Eat Sleep Cycle: Introducing Vielo Bike Brand

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British brand Vielo are coming on board at Eat Sleep Cycle. Vielo build unique road and gravel bikes, standing out with bold colours and custom 1x chainrings. We interview father & son founders Trevor and Ian to find out more about this bike brand, how it came to be, and about the stunning bikes that they offer. 

Tell us about Vielo, how and when were you founded?

“Vielo was founded in 2018. With over 36 years experience in sales, marketing, brand building and distribution for high end global bicycle brands (Marin, Scott, Storck, Sarto and Lightweight wheels) we decided to use all our knowledge, passion and energy to build our own brand Vielo.

We brought together a small team of like minded people who shared our values of honesty, integrity and reliability to launch our first model, the Vielo V+1 gravel bike’.”


What sets you apart from other bike brands?

“Vielo is positioned as indie boutique British brand that offers cycling fans around the world with an exclusive range of exceptional high-end, cutting edge bicycles and products focused on innovation, fusing the latest carbon fibre technology and know-how with beautiful design and craftsmanship.  Underpinned with a passion and belief to make it better.”

You’re big fans of 1x, what is it that you prefer about 1x over 2x?

“We are forward thinking and knew (back in 2017) that groupset manufactures were going to bring 12 and 13 speed groupsets to the market in the very near future.  This meant that the number of gears normally used on a 2x system would be covered in a 1x  12 or 13 speed range.  From here, we would have a lot more freedom to design and engineer our gravel and road bike frame with just a single chain ring and no front mech. Both the Vielo R+1 road bike and V+1 gravel bike are designed around a fully 1x drive line.


We offer a range of our own CNC machined chainrings that are engineered to accommodate a perfect chain line across Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo to suit every riders needs in both road and gravel.

The benefit of our 1x frames is to increase the BB stiffness by 32% (over a 2x frame), offer increased tyre width and fully symmetrical frame design.”

What frames do you currently offer, and could you tell us a little about them?

“The R+1 road bike is available in 2 frame levels. The Alto frame (880g) is fully integrated for (SRAM) wireless shifting. Plus the Strato frame (1100g) for regular cable routing to accommodate mechanical and e-wire shifting.   Both frames accommodate 32mm tyres on modern wider rims to reduce high frequency road vibration, plus additional mechanical comfort from the rear seat stay design.



The 2nd Generation V+1 gravel bike follows the form of the R+1 symmetrical  down tube to BB junction, accommodates 50mm tyres in 700c and 650b with (non dropped) symmetrical chain stays and further comfort via the curved tube shapes of the rear seat stays.   The V+1 Alto is 880g and the Strato is 1100g. Both frames can take regular mechanical and e-wire systems.”


I have to admit, I love your colour schemes. In a world of black and stealth looking bikes, having some colour is becoming more and more appealing. Why were you drawn to making sure your frames were colourful?

“We like to be forward thinking with our colour pallets and simple graphic design. We don’t do Black.”


We’re looking forward to having Vielo at Eat Sleep Cycle, what are you most looking forward to about joining the ESC family?

“We love working with like-minded dealers and staff that have similar values to ourselves, plus we are a family business. We look forward to building our trading relationship long into the future.”

We can’t wait to have Vielo in store, so keep your eye our for when we’ll have stock!

Get In Touch!

Update – our first Vielo framesets have arrived & are on display at the Eat Sleep Cycle shop. You can also see Vielo bikes on our online shop. If you’re interested in Vielo and would like to discuss dream builds, please get in touch! Email: [email protected]

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