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Bre Vine has recently moved from Australia to Girona with her husband and professional cyclist Jay Vine. Upon arriving, Bre found that it was time to upgrade her previous bike for one more suited to the riding style here, and she and Jay bought a stunning Colnago C64 to take on the roads and climbs of Girona. Girona is a wonderful city, full of culture, old and new, and over the past few years it has become a hub for professional cycling. Everyone’s story of they ended up here differs and I love hearing how people came to be living in Girona. I spoke to Bre to find out a little more on why she opted to go for the Colnago C64.

How did you end up in Girona?

So a bit of a long story, but here’s the short version, my husband and I committed a few years ago to try and get him a professional contract as a cyclist. It hasn’t been an easy journey, and coming from Australia made things that extra bit hard, back at the start of 2020, we got close to getting a contract, then Covid-19 hit and all races and opportunities went out the window. In December 2020, my husband won Zwift Academy and landed himself a 1-year professional contract riding with Alpecin- Fenix for 2021. So we packed up our lives, sold everything we own and made the big move over! And here we are!

Why did you choose the Colnago C64?

We had a few bike brands in mind at the time, Orbea, Canyon, Factor etc, and to be honest it all came down to what was available that ticked the boxes, we were searching around and got told most brands were going to be a minimum 4 -6 months before coming available (due to a bit of boat and shipping issues…).

Now lucky for me, I’m short and that meant there were 3 options in-store at Eat Sleep Cycle. I had a bright orange Basso available, and a rainbow-coloured Factor, both which just didn’t give me the very important ‘new bike feelings’.

Then of course there was the Colnago C64, at first I didn’t even think this was going to be an option because it was a bit more extravagant, but it ticked all the boxes, it was a stunning bike, and we knew it was going to be a bike I’d easily put the kms on, and to top it off Eat Sleep Cycle was able to come to the table with a reasonable price. So long story short Jay spoilt me and got me the fancy *Italian Job* meaning, I got to ride out with the ‘new bike feeling’ and the Colnago C64 🇮🇹 It’s been an awesome ride so far, and I’m really glad we opted for the fancy Italian Job.


Has your riding style changed with the Colnago C64?

I was previously on an 2017 Orbea Orca Aero (Rim Brake), which was a great bike for the level of riding I was doing back in Australia. Since moving to Girona, my riding has gone up another level and the Colnago C64 has been crucial to that development, with more climbing, longer descents and more hours in the saddle, Jay and I knew I needed a bike that wouldn’t be shy to long hard weeks of training, whilst also giving the *WOW* factor.

Overall, I’m really happy we got the Colnago, it just glides over the tarmac, whether I’m doing efforts up Amer, or descending down Sant Hilari, it takes it all in it’s stride. I’m really excited to keep exploring Spain on this beauty!

Do you have a favourite route you like to do from Girona?

My favourite ride in Girona to date has got to be out to St Hilari, it’s got everything I want in a good fun bike ride. You start out in Girona, go through some beautiful small towns, then it’s time to put your climbing legs on because you’ve got a nice long climb, but but whilst you’re suffering you have a stunning view to distract you from your burning legs, once you make it to the top you have what I think is the best view in Girona, then after taking that all in, you cruise through the town then you’re in for a fast and winding descent down to Angles before heading back into Girona. By far one of my favourite rides to date (But let’s be honest, I’m a sucker for good view whilst climbing).

(I have to say, this is also one of my favourite climbs in Girona and for the same reason! I actually love to go up from Angles and down the other side to get the views.)


Bre’s Custom Built Colnago C64

Of course, we like to make sure our customers get exactly what they are looking for, and anyone who buys a bike at Eat Sleep Cycle should not feel limited by the factory builds. Bre customized her bike to the following spec:

  • Group set: Shimano Dura Ace Di2
  • Carbon wheels: Black Inc THIRTY Disc Wheelset (Team Edition)
  • Custom fit, including stem and handlebars after a bike fit

Bre is an ambassador for Soomom.

Want to find out more about Colnago bikes?

We are the official Colnago point of sale for Girona. Head over to our Colnago bike section on our website or get in touch!

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