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Factor O2 VAM Bike Preview - Eat Sleep Cycle Girona

New bike day is always exciting for any cyclist, and here at Eat Sleep Cycle we’re lucky in that it happens for us fairly regularly and with some of the best brands on the market. When we received our Factor O2 One More Lap rental bikes back in October as part of our ongoing collaboration with local brand CHPT3, it was like Christmas had come early and we couldn’t wait to introduce them to our guests. Now, after 9 months as part of our fleet we’ve had rave reviews from tour guests and Girona bike hire guests alike about the O2. That’s why when Factor released the O2 VAM we were sure that this would be a bike we wanted at the Hub.

The Best Bike In The World

Rob Gitelis, owner of Factor made the bold statement that:

“After over 20 years in the industry, I decided to throw out the rules and challenge Factor with one simple goal: to develop the absolute best bike in the world. With the O2 VAM I truly believe we have achieved this goal, and I can’t wait for our customers to experience this bike.”

Factor O2 VAM Bike Preview - Velocità Ascensionale Media

Factor O2 VAM – Velocità Ascensionale Media

Anyone familiar with what ‘VAM’ means will immediately know that the implication is that this is a climbing bike. For the uninitiated, VAM is an abbreviation for the Italian: velocità ascensionale media which translates to “average ascent speed” or “mean ascent velocity”, in other words, a way of measuring climbing speed. Therefore, it goes without saying that this is a light bike. With many of our European cycling tours taking place in high mountains, often with steep gradients, where a light bike can mean a world of difference to the rider the Factor O2 VAM is the perfect fit. While the original Factor O2 is light, the VAM is lighter still, 100g lighter to be precise, weighing in at 690g.

Factor O2 VAM Bike Preview - Bike Improvements

The Subtle Improvements of the Factor O2 VAM

Indeed, the VAM may look a lot like it’s predecessor but from gathering data from the original O2 Factor have made a number of subtle improvements for the VAM, in their own words:

“The O2 VAM combines three years of data from our O2 Project with demanding fabrication techniques, redefining what is possible and shattering industry norms. Turning convention on its ear, VAM shines on the unforgiving ramps of Passo dello Stelvio, but owing to its unprecedented stiffness to weight ratio and unparalleled ride quality, is equally suitable for a local century ride.”

Factor O2 VAM Bike Preview - What The Press Say

The Factor 02 VAM – What The Press Say!

We can’t wait to test this bike for ourselves, so make sure you check back for a fully-detailed review when we finally get in the saddle next month. Meanwhile, let’s see what the cycling press have to say about the bike:

  • “From the very first pedal stroke, the O2 VAM is everything you’d expect it to be: light, stiff and quick to change direction.” – Cycling Tips
  • “Factor O2 VAM sheds 100g off their top road bike… and makes it ride better” – Bike Rumor
  • “up there with the lightest of the light” – Bike Radar

Factor O2 VAM Bike Rental - Coming Soon

Factor 02 VAM Rental – Coming Soon!

With such rave reviews the Factor 02 VAM bound to be a huge hit as one of our rental bikes, to find out more about renting the Factor O2 VAM visit our Bike Hire web page, give us a call now on +34 972 754 301 or contact us online!

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