Made In Girona: Behind the Scenes Creating Our New Cycling Kit

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To celebrate the opening of our new café this summer we’re giving our Eat Sleep Cycle kit a makeover & offering it exlusively via our café crowdfunding campaign. Our brief is a simple one – look cool, ride in comfort & reduce our impact on the environment. Eat Sleep Cycle founders Lee & Lou are excited to kick-start Eat Sleep Cycle’s sustainability strategy in partnership with local kit manufacturer, Tactic. Freya joined Lee & Lou on their Tactic factory tour.

Sustainable Cycling Jersey: Design


As cyclists we enjoy a lifestyle which centres around the bicycle. Whilst riding a bike has a super low impact on the environment, there is still loads we can do as a global cycling community to reduce the footprint of the industry. We’re seeing an inspiring shift in the clothing brands we work with to consider sustainability in their kit manufacturing processes. It’s time Eat Sleep Cycle got involved in the journey.

Cycling Kit Inspired By Girona

Our new Eat Sleep Cycle kit is designed with Girona in mind. Eat Sleep Cycle started as a European Bike Tour operator & Bike Rental company with a base in Girona. 2020 changed everything & with the halting of global tourism Eat Sleep Cycle transformed into a local bike shop with it’s heart, soul & community firmly anchored in Girona. Eat Sleep Cycle today is made up of a community of local riders, pro riders & from cyclists all over the world who’ll be back in Girona soon.

Girona is a meeting point for cyclists from all over the world, it’s a mecca for bike-lovers & our new jersey celebrates that.


Cycling Kit Made In Girona

Tactic is Girona cycling kit & we’ve partnered with Tactic on many an occasion to design our custom kit (check out our Girona Onyar collection). Our first step was to approach Quim & his team at Tactic – a local, Girona based company just 15 mins by bike from the Eat Sleep Cycle shop.

Tactic are a company who are dreaming big & have values aligned with Eat Sleep Cycle. They are the obvious partner for our journey & luckily they were up for the challenge! Together we’re making the committment to reduce the environmental impact of the Eat Sleep Cycle kit & to share the journey with you!


Sustainable Cycling Jersey: Step One

Being able to work with a company just 2 km from us was a big win to start to limit the carbon footprint of the jersey.


Sustainable Cycling Jersey: Road Map

We want our Girona cycling jersey to also reflect where we want to be heading as a company, to a more sustainable future. And while we know that our end goal for a sustainable cycling jersey isn’t something that we can get exactly how we want it to be first time round, we want to make sure we’re transparent with our process of getting there. We’re now deep in conversation to build our road map to our ideal end product – do we focus on water use, material origins, printing techniques, zips…?

The end goal is to have jersey that is designed and made in Girona, from sustainable materials. We want to ensure we can offer full transparency on the creation and process of the jersey and will work to ensure this is something we can offer from the get-go.

We know that “sustainability” isn’t just using a recycled material, it is also about the water usage in creating the material, the C02 footprint, and energy consumed throughout the supply chain and process of creation. From the very start of the materials creation to the end product being sent to the consumer. We will be working to ensure this entire process is as sustainable as we can make it, but we also know that this will be a continuous work in progress.

Sustainable Cycling Jersey: The Future

Eat Sleep Cycle is evolving and we’re excited to get you on board with our sustainable future. Our dream of having a café in Girona next to our bike shop is becoming a reality, and this Girona cycling jersey is a small step towards a big future.

Want to get your hands on the new Eat Sleep Cycle kit?

Our new sustainable cycling jersey is available to pre-order for a limited time only via our café crowdfunding campaign – sign up for updates & be the first to know about the jersey & rewards!

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