partnerships are a major part of what we do at Eat Sleep Cycle and from the day we opened the doors of our first shop we’ve been linking arms and joining forces with some of the world’s best brands.

Cycling is booming and new brands appear every month. There’s no shortage of them and as retailers and distributors we’re spoilt for choice.

To use a pro cycling analogy, consider a World Tour manager looking for riders: there is an ocean of talent but you don’t pick the ones you want based solely on talent. You consider the package. You consider what that rider will do for you.

Cannondale Pro Cycling Team were asked by journalists in late 2015, ´why did you pick Lawson Craddock for your team next year´? I’m sure those journalists got their answer in July this year because his was the story of the Tour de France.

He put the spotlight on EF Education First-Drapac in a way 21 stage wins couldn’t have.

Back to branding and though we are spoilt for choice, how on earth do we decide who to pick or who to have in our store?

People ask us, why Ridley bikes? Why MAAP? Why Tactic? Why Rocacorba? Why Oakley? Why Factor?

The answer, broadly, goes like, “we want to work with brands who want to work with us”.

Brands who want to work with us obviously believe in us or else they wouldn’t bother. We say ´yes´ to those who share our Eat Sleep Cycle values of attitude, belief and commitment.

So back to bike racing and imagine we’re in a 200-rider peloton with everyone trying to get to the front for exposure.

The sport – and marketing – is built on that, remember. Get yourself seen and use others to leverage that.

EF Education First-Drapac made the least money from the Tour de France in prize-money this year. They made €14,420. Team Sky, in comparison, made €726,630.

Aside from naming the winner, most will struggle to say who finished second and third.

But I bet they all know who finished last? Yes, Craddock.

So anyway, we’re in the bike race, Eat Sleep Cycle, jostling with the others to show what we can do.

We’re relatively new to this game, so we’re up there sussing out who’s who, who’s doing what.

We feel so good and fresh that we want to get away, get up the road and show ourselves off to the world. But we need help to get away.

We’re looking for help, someone who’ll work with us and to get in the breakaway. We need others like us with attitude, commitment and belief. Those who believe in the power of working together.

When Ridley came to us last year with a genuine love for what we do, it was a no-brainer that we would work with them. When the guys from MAAP flew to Girona from Australia to get in our store, it made the decision very easy as well.

The same goes for the others. And tonight that list will grow a little longer when we hang CHPT3 on our rails and hold the official launch of their clothing in our store.

They’re keen to get into the break and we’re keen to have them work with us.

And here’s why. The CHPT3 brand is Girona. It’s cool, it’s quirky, it’s classy and it works for us.

Girona doesn’t work for everyone and CHPT3 definitely doesn’t work for everyone but it works for us and those who share our values.

It’s a city you’ll especially love if you love cycling, but you might get bored of it after a while. The same applies for CHPT3. You need to feel it.

Take the Backyard Base Layer with very subtle writings on it like TDM, SP and MMYA… Tossa de Mar, Santa Pelaia, Madremanya. Anyone who comes to Girona will fall for these places like we have. Another person might say it’s daft. That’s fine!

Creator of such a not-so-abstract concept is of course David Millar who recognises Girona is almost its own brand, and he did more than most to shape it into the place it is today.

“I came here 12 years ago because it was the perfect training base, we’ve since chosen to live here as a family and start a new life in this amazing place; it’s CHPT3 in more ways than one for us!

“I’ve witnessed Girona grow into the cycling capital of the world, so many people have arrived and businesses started in the past few years – Eat Sleep Cycle represent this new wave of enthusiasm, passion and professionalism better than anybody, and we’re over the moon they want to work with us and that together we have the same vision to help shape Girona and the Costa Brava into the world’s best cycling destination.

“It’s a journey we want to share together, and with anybody else who fancies joining us on the ride.”

We’re excited to see where this takes us at Eat Sleep Cycle! Come join us for the official launch tonight from 5pm at the Eat Sleep Cycle Hub.

All photos by CHPT3.

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