Factor O2 VAM Bike Review – The Verdict

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Factor O2 VAM Bike Review - The Verdict - ESC

The results of our Factor O2 VAM Bike Review are in! If you read our preview blog you will have seen that we are adding the brand new Factor O2 VAM to our Girona bike hire rental fleet! Well, the bikes arrived at The Hub last week and of course, the first thing we did was take them for a spin! We held a test ride event with Eat Sleep Cycle team members and a few Girona locals and headed out on a 50km hilly loop to put the VAM through its paces.

Factor O2 VAM Bike – Rave Reviews

We asked some of those who joined the ride to give us their verdict on the VAM and sure enough, the bike got rave reviews all round!

“Feels Like Skiing”

Factor O2 VAM Bike Review - Eat Sleep Cycle - Sam Tabotta

“The Factor VAM – possibly the perfect bike for avid cyclists and racers, not only does it have the coolest stock paint job but also an aggressive feel that urges you to step on the pedals. The sensation of riding the VAM is hard to describe, the best I can do is say that it feels like skiing. You cant feel any loss in power through the bike, it never slows down and when riding out of the saddle or even sprinting all of the energy is transferred to the wheels making you feel as though you can go fast forever.”

– Sam Tabotta

“Feels Like It Has A Motor In It”

Factor O2 VAM Bike Review - Eat Sleep Cycle - Girona - Lee Comerford

“The Factor O2 VAM feels like it has a motor in it. Descending is thrilling, like a roller coaster, not quite scary but close enough to scary to be incredible! It’s a bike that needs to be ridden fast. Cruising along, of course it is smooth and an easy ride, but when you put the hammer down then you really feel the power of the VAM”

– Lee Comerford (Eat Sleep Cycle partner)


Factor O2 VAM Bike Review - The Verdict - Eat Sleep Cycle - Marco Hemskerk

“I like the look of the bike. Classic, clean and low profile in colour. Feeling on the bike was good. You immediately feel the bike wants to ‘go’. The bike also felt secure. Already after the second corner in the descent I felt confident and could descend fast. The feeling is ‘sharp’ in the corners. I did a sprint uphill and that was fast. The frame is stiff and the feeling is that power is speed. So in short I really liked it. If only I had the money…”

– Marco Hemskerk

Factor O2 VAM Bike Rental - Eat Sleep Cycle Girona

Factor O2 VAM Bike Rental

Do you want to try the Factor O2 VAM for yourself? Reserve yours now by visiting our bike hire portal or give our team a call on +34 972 754 301.

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Photos by Daan Van Meeuwen

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